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Reason why most of UPSC students Fail in ExamIn a developing country like India, civil services have always been a career everyone dreams of, No matter how good is the salary, no matter how reputed the current position is, people from IITs, IIMs, A IIMS, and other reputed institutes, people working in Maharatna PSU, Navratna PSU and central govt other jobs want to become IAS.

What could be the reason? Each year some odd more than 4 lakh 50 thousand appear for the civil services preliminary examination, out of which only 12000 write mains and then only top 2500 appear for the interview and only a few top 1000 ones make up to the finals with the top 150 get IAS.

The reason being that IAS from its inception right from the Britishers times has been a mark of authority, status and luxury.No other jobs match the profile of an IAS. After freedom, only the name changed from ICS to IAS, the rest of the things more or less remained the same. But we simply want to become an IAS officer without thinking about the qualities of an IAS officer. Do we have those qualities in us?

Books must for UPSC Prelims Preparation (Click on Books to buy):

  • Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure (Environment)
  • INDIAN POLITY 4th Edition (Polity)
  • Indian Economy 7th Edition (Economy)
  • Science & Technology (Technology)
  • Analytical Reasoning(CSAT Paper 2 Analytical Reasoning)
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (CSAT Paper 2 Verbal Reasoning)

The most common reasons for failure in civil services lie in us only. Today I want to discuss each one with you.

1) Most of us want to become an IAS officer because we dream of it, Most of the students when they land up in Delhi and Mukherjee Nagar and Rajendra Nagar area dream that they already become IAS OFFICER, Please stop daydreaming, Daydreaming leads to nowhere. Reality hard very hard labor and scientific approach with very smart work apart from excellent writing skills are required to clear the whole exam.

2) When a student enrolls himself in a coaching inst (let say in the months of AUGUST) he starts his day by 6:00 o clock in the morning, he gets ready for pub ad classes and reaches by 7:30 am, there he took notes and came back by 12:00 in the afternoon.

Tired by the hot humid climate of Delhi and lunch he feels sleepy he sleeps and gets up at 3:00 pm, Again he gets ready for the GS classes and went for classes from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, He comes into his room takes dinner by 9:30 pm. Now he tries to recollect what he has done the whole day and the next 2 hours are gone by 12:00 clock he went to bed.

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Where is the time for self-study, analysis, and newspaper reading?  The next day same routine ..this goes for some odd 4-5 months. Dec came to no study for GS and other optional subjects. Only his room is filled with printed material from coachings, test papers, newspapers which are half folded collected under the bed.

By January, February NOTIFICATION CAME busy filling up the forms in this February gear up for prelims ..but how within 100 days no concept for science tech, biodiversity, history is left, geography untouched. Some magazines with special material flood the market reading for the whole day and night for 2 months, prelims went so, so 45 questions correct, 35 wrong .in GS PAPER 1. CSAT is also the same case.No reading and comprehension practice being done, just thinking that it can be done 14 days before the exam.

This happens with every student and in this way, no students will get through civil services.

Books must for UPSC Mains Preparation (Click on Books to buy):

  • History of Modern World (History GS-1)
  • Governance for Growth in India (Governance GS-2)
  • India’s National Security: A Reader (Critical Issues in Indian Politics) (National Security GS-3)
  • IAS Mains General Studies Paper 4 ETHICS INTEGRITY & APTITUDE
  • 151 Essays (Essay)

If you any queries regarding the Reason why most UPSC Students Fail in Exam 2021, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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    The most common reason students don’t pass exams is because they can’t write essays. I also have a problem with it, but now I’m working on a research paper, but I decided it was better to buy research paper, to successfully pass. Unfortunately not everyone has writing skills and it is good that there is somewhere to look for help.

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