Tina Dabi IAS UPSC Topper 2015-2016 Rank 1 Interview

Name: Tina Dabi
Place: Delhi
Age: 22-year-old
Exam: UPSC
Rank: 1
Roll no: 0256747
College: Political Science
She will become: IAS Officer
Optional Subject – Political Science
Schooling Medium – English, Convent of Jesus and Mary School
College medium – English, Lady Shri Ram College for Women
The medium chosen for Mains answers – English
Medium opted for Interview – English
Home town/city – Delhi, born in Bhopal

This is the latest update about Tina Dabi IAS Topper Rank 1 Interview who cleared UPSC result declared on the evening of 10th May 2016and there was the flow of success and happiness stricken at the door of Tina Dabi who secured 1st position in UPSC Civil service examination 2015. She was the topper of UPSC exams who secured AIR 1.

Twenty-two-year-old Tina Dabi from Delhi has topped the prestigious civil services exams 2015, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC.

Statement is given to NDTV by Tina Dabi “It is indeed a proud moment for me,”

  • University gold medal-political science.
  • University topper-academic year.
  • Best all-round student award.

Tina Dabi IAS

Must read Facts and Myths about IAS Exam

As Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan and Jamseet Singh Sandhu has secured second and third positions respectively.

In our interview with her, she said ” I use to study 8 hours a day” and she added, “Many of my friends were giving UPSC exam and she topped the exam”.

She is the youngest IAS officer to pass out IAS in such a young age of 22 years.

We asked why in every Competitive exam only girls top the exam, she said: ” There’s nothing like the only female can top, it’s who work hard will succeed”.

She was Expecting that she will be selected in the UPSC exam but Getting the rank AIR 1 in unbelievable for her. For the Preparation of IAS UPSC exam, she has given lots of efforts but as she got the All India Rank 1, It is fruitful for her. All her efforts are converted into productivity.
The Journey Towards Civil Service Examination is over, and He has devoted her days and Night at a very Young age.

Tina Dabi IAS

Message from IAS Tina Dabi to Future UPSC Aspirants

For Success, You should Have Patience “Told By IAS Tina Dabi.

She Started Her Preparation when she was in 11th Standard. Her Mom told that you should go for Humanity instead of Science. Her grooming started in Class 11th and she took arts. She was also the topper of CBSE and Graduation Topper of Lady Shri Ram College , Delhi.


Father of Tina Diba told

“She was the topper of her school, She was the topper of her College and We were expecting that she will clear Civil service Examinations.
But She will do Top , It is just a big surprise for us. She has made us proud. She was very dedicated towards her UPSC Examinations and all the strategy of studies was well planned.
He also added that he supported her a lot in every expect of her studies. we played the good role of parents in her complete preparation of UPSC.

Tina Dabi IAS UPSC Topper 2015-2016 Rank 1 Interview



Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal Also Congratulated IAS Tina Dabi by His Tweet.

Arvind Kejriwal Tewwted Tina Dabi

The script ” “Congrats to Delhi girl Tina Dabi, topper of UPSC exam. I wish her a bright career,”

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi  Congratulated IAS Tina Dabi by His Tweet.Narendra Modi With Tina Dabi

Script ““Congrats to all those who cleared the civil services exam. My good wishes as they commence a new & exciting phase of their lives. To those who couldn’t clear – the disappointment is understandable but you must look ahead & work hard for your future endeavors. Good luck,”

Tina Dabi Marks:

Mains Marks – 868 Marks

Interview Marks – 195 Marks

Total Marks – 1063 Marks

Total Percentage – 52 %

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Tina Dabi IAS Topper 2015-2016 Rank 1 in UPSC Exam

Tina Dabi got award for her hard work

Report From Hindustan Times 

Tina Dabi first in UPSC Civil Services Exam

A 22-year-old woman from Delhi topped the 2015 civil services examination on her first attempt and a railway officer from Jammu and Kashmir secured the second position as the results of one of India’s toughest tests was announced on Tuesday.

A total of 1,078 candidates cleared the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam – 499 from the general category, 314 from the other backward classes, 176 from the scheduled castes and 89 from the scheduled tribes.

Interview Given to India Today where IAS Tina Dabi Told

“It feels incredible. I still can’t believe that I have topped the exam. It was my first attempt. I am excited and waiting for a new learning experience,” Dabi, a Political Science graduate said.

“Hard work is the key to success,” the 22-year-old said when asked about her success mantra.

Tina Dabi IAS UPSC Topper 2015-2016 Rank 1 Interview



Tina dabi2

UPSC Topper Tina Dabi To Marry 2nd Rank Holder Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan

When 22-year-old Tina Dabi topped the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Exam in May this year, the Delhi girl’s open and easy demeanor won many hearts.

Dabi’s storybook personal journey continues, and in a move that is sure to delight all Sarkari hearts, she is set to marry the Civil Services Exam second rank holder, Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan, according to a report in The Times of India.

Uske liye pehli nazar mein pyaar ho gaya (For him, it was love at first sight),” says 2015 UPSC topper Tina Dabi. They met in the morning at a felicitation ceremony in North Block’s DoPT office and, by evening, he was knocking at her door. Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan, who ranked second in UPSC, floored Dabi with his wit and charm. “I thank Aamir every day for his perseverance. He is a wonderful person,” Dabi tells TOI.

Reacting to the negative comments, Dabi told TOI:

“As any freethinking independent woman I am entitled to certain choices. I am very happy with my choice and so is Aamir. Our parents are happy too. But there will always be those elements, that small minority who will always pass negative comments about dating someone from another religion or caste.”

Dabi and Khan, who have not set up a date for their wedding yet, are currently planning an engagement party.

The pictures, which Dabi made public on Facebook, have invited criticism from certain quarters with most questioning her choice of partner. “We are in love and very happy. But I must admit that I get very disturbed when I read stuff about us. We have stopped googling our names and reading news about ourselves. I think it is a small price to pay for being in the public eye,” she says.

Dabi says their parents have accepted their relationship and were happy about her choice. “As any freethinking independent woman, I am entitled to certain choices. I am very happy with my choice and so is Aamir. Our parents are happy too. But there will always be those elements, that small minority who will always pass negative comments about dating someone from another religion. It is just that 5%. The majority are very happy. You would have seen in my Facebook timeline that most of the comments are encouraging. In fact, I am overwhelmed by the support and congratulatory messages. I thought ‘yeh to achcha hai” (this is good.),’” Dabi says.
When asked how she felt when many in the Dalit community saw her as an icon, Dabi said, “I don’t think I can be an icon yet because I am yet to do something concrete. By hard work, God’s grace and some luck, I managed to top an exam. But at the end of the day it is just an exam and I still have a long way to go. I still have to go on the field and do something. I still have to prove myself. I know that there is so much social stigma attached to being a Dalit that it is unthinkable for many Dalit students that they can ever top the exam. So if I can encourage any student to do better, I think it is wonderful,” she said.

A very Hearty Congratulation from IAS Paper Team to all the Candidates who passed the UPSC Exam.

After completing her schooling, she took admission in the Lady Sriram College of Commerce in 2011. She didn’t go for B.Com from here, rather she took admission in B. A. Political Science. You will be surprised to know that from this very year she had started to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Examination. She had in fact taken admission in Rau’s IAS Academy in 2011 when she was only 18 year old. Here are two images of Rau’s IAS Enrollment Form.



Success Tips and Quotes By Tina Dabi

  • “It is indeed a proud moment for me”.
  • “I am surprised but at the same time happy and very ecstatic. I did believe that I would make it to the list but being number one is something of my dreams. The secret formula to my success is a lot of hard work, lots of patience and being blessed with a very hardworking mother.”
  • “I love studying. I used to study 10, 12 and 14 hours a day. And I guessed that it worked in my favor that I never lost patience and always used to believe in my abilities. I never thought that Civil Service Examinations is a very tough exam, is very time-consuming. Patience, focus, discipline and family support, I suppose worked in my favor.”
  • “My mother is my role model. She wanted me to study political science. I chose it and got through in the examination. It was one of my main subjects,”
  • “I opted for Haryana because it presents such an interesting example, where you have a lot of economic progress but when it comes to social indicators you are lagging behind, and that is a very big paradox.”
  • “I always wanted to work in a challenging state. That is why I chose Haryana. We all know the sex ratio of girl and boy child is quiet less and that is why I would like to contribute my efforts for the empowerment of women there.”
  • “Study all the time is quite a boring thing. I read novels a lot, especially of Jane Austen. Always keep yourself updated with issues happening around you. I am a news maniac ..won’t ask you to become one but start loving and the following news..I am sure you will start enjoying it as well.”

There are 172 candidates on the waiting list.

“The marks reflect the strict pattern maintained by UPSC while selecting country’s top bureaucrat,” said a senior official in the Department of Personnel and Training, which acts as nodal authority for the UPSC.

Tina Dabi on Reservation 

As mentioned above, Tina had never used reservation in her entire career. A Fake Facebook profile of her uses this fact and showed that Tina Dabi has some ‘reservation about reservation’. There are lots of fake Facebook profiles of Tina Dabi, which were created after the UPSC results. It is quite clear from this viral Facebook post that the writer is not Tina. In the first paragraph itself, she seems to be taking the name of Narendra Modi as the person who had inspired her. She is a smart and well-educated girl and understands the importance of neutrality and anonymity in the Weberian bureaucracy which is prevalent in India. She will never make a statement that can be construed as a political one, or which can be used to propagate the agenda of a party. The person who had written this post using Tina Dabi’s name seems to be a supporter of Narendra Modi. He/she should know that by doing this type of outrageous stuff, he/she is only creating problems for his leader. Obviously, one can’t blame Narendra Modi for this.

Brief Biography, Wiki, Interview , Book Suggestion of UPSC Topper 2016 Tina Dabi

Since every success story is backed by some strategies and plannings to win, so is of Tina Dabi. M sure everyone among us who is willing to appear for UPSC examination at any given point of life . will always need some expert tips . Tina Dabi cleared the UPSC examination in her first attempt and she did not only just clear the exam but also stood first all over India securing 52% in her exams. Isn’t it marked? First attempt and first rank? Well, indeed it is markable. For all of us to know Tina Dabi was a constant ranked through out school and college this shows her dedication and liking towards the studies. Her parents had complete faith in her for passing this examination too as she was highly dedicated, she always believed that  she could and this was one of the reasons she did it. Being positive is the first step towards achieving your goal and Tina has indeed proved this too us. It is a lesson for us to remember .

Positivity enables us to achieve our set goals.

Now moving forward let us know what was her study plan? Some unique strategies to study for this toughest examination? What were those things that made her secure the first rank in her very first attempt ? I am sure you all must be excited to know much more about this scholar who cracked the examination with flying colors in her first attempt.

But before knowing about how she studied let’s know something more about her background.

Tina Dabi born in Bhopal but brought  up in Delhi a 22years old girl. Tina was shifted to Delhi when she was in the standard 7th and there she joined the school of “ convent Jesus and Mary”

Tina’s parents have been quite supporting for her and inspiring as well as Tina’s mother Mrs Himani Dabi was an engineer and Tina’s father  was working the department of telecom. And both of them have cracked the examination of union public service of engineering as the matter of fact that Tina’s mother Mrs Himani Dabi had completed her engineering from NIT Bhopal.  Many of us are not aware of the fact that Tina has a younger sister too  and her name is Riya Dabi. After completing her school from the convent of Jesus and Mary . now Tina had moved to Lady Shri ram college of Delhi and instead of studying Bcom she opted for Bachelors in political science and this was the very age or the time that Tina had started studying for her UPSC examinations. Her level of determination and dedication was quite high for the Union public service examination.  Many of us would want to know if Tina had opted for self-study or she had gone for some classes in the state and Delhi itself is a hub for IAS academies .

Well, you would not be shocked seeing the level of determination she had towards UPSC , Tina had joined the IAS rau’s academy in the year 2011 when at just the age of 18 years. Tina had taken a big step to study simultaneously for both the fields she had opted for. Tina Dabi had the great interest in the constitution of India and Indian polity ever since her school days and was a topper in the very first year of her political science among the whole of Delhi university . Tina Dabi was also interested in Debate competition her oratory skills were markable! And she was also a vice speaker of the “ youth parliament” where her performance was been appraised by everyone .   tina’s father says that she had the struggling blood as it came from her grandfather who struggled his life to give education and the position that her dad was holding today , her never let them down and this was very inspiring for her as well. Being an inspiration to all the UPSC aspirants she has now been a special inspiration to all the women around the globe. It’s all about determination and dedication a person has and no goal is tough as it seems or been heard about. One can achieve even the unachievable with smart study and hard work so did she! Now moving towards what were her plans and strategies to clear the examination .

So following are the strategies ( method of studying) by the  Union public service commission . examination

  • Tina Dabi believed that an aspirant should at least study for 8hours in a day In which subjects should be given time according to their difficulty and that will be differing from person to person  , one should feel saturated or over do any study  cause it may lead to boredom and eventually hatred and this will be bad for your results .
  • Small interval breaks from a must part of one study , as refreshment will studying is also a key to remember better. She did the same with her studying.
  • According to her one aspirant should study at least 10 hours before the ay of examination and focus on each and every subject for the exam according to their personal preference.
  • Tina Dabi feels that anyone who has complete focus and wants to make this as her / his absolute priority will crack the examinations clearly this was one of the reasons that she did.
  • REVISION is the key to all your queries , she feels one should focus on revision the most cause remembering things is a tough task and only revising the learned is the solution.
  • Hard work is undoubtedly important and so is smart study one should not waste time in exploring any topic in-depth as it will lead a person nowhere and on the top of it will be a confusion and become a mess for an aspirant to remember Numerous things which he went through.
  • She herself joined classes for the UPSC examination’s as told already but it is not really important for one to join these classes as will power and studying accurately is a must.
  • Tina Dabi was provided with all the facilities she wanted and this one of the reasons that she joined classes to get the hand over the subjects.
  • Tina Dabi had a genuine interest which was not under pressure which helped her to develop the desire of studying always.
  • To get your preferred Cadre your rank in the union public service commission plays a significant role and one should constantly focus on it so as to achieve it.
  • Tina had chosen Humanities over political science in her college days as she already knew where she had to reach and that helped her in the examinations.
  • To avoid getting bored of the study Tina Dabi developed her habit of reading throughout her free time or break time which she was taking in the middle of the studying and she started reading Jane Austen novels and some other books in order to divert her mind. As learning would take her to an imaginative word which gave her a pleasant and refreshing feeling.
  • An aspirant should focus on his or her liking first instead of making a timetabled plan, Tina never had a strategic plan and timetable for the Prelims or her Mains examination as such. But she always focused more on CSAT material more as she was coming from a background of Humanities which helped her to score more in the Examination.
  • Tina chooses her optional subject as Political science and she says that one should be very conscious while choosing her / his optional subject as a subject out of a person league may lead to extra study and time wastage.
  • As Tina Dabi had opted for Political science she had focused more on the basic study and concepts of the subject of Political science  so that she can understand the depth of the topic in any then understand the topic as the whole.
  • One should not study only one subject in a day this might become boring for the aspirant’s interval switching of subjects is important according to Tina Dabi.
  • Tina also started reading a lot of her old textbooks in order to have an edge control of it.
  • Tina Dabi had joined not only coaching classes for a year but also for the Mock test series as well .
  • Difficulties are going to be a part of your journey always, one should avoid all the stepping stones and keep going and run for its goal.
  • Taking away all the negativity is one of the keys which Tina Dabi had accepted which let her keep going .
  • Tina Dabi says to clear IAS one should not compulsorily possess any special talent being ordinary is no harm . this exam is for hard workers and not for the special talented student that is just a cherry on the cake.
  • Regularity is a mustine should spend some hours of the day for studying if there is no continuity then it may not be easy for the aspirant to pass.
  • Tina says that in case a student can not pay for the coaching and is deprived of it . it is either ways not necessary for a person to go for coaching as it plays a minor role but reading NEWSPAPERS in a must and one should not avoid it come what may!
  • Saturation is a phase which is a part of all the IAS aspirants and Tina had also come across it , that she would feel to give up the studies every 3rd day but a constant motivation she received from her beloved ones was the only strength that kept her to move on and study hard.

Why tina Dabi only wanted to be an IAS?

Tina says that since her childhood she was keen on social service and she had also participated in a lot of activities in her college as well school time in such social service activities. She used to even help her friends in her college who were not from the English school background and had studied in some vernacular medium and she feels that helping people is the best thing one could ever do and the civil services portal is the only portal which provides opportunity and authority to the IAS officer to help the people to grow overall and also the civil services provide a man with decent earnings and a prestigious job which makes it the suitable job an ordinary individual would like to go for.

Tina Dabi had not received any bonus marks or extra marks for being a Dalit by caste. It is the first-ever time in India that a Dalit girl had secured the first position in the Union public service commission examination and to this, a Lok Sabha MP and an X civil servant Udit Raj  tweeted that “ this would not be possible 40-50  years ago”

Although she used the reservation to choose IAS and this is absolutely fine and should not be criticized for anything that she has a right on

Tina feels that Gender becomes a controversial topic around the globe and she was completely against this and so before anything, she decided that she would work for the state of Haryana and her most preferred cadre was Haryana while she was giving the examination. Coming from a background of Engineering where both her parents were successful engineers she never had pressure from her family to go for the same field as her parents did. She not only had the facilities of her choice but also the freedom to choose the career of her choice and that her mother herself felt that she good do great if she chooses humanities as her subject. As she had noticed a pattern of the civil service examination in the 11th standard and she drew a conclusion that 80% of the exam’s question of the UPSC comes from the background of the ARTS and this is a reason she opted for this as she wanted to achieve this goal of hers.

Though her result and achievement was markable many of them were happy cause being a Dalit she had done this completely on the basis of her merit and not her quota and tweeting about this an ex-IAS officer and also an activist on issues of discrimination  Mr. “ P.S. Krishnan” said that she is shining on pure “ MERIT” and not on “ QUOTA”. Tina Dabi herself is a big follower of the DR Babasaheb Ambedkar. She follows his principles and she is a fan of his dealings and the sacrifices and the work that he has done for his caste she being a Dalit never felt demotivated as Ambedkar sahib’s personality was a constant motivation to her. She feels ranking 1st in the union public service examination is a shocking dream come true not only for her and for her family but she has made the caste from which belongs too proud and joyful. She says her hard work and dedication had finally paid off to the whole of the Dalit samaj

Tina Dabi feels family and support from the beloved ones is also inspiring as a person has to deal with rough times while studying and the pressure during the exams, a 10-hour study the fear and the anxiety and the stress all gets a hold if he or she has family support. Tina Dabi gives her success credits to her family  especially her mother and her some beloved ones who stay in the BSNL colony of central Delhi.

Tina feels incredible and she says that she has set example for herself and proved herself that nothing is impossible if a person is disciplined  , dedicated and persistent with his studies than nothing can go wrong and since she was mentally prepared that this would be her career she always focused on the subjects more in her college days which would help her to crack the examination of the Union public service commission. She says that she choose Haryana cause she wanted to try a new state as she ha spent her 10 years of life in Madhya Pradesh and the other 10 in Delhi and it was her time to try a new state. And not the only cause of the trail but also she thinks the state is quite challenging and will provide her with numerous opportunities.

She is looking towards her job and can’t wait to contribute her best to the state with the best possible means that come under her authority and responsibility. Tina plans to work for gender equality in the state and hopes that she accomplishes her aims and goals. Tina says that one should  aim to set an example for the other officers of the same field so that they would also work with the same dedication and  honesty for the people and she would try the same

When asked her in the interview that Haryana would be just another tough phase and very challenging for her as she had just come out of the study tough break and she could have chosen something simpler instead she says that she is young and vulnerable and quite strong enough to take the challenge being the youth of India she should be dynamic in her nature and accept all the problems in her way and try to resolve them rather than running! Such is her dedication towards her country and towards the development and the change she wanted to see in her country ever since. Hats off to the thinking of this young Diva she is the real inspiration and a role model for not only the youth but mostly to the girls out there as she is quite excited to accept the challenge which many wouldn’t and have not yet accepted. tina not only wants to work for gender equality but also for the religion and caste discrimination which she feels in some parts of the country it is missing.  Tina also wants to provide opportunities to all the girl child who is deprived of this opportunity as she feels education is the key to the development of an individual but also for the country and she will put all strength and efforts to provide education to all the children of her district and as much as she can for others too!

Her helping and such humble nature are highly inspiring to the youth, her inner drive to work for the country is remarkable and she is outstanding with her thoughts at just the age of 22years. And she and much more will be working like her soon.

Tina feels that getting trough this exam is a mixture of everything luck, hard work support from the family  and also the smart study as well as the personality of the aspirant that becomes influential in the interview. Confidence is the key in an interview exam of the civil services and one should always say the truth and in case he does not know any answer he should be direct of not knowing it instead of faking it.

The interview session panel is quite humble and it is not necessary for one to know every answer being calm and confident is the key to clear interview examination and tina had  done the same .

Tina is also inspired by the world-renowned scientist and economist Amitya sen and she says that she highly inspired by his theories and writings.

Her helping and such humble nature are highly inspiring to the youth, her inner drive to work for the country is remarkable and she is outstanding with her thoughts at just the age of 22 years. And she and much more will be working like her soon congratulation on our behalf. Keep going with the same spirit. Report Published in Hindustan Times How Tina Dabi Prepared Herself for CSAT Aptitude Test

Preparing for CSAT

CSAT has two papers. Paper one is about general studies and paper two is about logical reasoning and aptitude. The marks of paper one are counted while paper two is qualifying at 33% of the total marks. Preparation for each paper requires a different strategy. While the first requires memorizing content, the second requires practice.

“For paper one, I read all the foundation books three times before the exam and attempted a lot of mock tests to perfect my strategy since there is negative marking in this paper. I also kept myself well updated on current affairs since 50% of the paper is current affairs based. For paper two, I solved one mock paper every third day. Since math was my weakness, I practiced mathematical questions for one hour every day. Reading comprehension questions were my strength, so I practiced a lot to score more in this section,” says Dabi.

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