What is the Main Concept of Hotel Management Colleges?

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Hotel Management Course is a study programme that aims to educate and train aspirants about managing hotels and various hospitality establishments. After completing this course, students will develop better skills and knowledge for handling managerial level position, operations and supervision of specific departments in hotels.

People’s University is one of the top hotel management colleges in Bhopal, offering different hotel management courses to help students build their career in the hospitality industry. The University offers the following subjects under their academic curriculum:

  1. Core Subjects
  2. Non Core Subjects

1. Core subjects

The core subjects consist of a study of different departments that provide services to guests visiting any hotel or hospitality establishment:

  1. Front Office:It is the very first and most visible department in the hospitality industry where guests first visit to interact with hotel staff. In short, the front office is the front face of a hotel, representing the values of a particular hotel. Front staff has to deal with visitors and also offer them the best possible facilities. They are even responsible for handling and answering calls, as well as greeting guests when they arrive. Therefore, the staff at the front desk must bear good knowledge of all facilities available at the hotel so that the terms and conditions of a hotel are clearly explained to guests. Moreover, the front desk staff must have better communication skills for selection.
  2. Food Production: This department is involved in food preparation. If anyone wants to be a chef, then he/she must bear in-depth knowledge of the entire cooking processes and ingredients used for food preparation. This knowledge is important for anyone who aims to become a chef in future. The course offering knowledge of food production is not limited to a few cuisines. They are taught about different cuisines and how to set up a kitchen based on their individual requirements.
  3. Food & Beverage Service:This department deals with serving food & beverages to customers or guests. The area where food and beverages are served must be well-furnished and equipped with the right tools and utensils for offering the best experience to customers. This department’s staff members are usually responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the area. They also have to take orders, suggest the best food items in their restaurant to the new customers, serve food and drinks, etc. This area of hospitality is perfect for those students who like to interact with people and are expert in handling a situation calmly.
  4. Housekeeping Operations:This department is essential for proper maintenance and cleaning of different areas in hotels. Housekeeping staff is also responsible for upkeep and cleaning activities like flower arrangements, decorations, laundry, etc. There is a huge variety of work managed by the housekeeping department. This area of study is ideal for anyone who can work according to fluctuating work pressure, as well as for introvert people, as this department doesn’t require great communication or language skills.

2. Non Core subjects

The institute of hotel management Bhopal also emphasize the study of the following departments:

  1. Accounts
  2. Human Resources
  3. Purchase
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Maintenance
  6. Security

What skills are required for students pursuing Hotel Management?

Basic skills that aspirants must possess:

(a) Personal Grooming

(b) Good Personality

(c) Communication Skills

(d) Problem-solving skills

(e) General Aptitude

(f) Team Player

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