IAS Officer Life 2021: Check here Lifestyle of an IAS Officer

IAS Officer Life: lifestyle of an IAS OfficerAuthorities and responsibilities follow hand in hand as we all know that  IAS is one of the elite jobs. It has elite responsibilities too! But this what they have worked for throughout their journey! And in many interviews, we came across a positive reply to their hectic schedule.

All the officers working for different districts have their own workings and dealings. According to the interviews, we came to know the lifestyle of an IAS who are currently working as DM and commissioner. The most valued position in this is DM.

The points for the Lifestyle of an IAS are:

A) The vehicle given to the officer mainly the car is given which an IAS officer can not use for his personal use it has to be used only for the government or official work. And in case they use it for personal use they have to pay some nominal charges to the government.

B) A lavish house by the government which mostly is used by the family members of IAS, he uses it to only sleep as he does not get any free.

C) IAS even gets a free phone facility by the government for official; works. They get an allowance from up to 1000 to 200inr but sometimes this money falls short as the official work is so much! Nothing is saved for their personal use!  So is the facility is given to them, is working in their favor?

D) IAS even gets handsets for phone calls but there Is an upper limit to it given to them by the state government which they could not exceed and they don’t even have time for their family and personal calls and spending time with them or having a chat with them cause of their hectic schedule.

E) Facility of getting a bodyguard? Well yes, an IAS do get this but it is only when they become a DM (district commissioner) and one crosses this phase after 5 to 6 years of their work-life before that there is no such facility given to an IAS officer.

F) Well a senior officer of IAS gets a pay around 90ooo in a month with and additional pay which makes around 1.7lakh per month and he is the person who works for the prime minister of the country and he is the one who has so much of responsibility which surely doesn’t match his pay scale.

And then comes the officer assistant to him who earns nearly one lakh sixty thousand in a month he too has so much of work as they are answerable to the prime minister of the country! Isn’t it a too big job? Well, I say yes!  Similarly, a person working for a corporate and answerable to the CEO earns nearly 10 times more then this L isn’t it an injustice to them? Why such a low pay scale when responsibilities are comparatively higher.

So why should some still opt IAS as a career? When there is no balance? Well yes, I agree the pay scale is less.. but it is giving the maximum opportunity for a person to help the needy people.
I bet nothing can make a person feel better than a bunch of people approaching him to solve their problems.

Yes helping someone gives immense happiness. No other corporate jobs provide this authority to help people. And to work for them.

And the feeling of joy an IAS comes across when people greet him thanks for all the work he has done for him.

Well, every job has its own pros and cons! IAS is a job to work for people being a part of them it’s more of helping mankind.

It brings a spirit of liveliness and seeing the brighter side of anything is always a smart idea!
Well, I can say authorities and responsibilities are going to be in all the jobs and careers! Even the pressure will be built but working for mankind is not in every job profile. One should surely think about the positive lifestyle a civil servant has For the people, and from the people as they say!

If you any queries regarding IAS Officer Life 2021, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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    Please write in detail how to prepare a student for IAS.EXAM I am interested to educate and help compete my daughter in IAS.

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