Valentine’s Day 2021: 14th Feb, Theme Celebration and Essay

Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is used to celebrate on the 14th of February by the people to make the loved ones come together for making a close relationship with the Girl and a Boy. It is the day when the Female and the Male are used to coming together to connect with their souls. It was the time in the early days when the people were not able to tell their things which are kept in mind.

People of the early generation were having old cultures and behavior to carry out many tasks. Boys were not used to touching any Girl, and these restrictions made every Child get long from the people who they were used to love.

Today there are many Children’s who used to propose many Girls and also vice-versa. It is today’s 21st century culture in which Children are used to behaving in a variety of ways. Time had come when people are used to connecting many types of people for their tasks and also for a better relationship with the people.

Today people are used to joining with other individuals with the help of the Internet, and it is important to know that the relationship makes the people manage every activity to get every idea and plan for their task to complete in a better way. Today it is very helpful for the people to eradicate those bad relations with many people who are likely to convert into a good relationship.

A good relation can maintain and handle every task to become more solid and perfect to build a proper Nation. It is usually important for a country to develop by building a proper relationship with the people who can support every activity to build an accurate Nation. A Nation has to be accurate for the people to manage every task in a systematic and right manner.

There is Valentine’s Day celebrated in many Schools and Colleges by which people are used to providing rose to the Girls or the Boys, and they are used to gather every people to make a close relationship with the people of the better ideas and plans.

There are many events organize in many Schools and Colleges to provide a better connection between every Student and Teacher to become a part of the Country. Valentine’s Day makes the Male and Female get that type of relation by which every people are reluctant to get that thing in their future for Marriage purpose.

Valentine’s Day is used to focus not only on the love with the two Students or people, but it is also used to provide love to those people who care for you a lot and stays with you for any help. Students should always love their parents to get true love which will make a close relationship with you and your Parents.

Parents are the important people in everyone’s life by which each and every people are used to generate a better attitude towards looking at every part of the situation, and they make every kind of activity for the development of the people.

Parents should provide a proper attitude and behavior in their children to make their children behave in the right manner with other people. Parents are the most important person in the life of Students. They provide every necessary Service and Facility to their Children and also used to make the Students look at every condition as per the benefit of the people.

Students in their childhood are used to make proper behavior by their Parents for better future growth. It is quite important for people to cooperate with every activity to make it accurate without any harm to the people.

Valentine’s Day is an event that makes people spread their feelings with someone else who they love very much. It is the day of love between two people and wants to come together to live forever with each other.

It is an event by which people are used to creating a better life and maintains their life to carry out tasks by which they can be able to provide every people happiness and joy. It is quite important for the people to make a proper relation with that type of people by which they can be able to remain happy.

People are more reluctant to get that type of people by which they can remain happy with them to get every kind of happiness to everyone. People are used to providing a better life to each of their partners and they are used to carry their tasks for the welfare of the people. People should be able to focus on that thing by which they can make every people to get that thing which they require.

People should also Respect and love those who gave their whole life for the National Independence like Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar and many more.

Every people should strive for the people to get them better ideas and plans to cultivate their Plans for the welfare of the people. Every people should not only love their Parents and teachers, but they should also love the people who made them move around the World and made to provide every right for the people’s welfare.

One has to make every step to carry its target to accomplish their goals in a better way. There was a time when people only used to listen to and respect their Parents to perform any task. It is very important for people to listen to their Parents and go ahead in life for their prosperous future.

People should get that activity which they like and are useful for the people and their family members. People should think about others for their betterment and welfare. So it is important to teach those things to the people by which they cultivate a better attitude in the people.

Positive and Negative Effects of the Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day by which every Student wants to celebrate it with their loved ones. It can be anyone such as Parents, teachers or any relation with them. Valentine’s Day is probably used to come up with good signs for the Love Couples. It is used to get them to come closer and spend time with each other.

Valentine’s Day is used to address the people to cooperate with every people with good behavior and also the intention to make them feel happy and prosperous. Valentine’s Day makes the people create a better relationship with each other to get them every kind of knowledge and Strength from their loved ones.

It is used to develop the people to get into the stage by which they can be able to create a positive attitude towards building some good task. People are reluctant to gather every kind of knowledge by which they should be happy enough to make a task for their welfare.

It is quite easy to maintain a positive attitude towards every goal to accomplish it in a better way. People are reluctant to make every activity to be accurate and perfect to be able to get the positive effects of the Goal. People should be calm to undertake every goal to be possible to handle every task for the betterment of the people.

Valentine’s has many good as well as bad effects by which people become happy as well as sad due to the variety of effects on the people.

There are many people who have made a couple and have every idea and plan to cultivate the couple’s love into a Marriage. So people are more reluctant to make the couple for their own happiness and require their couple to live a whole life with them.

There are many people who do suicide due to some misunderstanding with their Couple. Some Children do suicide as one of the two Couple cheats with the second couple, and they are used to get unhappy and try or really make suicide.

So it is important for the couple’s first to think more about making a relationship with others to make a better relationship which lives for a whole life. It is very important for couples to cultivate a positive attitude between them to get a better future in life. It is also very important for the couple to understand both of them properly and neatly to remain a better couple in life without any problem.

Every Couple should maintain a positive relationship with each other which helps every couple to get a better life in the future. It is very important for the future that the Couple should not cheat each other for any cause or problem.

They should have faith with each other to carry any task properly without any problem. Couples should always treat each other properly for their better life. Some couples suicide due to the misunderstanding in both of life and they are forced to do suicide.

This is very bad as every couple has provided life by God and they should live their life with lots of patience by solving all the problems and difficulties in life. So couples should not commit suicide for getting cheated by their loved ones.

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