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fmgeFMGE 2022 Mock Test has been started now. The FMGE exam is also known as the Medical Council of India screening test. The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is has been conducted by the National Board of Examination which was established in the year 1975 by the Government of India.

This examination is being given in every year by many candidates who are interested in this examination to complete their graduation in Medical fields in a good medical college. This exam is one of the mandatory requirements for an Indian citizen who has a medical degree from a college outside India to practice medicine in the country.

This examination has been introduced in the year 2002 for the candidates who want to give this examination. This examination is also given in many other countries like China, Russia, Nepal, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean country. The candidate would get some more information about this examination of FMGE 2018 details which are given below.

FMGE 2022 Mock Test – Started

New FMGE 2022 Mock Test has been started now. Click Here to Do Practice.

FMGE Exam Preparation Tips

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The candidate who are going to apply for this Examination should first register themselves in this examination online by just going on the official website of the National Board of Examination.

After that, the candidate would be able to get all the information about this exam of FMGE. Here below there are given some points and some information about the FMGE Exam.

Master of the Syllabus

The candidate should study all the syllabus for this exam in depth because of this the candidate would complete half preparation for their exam, as only a well-targeted intensive study is going to yield desired the result.

The candidate should give equal attention to all the sections of the syllabus as the candidate would have to cover the whole syllabus before the exam.

There is no shortcut there in the syllabus to complete it rapidly before the exam, that is why the candidate is required to study all the certain topics of the syllabus completely.

Make your notes

Many sample Numbers of books are there in the market by which the candidate would able to make their notes easily through the sample books these will your quick reference guide. When the exam preparation reaches the highest point, the one candidate will not get that much of enough time to read the entire portion.

The notes which the candidates have made through the sample books will get benefit during the last moment of the exam because of the notes the candidate would be to able to cover more small notes by reading them before the exam.

Work on your weak areas

The candidate should concentrate only on the weak areas because if the candidates go on reading all the interesting topics and would leave the boring and hard topic in the last minute of the exam, it will be big foolishness which they will make before the exam.

And the mistakes which are made at the last moment by the candidate will give a very bad effect on the exam of the candidate. This mistake can affect one’s strike rate and can make the difference between success and failure.

The candidate should give their more focus on those topics where the candidate feels that they will not be able to score in those topics which are much harder to them. Neglect all those things which can distract your mind from your study which will be not there in your favor.

Be consistent in your Revision:

Revision of the portions in a regular manner is a good thing that the candidate should do in their daily life during the examination. It is very important that the candidate should revision their portion again and again after the preparation of the exam. If the candidate would able to revise more, they will get a better chance to imprint all the information in their memory.

They should make that type of pattern of revision from which the candidate would be able to revise the whole portion at least two to three times before the examination.

Attempt mock test

The mock test is just a type of sample test which the candidate would give for revising themselves for the is the best way that the candidate would apply on them to check that till where they reach regarding preparation.

The candidate who goes for the coaching center mock test is a regular feature for them to utilize to the optimum level. Many websites are there where the candidate can give the mock test online with their email id.

Because of giving the mock test the candidate would be able to get the feel of attempting the exam and also it test your speed of attempting the exam and gives you the real feedback of your mock which the candidate has given.

Refrain from Using too many study resources

Candidate should make sure that they would use that books which are authorized by the authors. You should not make a habit to change your books by depending on the feedback of the mock test, by your friends, or by that information which falls you in every moment now and then.

The candidates are required to remember that there is no book that guarantees you total success it is how that the candidate utilized their limited study resources to their advantage that counts.

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