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Forest plays a very important role in the life cycle and maintains the ecosystem of the earth. Saving the forest is the most essential part of the 21st century because they are on the way of extinction.  Forest is made of up trees, grasses, timbers, shrubs, plants, water resources, rivers, lakes, animals and many more.

If we are saving the forest is directly proportional to saving the whole ecosystem and earth. The most important and challenging part of today is how we can save a forest. Every second we are losing trees all over the world. To create a healthy environment and clean ecosystem, the forest plays a major role.

Here in this, we are writing the essay on Save forest which will help you to get all the knowledge of the Forest and also tell you how you can save a forest and live longer.

Benefits of Forest

Conservation of Forest and Wild Life | Essay | ResourceThere are immense benefits of Forest which cannot be even told here but we are listing all the points that play the major role and given various benefits of the forest.

Forest gives us Timbers, bamboos, fodder, oxygen, seeds, Ayurveda medicines, natural medicines, and herbs, maintain the earth ecosystem, rain, etc.

Forest also provides the raw material that can be used for business and Humankind which makes our lives essay such as Papers, Medicinal herbs, drugs, rayon, etc.

Forest has given homes to animals that conserve our nature, they play a very healthy role in maintaining the ecosystem of the Forest. The rain and the oxygen which are most essentials come from the forest and rivers.

Protection with Forest

Essay on DeforestationHuman being, animals, and the Nature earth has always been protected by forest. They are Selfless helping the complete environment?

Forest protect from Flood and famines. Forest reduces the soil erosion by stopping the flow of water and reducing its speed. The forest helps us to save the environment and that ensures us as a safe and sustainable environment. ecosystem

It helps a lot in the creation of oxygen and inhales carbon dioxide. The forest helps to maintain the fertility of the soil and saves the adjoining land from getting infertile.

How to Save Forest

Slogan on DeforestationWhen we are enthusiastic to make peace within ourselves, and peace with the atmosphere in which we live and peace with each other and the animals we love and peace with the beautiful creation so there are no wars, we will begin to understand how blessed we humans really are although we’re on this earth and among each other and the extra we endeavor for this Peace on Earth the more we will leave Ecstasy behind for folks that come after us. 

Cutting of Trees Should be Banned

The tress must not be cut and if cut, there should be a method of replanting such as Selective Cutting, Clear Cutting, and Shelterwood cuttings. Only useless tress must be cut. And plantation of trees must be done on a large scale.


Trees are our best friends

Afforestation is planning and making forest in the new areas where there were no trees. This helps a lot in the eco-balance of the environment.


Save treesReforestation is the most important task that must be done on a large scale. If any tree is cut or timer is taken out, the part must be again planned with the new tree and the ecosystem

Government Role in Forest Conservation

Value of treesThe role of the government is very important in Forest Conservation. The government has more rights than normal people. They can do the plantation wherever they want. 

Also initiative from the government and encouraging the people for forest conservation and saving the forest.Hope this had to help you to understand how you can save the forest.

Role of People

The people and the audience of the country must have the measure the various steps that must be considered for taking the step ahead to bring the ecosystem of the environment in control. They must be encouraged to plant lots of trees in the surrounding.

They should visit their nearest forest along with the staples of the tress and keep doing the plantation. The Local municipal body helps a lot in the social worker who tries to save the environment.

If you have any other questions about the Essay on Save Forest, you can write your queries in the comments box below.

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