Tanmay Chakrabarty IAS Topper 2005 Interview Strategy


Tanmay Chakrabarty IAS Topper 2005 Interview Strategy

Exhaustive Preparation On My Biodata, State, Candid Replies And Keeping Cool During The Interview Helped – Tanmay Chakrabarty, IAS Topper

I fared quite well in the Mains. So I was expecting an interview call. I integrated the whole preparation process in the previous three years. Whenever I read something, I tried to guess what questions might be asked from that section in any stage of the examination.

So, by the time I received the interview call, my academic preparation was over. After getting the call, I revised the broad areas of my Optional subjects, Constitution, Indian Economy, Current Affairs and India’s relations with different countries. After the Mains was over, I prepared myself for a few common questions like my hobby, biodata, my State, district, etc. On the day of the interview, I wore a white shirt, dark blue trousers, a pair of black shoes and a matching tie. I carried a newspaper with me on that day. In the reception hall of the UPSC, I chatted with other candidates and at times took a glance at the headlines of the day. I was well aware that interview is a test of nerves. Hence, when I entered the interview room, I kept myself cool and wished the Board Members gently. First, Chairman of the Board Mr. Bhure Lai asked me some questions pertaining to my biodata. This was followed by some questions relating to my home State. As a whole, the questions put to me covered various relevant areas such as the policies of the government, Acts, terrorist activities, etc. I was also asked about the industrial situation of West Bengal, my home State. There were several questions which I could not answer, but I never lost my nerve. Some of the questions also covered the political developments of the country after  Independence. There was also a lady Member on the Board who asked me about the sick industry, their way of recovery, industrial relations, labour relations, etc., some of which I could not answer. She asked me to name a few industrial Acts which help the workers, which I did. But when the questions became very tough, I said, “I am sorry, I don’t know.” One of the Members asked me a few questions regarding my college, the strength of my batch, etc. He asked me to name a few colleges in India where Textile Technology is taught. He asked me the difference among Science, Technology and Engineering. Then he started asking me technical questions pertaining to Textile Technology. I could not answer most of them. Then he put to me a ticklish question. He asked me, “You are the first class first of your university, how come you do not know the answers to these technical questions?” I replied, “Sir, I read these things for the last time when I was pursuing my degree and I have never revised them in the past five-six years. I am extremely sorry Sir, I could not foresee this situation in the interview.” After some time, the interview was over. I wished them all and made a graceful exit.

The Board Members were very cooperative. They did not ask questions abruptly and allowed me to take as much time as I needed to answer the questions. Although I could not answer many questions, I kept myself cool and kept smiling throughout the entire duration of the interview. Whenever I could not answer any question, I confessed my ignorance frankly.

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