BCECE Biology Syllabus 2021 Chapter Wise (Available) – Get PDF Here

BCECE Rank CardBCECEB conducts BCECE Entrance Exam for taking admission into Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture. BCECE release an official Syllabus for taking admission into Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture.

The Syllabus consists of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.

Here we are going to mention the complete BCECE 2021 Syllabus for Biology. The BCECE Exam is done in one phase. Candidates can also check the BCECE 2021 Syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

BCECE 2021 Biology Syllabus – Available

New BCECE 2021 Biology Syllabus is available here to download. Click Here to Download Free PDF.

Diversity In Living World

  • Diversity Of Living Organism.
  • Classification Of The Living Organisms (Five Kingdom Classification, Major Groups Principles Of Classification Within Each Kingdom).
  • Systematic And Binomial System Of Nomenclature.
  • Salient Features Of Animal (Non-Chordates Up To Phylum Level, And Chordates Up To Class Level) And Plant (Major Groups; Angiosperms Up To Subclass) Classification.
  • Botanical Garden, Herbaria, Zoological Parks Museums.

Structural Organisation In Animals And Plants

  • Tissues In Animals And Plants.
  • Morphology, Anatomy, And Functions Of Different Parts Of Flowering Plants: Root, Stem, Leaf, Inflorescence, Flower, Fruit And Seed.
  • Morphology, Anatomy, And Functions Of Different Systems Of An Annelid (Earthworm), An Insect (Cockroach) And An Amphibian (Frog.)

Cell: Structure And Function

  • Cell: Cell Wall, Cell Membrane And Cell Organelles (Plastids, Mitochondria, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi Bodies/ Dictyosomes, Ribosomes, Lysosomes, Vacuoles, Centrioles) And Nuclear Organisation.
  • Mitosis, Meiosis, Cell Cycle. Basis Chemical Constituents Of Living Bodies.
  • Structure And Functions Of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids And Nucleic Acids.
  • Enzymes: Types, Properties, And Function.
  • Movement Of Water, Food, Nutrients, And Gases.
  • Plants And Water: Mineral Nutrition Respiration Photosynthesis Plant Growth And Development

 Human Physiology

  • Digestion And Absorption.
  • Breathing And Respiration
  • Body Fluids And Circulation
  • Excretory Products And Elimination
  • Locomotion And Movement
  • Control And Coordination

Sexual Reproduction

  • Pollination And Fertilization In Flowering Plants.
  • Development Of Seeds And Fruits.
  • Human Reproduction: Reproductive System In Male And Female, Menstrual Cycle.
  • Production Of Gametes, Fertilization, Implantation, Embryo Development, Pregnancy, And Parturition.
  • Reproductive Health-Birth Control, Contraception, And Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Genetics and Evolution

  • Mendelian Inheritance.
  • Chromosome Theory of Inheritance, Deviations from Mendelian Ratio (Gene Interaction-Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, Complementary Genes, Multiple Alleles.)
  • Sex Determination In Human Beings: Xx, Xy. – Linkage and Crossing Over. – Inheritance Pattern of Haemophilia And Blood Groups In Human Beings.
  • DNA: Replication, Transcription, Translation.
  • Gene Expression and Regulation.
  • Genome and Human Genome Project.
  • DNA Fingerprinting.
  • Evolution: Theories and Evidence.

Biology and Human Welfare

  • Animal Husbandry.
  • Basic Concepts Of Immunology, Vaccines.
  • Pathogens, Parasites. – Plant Breeding, Tissue Culture, Food Production.
  • Microbes In Household Food Processing, Industrial Production, Sewage Treatment, And Energy Generation.
  • Cancer And Aids.
  • Adolescence And Drug/Alcohol Abuse.

Biotechnology And Its Applications

  • Recombinant DNA Technology.
  • Applications In Health, Agriculture, And Industry.
  • Genetically Modified (Gm) Organism; Biosafety Issues.
  • Insulin And Bt Cotton.

Ecology & Environment

  • Ecosystems: Components, Types, And Energy Flow.
  • Species, Population, And Community.
  • Ecological Adaptations.
  • Centers of diversity and conservation of biodiversity, national parks, and sanctuaries. Environmental issues.

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