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Rabindranath Tagore SpeechGood morning everyone, I am glad to give a speech on this auspicious day my topic is Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore was a great Indian poet. He was born on 7th May in 1861 at Jorasanka, Kolkata. He was born in the rich and cultural family, his parents were Maharishi Debendranath and Sharda Devi. He was very much interested in writing a poem from an early age when he was just 14 years old he began writing poems at that his mother died in 1875.

He took his early education at home the private teachers were there to educate him, he never attended the school, however, he went to England for higher studies. He went to England in 1878 to study law and he returned without completing the studies. And started his career as a poet and writer.

He translated his work Geetanjali into English during the time when he was in England. He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature within the year his Geetanjali was published. He has mentioned the mysticism and sentimental beauty of Indian culture in his writing for which a non-westerner was honored with prestigious award first time.

Together with being a renowned poet, he was also a genius, writer, novelist, visual artist, composer, playwright, and philosopher. He was having a good command of many languages, he can write poetry and stories. He was a good philosopher through which he has influenced a huge range of Indian people during the freedom struggle.

It is an unforgettable contribution towards the Indian Literature the two songs from his Rabindrasangeet were more famous as they are the national anthem of two countries such as “Amar Shonary Bangla” (national anthem of Bangladesh) and “Jana Gana Mana” (national anthem of India). His great writings in the form of poems or stories are unchallenged even today. Perhaps he was the first who filled the gap between the west and east through his effective writings.

He traveled in many countries of Europe, America, and Asia and also delivered many lectures in universities and in public meetings on education. Together with Gandhi Ji, he had thought of the welfare of the people of India. His nationalism and patriotism made him great and noble.

Most of his writings were based on the life of people of Bengal. Another writing named Galpaguccha was a collection of stories based on the poverty, backwardness, and illiteracy of the Indian people, other poetry collections are like sonar, Tari, Kalpana, Chitra, naivedya, etc and novels are like Gora, chitrangadha and Malini, binding and Nauka Dubai, raja and rani, etc. He was a very religious and spiritual man which helped him a lot in the days of the crisis.

Rabindranath can be compared with Rabindranath himself. As he was considered the greatest figure in the modern India Renaissance. We look upon him as the source of beauty and knowledge and as the inspiration of all noble thought and great ideas. Rabindranath is no more with us. But his ideas and ideals will continue to inspire and encourage the whole of humanity in the days to come.

He died on 7th August in 1941 in Kolkata before seeing India’s Independence.

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