The Greedy Dog Story in English with Pictures for Nursery

The Greedy Dog

Once upon a time, there was a dog who was very hungry. He started wandering from door to door in the search of food. He was not able to found anything to eat. Then on the way, he saw a juicy bone in the butcher’s shop, his mouth was full of water to eat that bone.

Then the dog thought to stole that bone, and he stole the bone from the butcher’s shop and he ran away with it. The dog was very happy and he was holding the bone very tightly in his mouth so that no one can take it from him. There was a bridge on the way to his home, now he reached on a bridge of a river. When he started crossing the bridge he saw his reflection in the water.

He saw that there is another dog inside the water and he is also having the bone in his mouth. The dog wanted to get that other bone from that dog too. So, he started barking at his own reflection in the water. The bone in his mouth was also felt in the water as he opened his mouth to bark. The greedy dog lost his bone instead of getting two bones to eat and he remains hungry.

The moral of the story is: Don’t be greedy.


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