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 Latest Career option and Courses after 12th Commerce for the successful career 

When Student enters in 10th class, they always which whether they should go for Arts, Science or Commerce. We have already written a much more profound analysis of courses after 12th earlier. Here we will discuss core information for the students of commerce. Which path should they choose in commerce after the 12th?

Commerce is a very vast field which contains many courses also it includes arts courses after 12th. Commerce is a field that deals with financial assistance (Money). Commerce is the most important branch of the Education system which deals with Business, Legal Finance, Economic Legal, Banking, technological and political aspects.

The Bachelor of Commerce program prepares you for a career in accounting, banking, financial management, information systems, and management.

Compulsory courses in the degree build a solid foundation of business skills that you will apply to many decisions and issues in the contemporary business environment.

Here in this article, we will give you the Top 19 Courses after 12th Commerce which is most demanded in Moneymaking Industries. We will neglect the other courses here, but we will list those courses below the post so that you can also check the opportunities according to your interest.

Eligibility Criteria for Further Courses after 12th Commerce

One of the most difficult questions for the students is what to do after 12th commerce with maths or without maths?

As a 12th class commerce student, you must be aware of the basic concepts of economics, accountancy, mathematics, and business studies. Good knowledge of these concepts can help you in your further education in the commerce field.

Course Name Course Description Duration Salary for Freshers
B.Com The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a degree course done by a large number of students after their class 12th. The B.Com degree gives you a complete overview of the overall business scenario, this includes buying and selling of goods also helps in understanding the underlining principles of accounts and economics. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
BBA The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration. The degree is conferred after four years of full-time study in one or more areas of business concentrations. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
CA Chartered Accountancy was established in 1854 in Britain. It is the core activity of the firm. A CA is a member of ICAI (Indian Chartered Accountants Institute) and deals with financial management and carries out financial audits. A CA works as a private advisor for an organization. 5 Years 3-6 lakh
B.M.S Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is an undergraduate program for management studies offered by many universities throughout the world. The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume leadership positions in a wide range of organizations. 3 Years 2-4 Lakhs
BSC.IT The Bachelor of Information Science degree is distinctly different from a general B. Sc. The Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, however, is a 4-year program, and the degree awarded is referred to as B.Tech or B.E. One can apply for BSc in IT after completing HSC or after completing the Engineering Diploma. 3 Years 2-4 Lakhs
B.A.F Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance BAF Course. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance knew as BAF Course is an undergraduate program that provides training in the areas of accounting and finance which is offered by many universities in India. 3 Years 2-4 Lakhs
CS Company Secretary deals with the legal activities of any business. It is a corporate professional course. The role of a company secretary is to keep records, advice, tax returns, and evaluate the legal aspects of the organization. This course contains three levels as a foundation, executive, and professional course. 3-4 Years 2-5 Lakhs
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is an undergraduate program for management studies offered by many universities throughout the world. The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume leadership positions in a wide range of organizations. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
BBS The Bachelor of Management Studies includes the study of business mathematics managerial economics business ethics and corporate social responsibility, human resource management, etc. Students considering this course must know that this course leads them to have career options in human resource management sales and marketing, finance, research, and development, etc. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
BFM Bachelors of Financial Markets is a three-year undergraduate course that focuses on debt markets equity markets risk management microeconomics investment mutual funds and security markets. By organizing things like industry visits, the course exposes students to the operational environment in the field of Financial Markets. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
BBI Bachelors in Banking and Insurance course is also a 3-year undergraduate course. The course focuses on topics like financial accounting and management, banking laws, business laws, corporate laws, auditing, and cost. You can pursue an MBA or an M.Com 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
 BCA BCA Stands for the Bachelor in Computer Application.BCA is a three-year graduation degree course generally for those students who want to learn Computer languages and after that who wants to join Software Industries. Today time every course has its importance. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
LAW Usually, only Graduates are allowed to pursue L.L.B. But thanks to new rules it is also possible for 12th Commerce students to continue Law course from Law schools after schooling. constitutional laws, property laws, banking laws, environmental laws, company laws are included 5/3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
Bachelor of Economics The course here is that Commerce stream students will find it relatively easier to deal with B.Economics. Or B.A. Economics. After completing this course 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
Animation and Multimedia Commerce stream students may go for certificate/diploma/degree courses when it comes to the animation and multimedia field. Job opportunities are available in ample amounts. Particularly after the success of many animation movies, animation artists are in demand 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
Journalism and Mass Communication When it comes to this field Diploma as well as Degree programs are available. Based on the program the duration may be between 1-3 years. 1/3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
Event Management Course Certificate Diploma, as well as Degree courses, are available when it comes to Event Management. Course duration varies between 1-3 years depending upon the program. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
Fashion Design and Technology To thrive in this field you need to have creativity as well as an interest in fashion and design. This is a vast field. There are different small sections within this field such as as- apparel designing accessories designing etc. 3 Years 2-5 Lakhs
Hotel Management A job oriented course this one is! It certainly has got elements of the hospitality sector. But the degree course in Hotel Management is more valuable than the hospitality diploma courses that I mentioned above… 4 Years 2-5 Lakhs

Employability Skills after Commerce Students

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  • A genuine interest in working with numbers and better computing skills.
  • The ability for analyzing numerical data.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to work with the team and lead the team.
  • Ability to make smart decisions.
  • Organizational and administrative abilities.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Accuracy and neatness.
  • Creativity and high intellectual capability.
  • Ability to work hard and readiness to work for long hours.
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn new things, technologies, and adapt to new methodologies at work.

Expert Advice (Geeta Rajpal) For Choosing Courses after 12th Commerce

In my opinion, After 12th commerce, you can pursue the following based on your interest/financial budget

Personally, LLB will be an excellent option to go for & seeking it from a reputed institute will be nothing like it. You can pursue exams of state & public service commission OR apply to firms as a legal advisor OR apply for exams later on for Civil judge, etc. You can seek corporate law as this will get you the right amount of salary & stability, repute as mentioned above. You will have to prepare for CLAT to continue Law.

You can also pursue CA/CFA/CS parallelly with Bcom. I would suggest not to go for BBA unless you are inclined to MBA. Pursuing an MBA will fetch you a salary of say 6-7 laps if you seek it from an average institute. H however, this is possible only after the completion of graduation. You can also continue MCom. Later.

Masters in e-commerce. I have not heard of it as such; I think it is new. You can contact alumni of the institutes offering this course through social media/college itself to have an idea of what are their current jobs & does it interest you. I think this master shall help you. If you are later on wish to pursue your own business of commerce because I don’t see it as a trend to hire specific e-commerce masters for businesses.

You can pursue courses in Product management & design, Mass communication if that interests you.

There is a lot of scope & competition getting through a premier institute or  Job. It will require hard work & focus. You should focus on getting through a reputed institute.

Choosing the Career with Interest

  • If someone tells you that you are right in any particular subject (Let Maths ) and you don’t know, After a few years you do well in that then you think it was a good decision. Exactly it was not If still, you don’t know you were good at maths because there is a probability that there would be another subject where you could do more better.
  • Try to find and think, what you like or compatible with. You know, either you don’t want to consider, or you don’t think.
  • For career option you can choose anything, just believe in yourself. Every subject is best either for development or profession.
  • I think if you work on others’ opine then somewhere you are compromising with yourself, I mean if you hear your inner voice then you could do more better.
  • A career is something that is yours, and it should be yours because a five years child can never be comfortable with his father’s shoes.
  • Suppose, Many people write the answer for this, and everyone has a different opinion with some reasons and points which seems valid, Like M.Sc, M.B.A, etc. then what would you do, at least you will be confused or otherwise start thinking what is right, Then why not consider yourself Now.

So, I request you to please think about yourself, If I am wrong then think this answer is not for you and if it’s for you then consider. There are millions of students who get into trouble with this question as you, they are the same victims, having the same feelings of dogma as you. Please must share for those who need it like you, by the way, they can’t ask on Facebook, Twitter anywhere. You can do good when others are good otherwise it will affect you.

Courses After 12th with Commerce in B.Com.

Courses After 12th with Commerce in B.B.A.

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For any other queries about Courses After 12th Commerce, you can leave your queries below in the comment box.

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