Central Excise Day 2018: 24th February, Theme and Slogan, Essay


Central Excise Day

Central Excise Day is used to collect the Tax from the people by applying the Tax on the Goods and Services. It is utilised for the people to get some part of the money from the people to develop the Nation by making many infrastructure and developmental activities in India for the welfare of the citizens.

Central Excise Day is used to celebrate on the 24th February for the encouraging many Employees to collect Finance or it is said to be Tax for the welfare of the people. In India, there are many plans and ideas made by the Government to focus on the improvement of the developmental activities for the betterment of the people. The state is used to provide every type of services and Facilities to the people by developing a proper infrastructure and plans to cultivate a proper ideas and plans for the improvement in the Economical as well as social activities.

People are reluctant to get their country to become develop in every field to make their all the dreams fulfill in a right way. Government is used to think that collecting the Taxes from the people will help them to gather much of the income for developing the Nation in every field which requires lots of finance for developmental activities. Government is able to develop all the activities in better way to manage all the activities for the betterment of the people. It is quite important for the Government to collect taxes as per the financial conditions of each and every people in the Country to maintain Financial Stability and peace in the Country. Government is used to require a proper record of all the people which are earning for their Whole Family Members to get a Financial Stability.

People are more reluctant to get a proper idea and plans to develop every State and their Society for the betterment of the people. Government is more eligible to look across the development of the people and gather every knowledge of the people for getting a proper idea of applying the Tax on the Goods and Services.

It is important for the people to get a good checking of all the activities which have to perform for the betterment of the citizens. Government is used to create a good idea to cultivate a better attitude to make the goals complete in a right manner.

One has to develop a positive attitude in them to carry out any task properly without any problem. It is the time when the people are curious to see a better world which makes every feel to reside in a better world. People are more able to manage the things properly for accomplishing every idea and plans to achieve for the welfare of the citizens.

Central Excise Department is also used to carry out all the duties for the eradicating the corruption activities taking place in every area and it is very important for the Government to search and catch the corrupted people for making the better future for the Country.

Celebration of the Central Excise Day

Central Excise Day is celebrated on the 24th February by the Government as the special day throughout the India Country. It is used to collect the Tax from the people by which the Government uses the Finance of the Tax for the development activities of the people. It is used to carry out many tasks to handle and manage the things in a better way, so that the people get each and every opportunity to show their talent and skills in making the Country to come up in the future.  Government decides to apply the Tax on those Goods and Services by which people are reluctant to get it for their own necessity. Tax makes the people to provide them the core and advanced things in life by which they get every possible Facilities and Services for their own benefits.

There are many people who are ambitious for the development activities and they carry out tasks to fulfill their own dreams in order to make their life better. The Customs and Central Excise Board Department is used to establish many policies for the people to collect tax form the people as per their Financial Status. For making the collection in a systematic and proper way, Government has decided to make many plans and ideas to survive from Negative business ideas such as smuggling and also to handle all the problems related to Customs, Narcotics and Central Excise in India. For handling and managing all the activities in India, Government has decided to divide the India into 10 Zones by which it will be easy for the Government to carry out all the tasks correctly in a less time period. These 10 Zones are headed by the Central Excise Chief Commissioner.

There are two types of Processes which are performed by the Central Excise Duty to make the effect on all the Collections and Laws of the Central Excise. Central Excise Duty makes the people to collect the taxes according to their requirement of Finance for their Family Members. For putting the effects on all the rules implemented by the Government, Government has maintain two processes for the better systematic ways to make the rules more strong enough to eradicate the illegal activities done by the people in India. The two processes are mention below :-

1) Process of the Physical Control

This Physical Process is made by the Government to handle the Duty of the Central Excise only for Cigarettes. Due to this Process every officers are made to approve the deals for the rules to be implemented for the people. There are many laws by which people are used to manage and handle every activity in a right manner for the betterment of the people. It is very important for the people to get every laws perform to get them every right and chance to gather lot of facility to achieve their goals. So it is quite important for the Government to first check whether the rules which will implement by the Government will make the life of the people more better or not.

Process of the Self Removal

Government has implemented many laws and ideas to make a systematic act for the people by which they can carry out their tasks in order to manage all their tasks properly and accurately. Self Removal Process is used to make many laws on the Goods which are used to manufacture all over the India. All the Manufacturers are used to access all the legal duties on the Goods for clearing the Goods. So Self Removal Process makes the people to collect the Taxes on that type of Goods which are manufactured by the Manufacturer in order to clear all the Goods. Government is used to make many other useful laws for the people to make every change in the laws as per the change in the situation and behaviour of the people.

Importance of the Central Excise Day Celebration

Central Excise Day is used to ensure that every people which are liable to pay tax have been observed. It is also used to celebrate to the Salt as well as Central Excise Act on the 24th February 1944. Central Excise Day is used to gather every information regarding the Taxation of the people in India. It is used to help the developmental activities to ensure better growth for the people of India. It is used to make the people to reside better in the Country for building a powerful tool to develop a better Nation. One has to get every kind of ideas and plans to make every possibility to develop the country properly.

Responsibilities of the Central Excise Department

Excise is used to decide the tax which is charged on every Goods manufactured over the Country. Duties which are carried out in India by the Central Excise Department for collecting the Tax payable on each and every Goods manufactured in the Nation.

The tax is payable also on the Tobacco, but not in the Opium and Alcohol. Department of the Central Excise has the responsibility of the Tax payable Avoidance Check, saving the Nation from the Smuggling activity and also collection of the revenues for supporting the Nation in order to develop the Social as well as Economical activities of the Nation. So Central Excise Department is used to perform every activity for the betterment and safety of the people.

Excise Department Registration  

There are lots of people who are not registered to the Excise Department are able to registered to the Excise Department. People who require to start the activities like some kind of Business or manufacturing the goods in the Nation are required to get registered.

There are many people who requires to get registered are Producer, Commission Agent, Dealer, Importer, broker or owner of any Showroom and many more.  People who want to register for the Central Excise Department is used to send an application to the Range Superintendent and also fill the form of R1. There are many rules to be followed for the people who are engaged in the manufacturing the Goods in the Nation which are there in the Act of the Central Excise Tariff in the year 1985 which are as follows :-

1) There should be movable Goods for manufacturing.

2) There should be marketable Goods which are produced and also goods produced should be produced from the manufacturing process.

3) Goods which are manufactured should get declared to the Tariff Act of the Central Excise of 1985.







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