Shubhra Saxena – Software Engineer topped 2009 UPSC IAS Exam

Shubhra Saxena, the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) topper of this year, is offering lessons to those preparing for the exam. Saxena feels that rather than investing more hours, its more about the quality of preparation, and one need not study day and night to prepare.

She says that if one overstress initially, he/she won’t be able to maintain the same energy and enthusiasm over time. Saxena has been working at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Noida, after her education as a software engineer at IIT-Roorkee. She, however, says that she wasn’t satisfied with her job as it made her restless due to not being able to contribute to social good, as a result of which she decided to quit and prepare for civil services examination.

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Saxena was working with a software company before CSC. It took her time to get back to books, due to being used to the comfort level of the job. However, she describes her experience as worth doing it although it took time and more than one attempt.

Although failing to clear in the first attempt, she was persistent and managed it in the second attempt. She recalled that tensed preparation at the last moment has what prevented her success, however, there was no needed change in terms of rest of the preparation needed to make it work.

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Saxena felt that selection of subjects is an important aspect, as a result, she chose psychology and public administration as her subjects this time. She opted for psychology due to the compact portion, which she could cope with in the less time she had. Public administration would provide her knowledge of the field she was venturing in, so it became an obvious choice.

She says that for preparation to be effective students should concentrate on mains first, and preliminary exams in the last 3-4 months. It is more important to have concept clarity.

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Saxena says that she isn’t sure what made her the topper of the exam yet. While everyone works equally hard, it is important to be patient and tenacious and also learning to treat it like another exam will help.

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