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List of Popular Social Events and Days in India 2017

List of Popular Social Events and Days in India 2017

India is the country which is sufficiently diverse and had the best culture. India has Numerous Festivals and Holidays which has lots of Variety in the celebration. Some of the celebrated by Government and some of the Days are celebrated by People alone in the family.These events are mainly for spreading the awareness of social issues and helps society to develop.


Month January Date of Celebration
Road Safety Week11th to 17th January
Oil and Gas Conservation Week and Fortnight4th to 10th January
National Youth Day12th January
Army Day15th January
Pin Code Week 15th to 21st January
Subhas Chandra Bose Birthday23rd January
National Girl Child Day24th January
Republic Day of India  26 January
International Customs Day26th January
Anti Leprosy Day30th January
Martyrs Day30th January


Month February   Date of Celebration
World Wetlands Day2th February
World Cancer Day4th February
National Deworming Day10th February
Valentine’s Day14th February
Central Excise Day24th February
National Science Day28th February

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Month March –Date of Celebration
National Safety Day4th March
International Women’s Day8th March
Dandi March Day12th March
World Kidney Day9th March
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination21st March
World Forestry Day21st March
World Water Day22nd March
Martyrs Day23 March and 30 January
World Meteorological Day23th March
World TB Day24th March

Month April –Date of Celebration
Prevention of Blindness Week1st to 7th April
World Health Day7th April
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre13th April
Ambedkar Jayanti14th April
World Earth Day22nd April
World Book Day23rd April

Month May Date of Celebration
International Labour Day1st May
International Midwives Day5th May
World Asthma Day3rd May
World Thalassemia Day8th May
World Red Cross Day8th May
Mother’s Day8th May
International Nurses Day12th May
World Hypertension Day17th May
World No Tobacco Day31st May
Month June –Date of Celebration
World Milk Day1st June
World Environment Day5th June
World Ocean Day8th June
World Blood Donor Day14th June
World Sickle Cell Day19th June
World Refugee Day20th June
International Day of Yoga21st June
Month July –Date of Celebration
National Doctors Day1st July
World Population Day11th July
National Flag Adoption Day22nd July
World Hepatitis Day28th July


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