X Myths About Boarding Schools Debunked

5 Myths About Boarding Schools Debunked

In today’s age, it is true that where your child gets their education can have a significant impact on their chances to be successful in life. Keeping the academic and extracurricular growth in mind, a boarding school is considered a better choice when choosing schools.

Like everyone, you might have a lot of concerns in your mind about sending your child to a boarding school. You might have heard a lot of rumours about boarding schools, which lead to myths that continue to weigh on your mind as a parent. You may end up believing you’re your child cannot fit into the world of the boarding schools.

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Before you consider a boarding school or make an opinion about them, let us first help you debunk some common myths about it:

Myth 1. Focuses Only on Academics

Reality: Most parents have the impression that a boarding school simply focuses on academics and takes scholars away from any sort of extracurricular activity. The reality is, however, that many boarding schools such as Genesis Global School believe in creating a healthy balance between co-curricular activities and academics. These schools strive to make their students all-rounders. Sports and other events are equivalent to learning, and participation is promoted for students of all age groups.

 Myth 2. Merely for Academically Weak Students

Reality: “You’ll have to join a boarding school if you don’t get excellent marks” – we’ve all heard this at least once. And that’s precisely why everyone has the impression that boarding schools are just for those who aren’t good at learning.

The fact is that boarding schools take students from all walks of life. These schools are student-focused and always aim to bring an excellent child’s future. The best part is the environment in which academic success is promoted.

Myth 3. Considered as A Hotbed for All Things Bad 

Reality: The idea of sending your child to a boarding just keeps bouncing back like a rubber ball, thanks to the world of Hindi cinema. You might think that your child will be left unattended and may engage in activities that could hamper the academics and destroy their future. The truth is that boarding school staff gives individual attention to children of all ages. To make the scholars feel at home, these professionals leave no stone unturned. They always maintain a close watch on the activities for the students ‘ wellbeing inside and outside of the premises.

Myth 4. Boarding School’s Rooms Are Not Good

Reality: Sure, there are fixed hours of study at most boarding school dormitories and mostly a set time when the lights go off, and the doors are locked. However, these guidelines are part of the safety rules applied by boarding schools. Set time for all events instils precision and punctuality in all students. When parents choose from any of the best boarding schools in India, they can be sure the child is getting the best facilities.

Myth 5. Puts a Strain on Family Relationships

Reality: Most parents believe boarding school will be putting a strain on family relationships because of the split. Yet, most of the boarding schools give students enough opportunity to take leave to meet their families. The boarding schools also urged to periodically inform the families and go an extra mile to make this happen. Getting someone else to discipline your child often reduces stress between a parent and a child, thus strengthening the bond.

Choose the Right Boarding School for Your Children

Parents must understand that most of the things that they see and hear are often a glazed version of reality. Boarding schools are a chance to make students excel both academically and personally. India’s best boarding schools educate students in a structured environment and strive to bring out the best in them. Genesis Global School is one such prestigious boarding school in India that provides children with the resources they may not have elsewhere, such as comprehensive sports facilities, well-stocked libraries, and excellent arts programs. You also have the option for your child to be 5-day boarders, with the weekends at home, or 7-day boarders living on campus for the whole week.

The bottom line is that boarding school is not for everyone. Each child has different needs and views. But if your teen falls into any of the areas that boarding school can be extremely advantageous, it is worth considering. Do your research and match them to your child’s needs accordingly!

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