Women Empowerment Speech for Students in English

Women Empowerment SpeechGood morning to all my teachers and friends. I would like to give a speech on women empowerment as we all have gathered here to celebrate the women’s day. I am honored to give a speech on this special occasion for women.

I have chosen this topic to raise the issue of gender inequality in front of you. The government and the private sectors are supporting the women for leadership positions in the public sector. The leadership of women in the public sector shows the development of the nation. The men and women both are unique and different in experiences and both are important for bringing the influence into the decision making process. The equal rights of men and women in society improve the work quality and thus the economic status of the nation.

India is a developing country and its economic status is also very bad because of the male-dominated country. The men are means the half power of the country and they are walking alone and they forced women to do only the household works. They do not know that women are the half power of the country and if female and male combine can form the full power of the country. The day when both the power of the country would start working, no other country would be more powerful than India. The Indian men never realize the power of Indian women, they are more powerful than men.

If men understand the power of women and let them go ahead to make themselves independent women and the power of the family and country. Gender equality is the first step for women empowerment in India. Men think that women are only made for handling the household work and take the responsibility of home and family. Instead of thinking about these things they must take some responsibilities of home. Both men and women are responsible for everything of the daily routine. If men take some responsibility, women can get some time to think about themselves and their careers. There is a need to change the mentality of everyone that women are weak and they cannot do anything.

Women empowerment can help in reducing poverty, development of the country and it can provide a better chance for the next generation. The issues like women backward in India such as gender-based violence, reproductive health inequities, economic discrimination, harmful traditional practices, other pervasive and persistent forms of inequality.

Women empowerment is the key to strengthen their participation in decision-making which is the most important key to socio-economic development. There is a social, cultural and family pressure on women which acts as the main issue to the gender equality. The women have a lot of pressure from parents, society and they forced to be the main caregiver and caretaker of all family members. Such pressure in the society and home lowers down the career ambitions of women than men.

She needs to be involved in family decision-making which may bring a slight improvement in women’s condition in male-headed households. In India, it is very challenging to bring changes in women in traditional societies. It can be changed but it will take some time and regular efforts.

If you any queries regarding Women Empowerment, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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  1. Kondalarao says:

    Very nice I spoke it in my school function it gets standing ovation.👍✌️

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