Problem of Dowry in India | Many problem of dowry in Indian Societies

Problem of Dowry in India

Problem of Dowry in India

“As long as she is wise and good, a girl has sufficient dowry.”

Meaning of dowry

It is that type of thing which we cannot explain. It did not refer to the cash and material goods alone. There is sharing of the daughter or a sister in the parental property. Parents are giving his saving property for daughter to give her at a time of marriage. But dowry is not given as an amount equivalent to a girl’s share vis-à-vis her brothers.

Dowry is not merely the giving of cash material goods; even it is a tendency of the all marriage system among to people for borrowing money. The number of individuals is borrowing the money of dowry by the marriage deal. The parents of daughter are giving not only the dowry but also giving a huge wedding party, the number, and quality of meals, presents to the baratis, etc. It is part of marriage deal. It is not simply the cash of giving of money material goods.

Dowry is the token of love by the parents to his daughter. It is the gift of the parents for his daughter in her marriage. It keeps attachment to the parents for daughter after his wedding. It will become unthinkable when parents do not give the dowry at his daughter marriage.

In South India, the dowry is called the ‘Stridhanam.’

The dowry system of India appears that the women’s are not a human, they do not express any feelings about his dreams or nature desired to be loved. The husbands and the in-laws treat them as small bundles of generous dowry. Unfortunately, this attitude to the brides has proved demoralizing enough to have their hopes withered, and the dreams blighted. Today many of the grooms only dream of netting of the bigger fish and if the brides are found to be bringing with them a small fortune they feel deceived and frustrated

Dowry system in India

Dowry system is very worst system of Indian society. It is not only affecting to the bride but also changing the entire social fabric. It was created to help realize the aspirations of the both individuals and the collective. The bride as sacrificing goats shows the canker that spreads all over social fabrics.

In India, there are Indian women do not have his will for their life and not has any aspirations beyond serving and humoring their men. Dowry system has its root which attitude in the Indian society towards the women. However, reverential should be in the mind of the men towards the women reference, Women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives. It is the Indian society it has done tiny to end the servility of women to men.

There is such ineffectiveness about the Indian rituals and exercise. Sometimes their people think about the injustice of dowry system, but they can’t throw it from many rituals.

At the course of time, it became a crude institution resulting in female infanticide, suicide, bride burning and other dignities and cruelties.

Problem of Dowry system in India

  • Demands of dowry

In the case, when girls marrying questions come, then parents become the unhappiest creature on the earth. There is not only the problem of finding the better groom for suitable for his girls, but also the issue of meet a demand of dowry. Even after the marriage, the parents keep his mouth shut for this all rules in the front of the groom’s family.

Most of the times the girl’s bride has suffered by the slighted and humiliated for no fault of hers but because the dowry she brings is not generous enough.

The custom is that the bridegroom’s parents would be made richer and the bride’s the poorer, so the bride must suffer if the dowry fails to make the bridegroom’s parents rich. At her in-law’s place, she must be prepared to suffer silently and stoically. She knows well enough that the women are born to suffer, and it is a sin to protest against their destiny.

  • Dowry murders and suicides

Dowry murders and suicides become a matter of great concern in India, and individually in Delhi, there is every day the one bride burnt to death in the Delhi alone. A total of 162 cases of burning of women reported in Delhi between 1 April and 30 June 1983. It was an all-time high number of such incidents, and dowry was the most prominent cause of such a phenomenon.

The problem of dowry experienced by all sections of Indian society, but it has become a chronic evil particularly among the educated middle classes engaged in salaried jobs and trade and commerce.

Women’s organizations, voluntary associa­tions, the intelligentsia and the media have expressed their grave concern for finding legal and reformative remedies to curb the menace of this social evil. Incidences of the dowry-related atrocities and crimes have receded recently as a result of the social awakening created by various groups and organizations.

Why dowry in Indian societies

It ‘s hard to suggest a set of factors responsible for the custom of dowry, but we can think of a tentative list.

These include rules of marriage (including hypergamy),

  • Caste hierarchy
  • Patriarchy
  • Primo­geniture
  • Low status of women
  • Modern education and employment
  • A false sense of prestige
  • Economic prosperity

Since dowry has become a complex phenomenon and a social problem, it needs quick and far-reaching remedial measures.

Some voluntary agencies have started movements against the institution of dowry. These organizations have organized demonstrations against the incidents of dowry homicides, suicides, torture, and harassment. The social boycott has also done in some cases.

There is the need to chalk out a programmer having both curative and preventive measures and long term and short term devices. The curative and long-term measures would include inculcation of a new ideology and a value system which guarantees a place of honor to women and their parents.


We cannot explain that how mush dowry system in India. There is such bride are suffering from this system of Indian culture. They do not say anything because of his family and they always shut his mouth on the harassment of his husband’s family for the dowry. Consequently, there many often they are made to commit suicide in the society of dowry system.


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