Republic Day of India 2019, 26 January, Essay and Celebration

Republic Day of India

Republic Day of India 

Definition of Republic Day

People of India come together with each other and celebrate Republic Day with great Joy and Happiness with lots of Group of People. Republic Day is celebrated on the 26th January of every Year where people come together to enjoy and talks with each other.

It is critical to mark a Republic Day as the Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar has many Laws and Rules to make the Country more Strong and Healthy. Republic Day makes the people provide every kind of Respect and Salute to the National Army of India. It is important to make the people move around every part of the world without any restriction to the people.

Republic Day is used to carry out every year to Salute and Respect our National Flag of India and to provide every Respect to the people who gave their life for the Freedom and Saving of India. Republic Day is used to provide Respect to the Indian Flag by hosting the Indian Flag which has three Colours like Saffron, White and Green with the Ashoka Chakra in between in it. It is made to celebrate for the Saluting the National Leaders of the Country who died for the India Country. It is very Important for the people to provide many ideas and plans to make a better Country to make it rise in the future.

There are many Countries like India who also make the Republic Day in their Countries, and they also think about their National Leaders who died for their Country. Everyone should be able to perform every task in the Country to make the Country to move ahead in life. One has the responsibility to make the people move ahead for the welfare of the Country. Every Country is used to think to get every kind of Facilities and Services to them for their betterment. So people should be more reluctant to gather those activities by which they can be able to carry out their tasks with better knowledge to make the task complete properly and accurately.

In Republic Day, people are used to coming in their society and gather with many colour dresses to make their status to increase in the society. Many women wear much colourful and beautiful dress with Attaching the Indian Flag on the dresses. Republic Day gathers the people and maintains peace and discipline between every people to get them every enjoyment in the Country. People in the Republic Day Plays many Games, Dances on the songs and performs many things in the society. People are used to hosting the Indian Flag to cultivate a better respect and attitude towards the Country. Individuals in the Republic Day are used to gather every knowledge of their National Leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekanand and much more. These National Leaders gave their life for the welfare of the Indian Country which is very remarkable and cannot be forgotten by the people of India.

How the Republic Day Celebration is done in India

Republic Day of India is Celebrated on the 26ht January every year where people are used to providing the Respect and Salute to the Indian Flag and the National Leaders. Every people in India is provided Holiday in the Government as well as Non-Government Companies to make the people move around the Country. It is everywhere in India and also celebrated in the Delhi and many other States with the Military Parade. Republic Day is used to provide the Salute and Respect to the Amar Jyoti Jawahar and many other Army which fights for saving the Country.

Military Salutes is done by the President as well as the State Governers of the India for Respecting the Indian Flag. It is used to provide many Medals, Prizes and Awards to the Veer Jawans and many Military Soldiers of the Country which provides their precious life to the Country. The government is used to provide many flowers, Torans and Buckets to the Veer Jawans who died for the Indian country. Every people also Sings National Anthem and Sings many Patriotic Songs for the National Flag of India.

It is very important for the people to carry out every task to be completed in a proper manner within a particular period. There were many National Leaders who strive for India to get the Freedom from the Britishers. So it is very important to Salute and Respect our Indian Leaders for providing their life for the Country. It is much helpful for the people to develop their Country in a better way to make every people get proper welfare by the good activities in the Country.

One has to make the proper activity to be developed for visualising the future to make the future more better to accomplish every goal successfully. National Leaders also strive hard to get the Freedom from the cruel Britishers by which every people now-a-days can move around with proper treatment to them by the people without any restrictions on their moving from one place to another. So it is quite important for the people to Respect and Salutes the National Leaders of Indian Country. It is more important to get their teachings of the National Leaders than to just Respect and Salute them.

One has to come across all the possible ideas and plans to make the Country more Strong and also Strengthen the Young generation to come across every difficulty to solve with proper guidance of every activity from many Experience persons. So every people are used to come together for the Republic Day celebration to provide the speech on the National Leaders and to spread the knowledge about our National Leaders. Every people listen to the speech of the National Leaders, and they clap for them with great joy and happiness. So there is the different type of environment on the occasion of Republic Day which makes the people cultivate a better attitude in them about gaining the information of the Republic Day.

Republic Day Importance

Republic Day is used to provide the Salute and Respect to many different people like Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand and much more as they gave their full life to make the people get the Freedom the Britishers. Republic Day makes every people come in a better way to understand every people by talking to each other and solving each other’s problems. People are ambitious to make every kind of fun and enjoyment to make the people happy and joy.

People come up with wearing many types of dresses with different colours and also attaching the Indian Flag on their dress. So it is important that every people in the Country should join in the Republic Day celebration and get every knowledge from the speech ceremony. It is more important to develop an attitude to act and behave in a better way in the society than to Salute and Respect the National Flag and the National Leaders of the Country. The government also provides many Medals and Awards to those Army who is recently saving the life of the people of the Indian Country.

The government of India makes several kinds of activities for the people by which they can remain safe and secure in the Country. Indian Army works for Day and Night in the fields to protect and save the Indian Country. They make the people stand Strong against their opponent who wants to destroy the Indian Country. They strive hard to carry out every task which provides betterment to the people of India. Every Country strives hard to save and protect their Nation from the Dangerous and Harmful Enemies. Indian Soldiers also prevent the Country from many Dangerous and Harmful Enemies which has an attitude to destroy the Indian Country.

Every people should strive hard for making the Country to develop in every activity like Education, Many Industries and much more. Every people are used to provide many types of Flowers and Boutiques to the people who gave their life for the welfare of the Indian people. The Government of India provides every kind of Awards and Medals to the people who have invented many types of technologies and Military Weapons by which Soldiers can save the Indian Country. These people come in many Military Parades and make the people watch many types of Weapons which save their Life.

These people are also used to show many types of Jet Fighter Planes which make the Enemies die with the help of many missiles. There are many developers who develop many types of Helicopters and Pilots who searches the enemies, and they killed them by putting weapons on them. They are used to show this thing in the Wagha Border where lots of people wearing good dress sits there to watch all the live activities from very less distance. So it peoples from many different States comes to the Wagha Border to look at the ceremony of the Republic Day and enjoys with great pleasure.

It is necessary for the people to understand the important idea and plan to make the people get every information regarding our National Leaders who changed our future into bright future. It is important for the people to make every kind of activity fo perfect and accurate to develop the Country with the proper goal and it’s success.

A government of India had made many kind Rules and regulations which made the people of India to get every right and Opportunity to come ahead in the world. So it is important for the people to develop every activity to make every people come ahead and stand strong across every Country in the world to achieve success in every field.




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