Sreenath K A coolie cracked the Civil Services with just a phone, earphones and free Wi-Fi

SreenathBeing surrounded by books is a routine for budding civil service, but for a coolie who has passed the writing preparation of the Civil Service Public Service Commission of Kerala consisted only of your mobile phone equipped Wi Services Free -Fi is available in Kerala. Ernakulam station and a pair of headphones.

It is true: Sreenath K is a high school guardian from Munnar, the nearest is to Ernakulam main train station, which has solved the KPSC exam.

About Srinath, the coolie that eliminated UPSC

Sreenath is from Munnar, a city in the Western Ghats chain
Sreenath has been making a living by carrying heavy baggage to Ernakulam Junction in Kerala in the last five years
Unlike his colleagues, the great coolie skillfully balances baggage on his shoulders and listen to their digital courses at the same time to prepare for civilian services. His teachers talk to him through the headphones.

If you qualify for KPSC after the interview, he is likely to be a caretaker village field assistant in the land revenue department
I will continue to study while working as a coolie pressure because I have to manage my house … I keep studying and appearing on exams. If I show up enough exams, I have to get a good job
– Sreenath told PTI

He also asked for reviews recently announced by the railways to 62,000 TrackMan Group D publications, Cabinman, Leverman, Switchman, Gangman, and others.
The Wi-Fi service, launched in 2016 as part of India’s digital initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, provides free Internet access to passengers on Railwire, the retail broadband model RailTel Corporation of India Limited

As of May 2018, at least 685 railway stations have been equipped with WiFi technology throughout the country, with the Indian railroading in order to provide this facility in all stations 8,500 March 2019 at a cost of Rs. 700 million rupees

How the railroad railway helps safety fear the civil services of Kerala

A desmaterrado high school, Sreenath strong coolie took advantage of the free internet service available Ernakulam Wi-Fi Station to learn and especially to study for public service exam.

I appeared three times for the exam and this is the first time I use Wi-Fi at the station. What I do is put on my headphones and listen to the study material while I am taking luggage or questionnaires resolution in my mind. In this way, I can study while I work. I check all my work at night when I have free time
– said the goalkeeper enthusiast Sreenath

He said the free Wi-Fi service at the resort opened up opportunities he never thought would be available in the first place.
Several practice quizzes, downloadable at speeds of 20-40 Mbps, were, among other things, intuitive coolie helped prepare for civil services.
On top of that, he had easy access to online exam forms and, most importantly, saved money on books.

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  1. Evsguruprasad says:

    Congrats Mr sreekanth. It’s very great achievement and you proved the meaning of the proverb, where there is a will, there’s always way for success

  2. Evsguruprasad says:

    Congrats Mr sreekanth. It’s very great achievement and you proved the meaning of the proverb, where there is a will, there’s always way for success

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