Preparing for IPS while Working/Doing Job in 2021

Preparing for IPS while Working/Doing Job

Those who prepare dedicatedly for the IPS or Civil Services exams have a lot of time on them, but working people face a lot of problems when they intend to sit for the exam.

As it is the most prestigious career one can have in India it is desired by everyone a student, graduate, MBA, Engineer, Doctor and people of all other professions too. Below we have listed 10 tips for an IPS aspirants to prepare for it while doing a job.

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1.Time Management:

It is the most important factor for preparation. A working candidate has very limited time in their hand for preparation of the IPS exam after a long day of work.

Utilizing the time to its maximum, by that we mean making a smart timetable of preparation and keeping an Atlas, newspaper and perhaps a yearbook handy and reading through it while traveling, during lunch hours and as and when you have time.

2. Do Pattern Related and Selective Study:

As a working professional, you will have limited time for preparation, so it is important that you don’t spend time reading and cramming something that isn’t in the course for the exam.

Therefore, you must be very familiar with the pattern of the exam. You should study only what is important and required. Don’t spend too much time on the things that are of lesser relevance.

3. Develop a Routine and Abide by it:

It is highly recommended that you plan out your everyday schedule for yourself. And above that, you should abide by that schedule. A routine can be like to study for 2-3 hours in the night or in a calm and serene environment in the morning. A routine will enable you to focus and prepare the syllabus in time. Not only planning but following the routine and timetable is equally important.

4. Everyday Study:

There is no short-cut key for the preparations of the IPS as it is the very demanding and most prestigious post of the nation, the competition level is equally tough and high.

The best and the simple way to prepare well for this competition is regularly focused study. Reading newspapers and magazines and other handy study material should become your habit.

5.Careful Selection of Subjects:

Be judicious in the selection of subjects as there are many subjects to choose from. Pick only that subject in which you are confident that it is easy to prepare and the subject in which you can score a better grade.

Preparing for the prelims you will face questions of various subjects, therefore you can’t leave anything out. But still, in that, you have to be selective on what you can score better marks on as Prelims is the first gate for the IPS exam.

6.Upgrade and Update your General Knowledge:

The preliminary exam for Civil services is majorly based on General knowledge and your aptitude. The total ideology behind this exam is to test every individual’s overall knowledge.

Therefore, you must keep yourself updated with current affairs, history, geography science, sports, mathematics, economy and other aspects of general knowledge so that you have a fair chance to clear the exam. The smartest way is to get regularized with newspapers, happenings, etc.

7.Prepare Personal Notes:

Preparing one’s own notes while studying is considered to be the best way to retain something in memory for a long time. No matter you are working professional or from a non-working profession, it is advised to make notes of what he/she reads or observes.

These personal notes will help you in last minute revision when recollecting what you have studied is very important.

8.Examine Yourself:

Before sitting for the exam, it is important to test your knowledge to gain confidence. For this, you should be solving previous year question papers and other sample test papers available on the internet and in the books.

9.Have Confidence:

As it is a most demanding exam, but it isn’t that difficult for full-time preparing individuals who study for 18-20 hours a day. Continuous and wise preparation is what it takes to clear the exam.

The focus is very important, though. Focus, dedication and determination, and have backed it with good preparation, then you don’t have to fear anything. Have confidence in yourself that you can do it. Along with confidence, patience is another demand for clearing this exam. Do not be confusing in your mind, let your mind rest to have a wise and clear thought.

10. Continue With Your Job:

Don’t leave the job as it is the Blessing in disguise. Stick to your job or any other business that you were doing. If you have a job at your hand so thus you have a fallback option. You won’t be insecure. With the back support of the job, you won’t feel the brunt of unsuccessfulness so much.

If you have any other Questions related to Preparing for IPS while Working/Doing Job in 2021, you may ask your Queries by commenting below.

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