The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword – Essay & Debate Topic for Students

“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.”

Meaning of this proverb

“The pen is mightier than the sword, ” phrase says the sword is very sharp and powerful, and it can extend authority on humankind. The sword is powerful enough to enslave people and create a region of terror.

The power of the pen is larger than the sword sharp-edged. A sword can’t achieve that which pen can help to make the minute lip. The pen is so much high compare than the sword because the sword cannot understand the mind and heart of the people. It implies that the power of the pen in which writing is much stronger than the sword power of hatred, war, and fighting.

A sword always ends in the killing, and it has only a single directional ending – defeat, death, and loss.  There is no one who will be happy by this sword sharp, and it kills the end of the tunnel when a war considered, even if it comes then there is no light remains for life.

If control over people achieved against their will at the force of the sword, then such reign will short-lived and ineffective. Such a rule cannot stand the test of time.

Origin of This proverb

  • The pen is so much important than the sword because writing is priceless. There are so many people are writers whose story we are listening from childhood, and we cannot say that it is wrong. We are learning from childhood about the big stories which were very famous writers has written.
  • Our grandparents, parents and teachers and elder siblings were spoken to us stories of great writers from childhood. These all stories and comics bought the little cost, but the impression of those stories is learning and gained from those stories and the legacy that carried from generation to generation.
  • Those all stories we are buying for the study that gives us return that amount paid, and it seems minuscule, but the return is huge. We all know the story of one stick versus the bundle of a stick that taught us the ‘power of unity.’ There is a collection of stories, but it is providing us a lesson for the whole life. There are many examples of that which one we are reading from the childhood that stays with us till the last breath.
  • The military achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, Hitler, etc. have passed away into oblivion. On the other hand, the ideal preached by great writers and philosophers goes deep within the human heart. Hence, it has lasting effects. The great written works of poets, philosophers, scientists, etc. live forever.
  • There are proverbs on the books. Books are so much value in life. There is no comparison of anything in front of the book’s value. ”Book is the best companion” “Books are the treasure house of knowledge,” “Books are the way to the Truth” and so on. We all know that those who love reading, are never alone. Books give us the freedom to think. Books make us fearless. The book is the best way to learn about the places where we can’t travel to, in person. Books take us on a journey having no boundaries.
  • Our past and present, there are many examples where writers have changed the world and became able to demonstrate the power of writing thereby creating a charisma. John Keats, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Maxim Gorky, Plato, Marx, Paine, Tocqueville, Machiavelli, Stowe, Che Guevara, Stewart Mill, Adam Smith are some of the examples of globally acknowledged writers who made people cry, think and act.
  • These writers brought new stories to readers to everyone and made success in India. These writings broke the demographic barriers and brought in changes across the globe. Writers fought against Sati Pratha, Child abuse, Girl Child Killing, education barriers for girls, childhood marriage, slavery, and other social causes and were able to stir the whole world with the power of their writing. Everyone reads that and then they know all very well about what is wrong and what is right for us.
  • Swords cannot build long-lasting empires. However, writers have proven to be stronger than might warriors. The high ideas of various great writers credited for destroying monarchy and dictatorship in several parts of the world. The pen of the writers has encouraged the youth to fight against injustice and always hampered them.
  • There are many writers are wrote the story for understanding to everyone by his story ambition. Writing has built and destroyed kingdoms. Book has created peace during wars and created conflicts during peace. Book has made the whole world unite to fight against evil. That is the power of writing. A fight can impact on two or more people; a war may affect thousands of people, but a book can shake the whole world. A book can turn dark into light, slavery into freedom, dumb into speech, weak into powerful, and poor into rich.
  • The powerful ideas that come out of a writer’s pen have brought a man out of Barbarism to Civilization. The vastness of human beings consists in his ability to think and put it on a piece of paper. Writers always create that type of story on his piece of paper from the pen for the human being to think better in his life. A person is superior to animals not because of his physical strength, but due to his ability to think differently. Thus, it is not the sword but the pen, which is the vehicle of thought that places man higher than animals.


‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ phrase says that the sword always makes the war which kills the people as compared with a pen it understand the mind and heart of the people. Consequently, The power of a pen is enormously larger than a sword.

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  1. Pummy says:

    Exactly …I happily favour it..

    • Angel says:

      I disagree with you when u said the pen is mightier than the sword its a lie sword is war pen is education i agreed when you said the sword can’t read the heart and mind of people without sword would u have been alived e.g when thieves comes to ur house and with u ,u have a sword when they see u they drop their weapon and see u are ready to face them so pls think before u talk ahh bye read

      • Mhar Altabano Navarro says:

        Maybe your right. But I against with your answer. As u can see rizal died without using any armor just to protect himself. And in relation to that proverb, it says that we don’t need to fight physically rather mentally. Hope you get my point men.

  2. Leeaander says:

    I would like to read more essays about A pen is mightier than a sword please email me a few

  3. Atharv says:

    Expand the idea with following points
    1 Importance of writing
    2 Power of words
    3 Social awareness
    4 writer’s role in bringing about a change

  4. Omkar ramdas kachare says:

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    Cource so what can I do give me the full information about that…..!!what is its scope in India….!! What salary will get after complete this course….!!! Please help sir give the information about that repaly me mail me sir….!!!

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