Top Marijuana Seeds in Frigid Climate

Growing Marijuana is an endeavor that is extremely rewarding. Receiving deliciously dank buds after the flowering period feels amazing, especially to the grower. The process of planting, nurturing, and being responsible for this beautiful green being is extremely rewarding. Marijuana enthusiasts, living in cold climates, also deserve to enjoy rewards associated with marijuana. Marijuana enjoys hot and luminous environments, but, certain strains can still flourish in cold outdoor climates.

Strains need to fulfil three main prerequisites for them to be considered suitable for cold outdoor climates:

First, the seed must be resilient. The stabilizing and selection process of the strains is based on their resilience as well as other factors that will enhance the strain’s chance of producing a high yield in harsh environments.

Second, the time for flowering is imperative. The strain should complete the process of flowering before the frost begins to appear. When snow begins to fall, and the ground starts to become icy, it can significantly affect the plant. Ensure that you plant during the hottest months.

Third, the strain must be an auto-flowering one. If you are growing the plants during the hottest seasons, the light hours will not shift efficiently enough to establish the photoperiod plants into flowering.

So, here we in collaboration with Best Pot provide a comprehensive list of high yield cannabis seeds, which will produce high-quality buds, despite the cold climate.

Dutch Passion Blueberry

A prime example of a photoperiod variety that flourishes in cold climates is the Dutch Passion Blueberry. Added to being a well-known marijuana variety with an attractive Indica stone, this variety is popular with medical users and is considered one of the best medical cannabis seeds. This plant is also reported to thrive in outdoor environments. It can also turn purple or blue during its growth period, which adds to its appeal and natural beauty.


LSD is a plant that is easy to grow and will do well in cold outdoor areas. The high obtained from LSD is unlike the high obtained from other strains – trippy, fun, and strong – the kind of plant you do not need to smoke more than one puff of. This plant can handle all sorts of abuse and continues to flourish despite the conditions. It is definitely worth trying out.

Early Skunk

Early Skunk is among the choice cannabis seeds. It is a plant that grows from the Sensi Seeds. It is a plant that has been precisely bred to flourish in cold climates. Finishing earlier than other types of Skunk, this plant yields very well and does not the give the grower too much trouble in the growth process either. The Early Skunk is optimal for beginners and a preferred choice for a bountiful harvest in cold areas.

Red Purps

Red Purps are the product of female seeds. Red Purps receive a substantial amount of attention due to their seven-week flowering period combined with their stimulating Sativa effects. The Red Purps are very tasty (liquorice/strawberry) plants that have become firm favorites with UK growers. This is a special hybrid that will not disappoint despite the weather.

Previously, it had always been the case that photoperiod plants would produce more when compared with their traditional relatives. However, this is no longer the case because it is not unusual for Red Purps growing on land to produce several ounces per plant.

Purple Bud Automatic

Purple Bud Automatic are the product of auto-flowering cannabis seeds known as Sensi Seeds which have been grown successfully throughout the UK, including Scotland, and is a very attractive plant. The Purple Bud Automatic is an Indica dominant variety with very pristine and pleasant purple buds that are a pleasure to behold for even the most professional growers. This plant is an excellent option for beginners as it is easy to grow and quick to yield its produce. The high from this plant is a very calming but functioning high.

Sensi Skunk Automatic

The Sensi Skunk is a product of the Sensi Seeds, and these seeds are among the best cannabis for growers. The Sensi Skunk is a remodelled version that has been proven to produce high yields throughout the UK as well as countries that have cold climates. The Sensi Skunk Automatic provides a powerful high that will not disappoint the user despite the length of time the user has been smoking the herb. Indeed, it is very reliable. Tested in harsh cold climates, this auto is very resilient – regardless of the weather.

Cheese Dinafem XXL

The Cheese Dinafem XXL is also one of the high performing autos. Cheese Dinafem XXL yields huge buds of in cheese in only eighty days. This plant is extremely easy to grow provides a great smoke. You will be impressed by the size of the buds. If you want to grow cheese fast, the Cheese Dinafem XXL is the plant to grow. All you have to do is plant it in God’s soil and stand back and watch it grow.

Buddha Magnum

The Buddha Magnum is derived from cheap cannabis seeds that produce an attractive plant that is a pleasant sight to growers and smokers alike. When it first came out, the Buddha Magnum led the way in the field of auto-flowering. Farmers in Spain were astonished when they harvested yields of 259g per plant; this was made possible only when it was grown in the ground (and not in a pot). The Buddha Magnum also flourishes in colder climates when planted between the months of May and July. The high from this plant is a focused energizing high that will make you relaxed, active, and driven. It is a plant Worthing checking out.

Chaze Super Autoflower

The Chaze Super Autoflower is the outcome of organic cannabis seeds crossed from two powerhouses: haze and cheese. This plant does not require you to wait for the haze genetics to finish because it will be completely done in fifteen weeks. Those fifteen weeks are a little longer that the standard Autoflower  but the yield is worth the wait. The plant gets very big too. The high gotten from this plant is a fantastic experience that will liked by many. A happy and active cheese buzz that does not wear off easily.


If you are living in colder climates, you have no excuse not to plant your marijuana seeds even in the rigid climate. Simply plant some, or take the risk and plant all of that above-mentioned auto-flowering varieties even if you live in a cold area and you will be set. Remember, for healthy yields, you must groom and nurture your buds.


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