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by Sandeep | Posted on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017


A long year ago, in the 20th century, some people have started the fight to save the green nature of the planate.This fight was started in the Kerala’s green pristine nature; this was started by using the hydroelectric power hence it named as the hydroelectric project.


This battle was started and it goes on the ten years in this battle thousands of the people had involved. The people who have involved in this project, they even did not live in that area where the project was, where the vicinity of the area that was to be destroyed by nature.


For this movement, they did not organize any meeting or they did not have any centralized planning, but this movement was highly effective. By using any possible material to inform at that time like letters to the editors of newspapers, seminars, widespread awareness programs, by using this all the public sustained pressure exerted on the government by citizens in the last finally petitions and appeals in court and other high offices proved ultimately successful.


A striking ability and the given priority to nature and the most important the power of peoples resulted in 1986 Silent Valley was declared a National Park. By this inspiring and hard-fought movement the message which we have got are still relevant today.


Origin of the Silent Valley

The forest about which we are going to discuss that forest is so deep and so long that once if we go there then we can lose in that.

In the forest, the wind is blowing like very soft in that there is so sullenness that we can hear the sound of the concrete of the forest that is always sound at there. By seeing the silent nature of the valley, it has given the name ‘Silent Valley’.

It is said that the at the time of the Mahabharata the ‘Pandavas’ settled in this valley after they lost their kingdom. This huge and silent nature valley extends over 90 square kilometers.


One river named Kunthipura flows across the valley it goes from north to south. The word ‘Pura’ is Malayalam word, the meaning of this is the river. This river, Kunthipura is the river which makes the silent valley more excited and beautiful place. This river originates from a height of 2400 m. and it comes after covering 15 km. of plain land, the river has abruptly narrowed down flowing along slopes about 1000 meters down.


After the long year ago the state government announced the construction of a dam at the upper reach of the sloping stream of the river. In 1928 and 1929 the British technical expert had suggested that hydel power which produces the electricity that can be generated easily from this stream. To take this in mind the first survey on this project was carried out in 1958.

The suggestion which British technical expert had given that was loved by everyone. In the year 1973, the Planning Commission approved this project.


The project was planned and they decided to generate 120 megawatts of electricity initially and after 240 megawatts subsequently. People were not aware of this, therefore, there was not so much protest in the start of the project.

In 1976, there were some people who so they nature lover they were roaming in the search of natural places and they find the silent valley, but when they found the project on this then this project attracted the attention of some environmentalists. After noticing this task-force was formed under the leadership of the Vice-President of the World Wild-Life Fund of India.


After the one year the task force which was formed under the leadership of the vice-president of the India, they start the fight against this and advised not to undertake the project. The report which was created by the British expert they observed that and they found that the implementation of the project would result in the destruction of ‘the richest expression of life that has evolved on this planet’.

It gives the news to everyone and it concluded that if the state government had no option to build that dam of the hydroelectric project but to go ahead with the project, the construction of the dam must complete the suggested 17-point guideline.


After some month letter in the subsequent of his on 9th October 1979, the leader of the task-force owned his earlier proposal to a personal mistake and pleaded for a total banning of the project.


 Movement of Silent Valley

In 1976, the largest popular-science organization in Kerala, name Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP), observe the project’s planning and the area at where the dam has to be created and it engaged its serious attention on this project.

A proposal to stop this creation of the dam project was accepted in the State Conference of the organization and KSSP launched a mass signature campaign.


To see the advantage in this project the some State Legislative Assembly member were pressing the pressure at the state government in early of the project to an implementation of the project. As a result, the resolution of the project was seen by the assembling and the project was accepted in the Legislative Assembly.


The KSSP had published a campaign booklet with titled: “The Silent Valley Hydroelectric Project – A Techno-Economic and Socio-Political Assessment”.


At that time, the KSSP movement which it has started in the year in the aginst of the Techno-Economic and Socio-Political Assessment that made the state government postpones the implementation of the project. In May 1979, at that time the then Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai, directed the state government to expedite the completion of the project.


Many environmentalists of the India including the noted ornithologist Salim Ali has raised their voice in the assembly of the legislative and give their objections. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) also registered its disapproval. A public interest litigation case was filed in the High Court which was, however, dismissed subsequently.


Finally, in December 1980, to see the voice of the environmentalists and the ornithologist Salim Ali against the project, the Kerala Government announced the scrapping of the project. The Silent Valley was declared as a National Park, by the state government, KSSP has never played an anti-developmental role, regarding the project of the silent valley. KSSP only shows the usefulness of the silent valley.


Silent Valley is the place at where the huge amount of the living nature and living animal has made their home. If that creation of the dam project got success then a part of nature has to get ended.

This movement was for the generation of the love of the nature of the mind, so save your nature.

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