TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2021 – Predict Your Rank Here

TS EAMCET CounsellingContenders who have taken part in TS EAMCET 2021 entrance exam directed by JNTU could get their probable ranks using the TS EAMCET 2021 rank predictor before real results are acknowledged. Consequently, the TS EAMCET rank predictor allows the entrants to settle on their future course of action without anticipating the outcomes.

For instance, if the TS EAMCET 2021 rank predictor expects a rank for the practical course quite comfortably, the candidate may start preparing for counseling. Alternatively, a low grade will mean the contender needs to have other choices public.

The custom of the rank predictor, the contenders, requires registering with their Google or Facebook account; or else, the tool can also be used by registering first. Between the details, the contender provides a predictor to work contain scores gained in TS EAMCET exam.

Last year, the rank was as follows:

For Engineering:

Rank TS EAMCET Weightage + Intermediate Weightage
1 98.03
100 89.43
1000  78.07
5000 67.08
10000  61.08
50000  47.19
100000  41.75
150000  37.29
200000  31.29
205000  29.43

For Medical & Agricultural

Rank TS EAMCET Weightage + Intermediate Weightage
1 98.03
100 92.12
1000 82.05
2000 77.73
3000 74.65
4000  72.32
5000  70.16
6000  68.38
7000  66.76
8000  65.26
9000 63.84
10000 62.59
11000 61.28
12000 60.10
13000 58.92
14000 57.91
15000 57.91
20000 52.42
25000 48.90
30000 46.08
35000 43.85
40000 42.05
45000 40.48
50000 39.07
55000 37.78
60000 36.51
65000 25.23
70000 33.77
75000 31.65

How to use TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2021

Click on the link given below and Gain access to the tool page through Google or Facebook account. One more way to register is by first creating a log-in account.

After registering, provide the details given:

  • TS EAMCET Registration Number
  • Expected marks
  • The PCM percentage in Class XII
  • Select the difficulty level – severe, moderate or comfortable.
  • Upon entering the details, the TS EAMCET rank predictor will predict a corresponding rank.

TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2021 – Important Pointers

The TS EAMCET 2021 rank predictor is now accessible for use since TS EAMCET 2021 exam is over.

  • The TS EAMCET rank predictor uses an alternative algorithm and significant data to predict results that are close to the actual results.
  • The results specified by the TS EAMCET 2021 rank predictor rely on the data fed to it. Therefore, if the contender keeps on varying the date, the results will also correct consequently.
  • It is suggested that to get the most exceptional outcomes; the entrant must provide precise details.
  • The contender can make use of the TS EAMCET answer key and the OMR Answer Sheet out by the authority to first scrutinize the score, which will be entailed for calculating the rank.
  • Also, when evaluating the expected marks this way, the contender must follow the marking system as quantified in the exam pattern of TS EAMCET 2021.

For any other queries about TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2021, you can leave your queries below in the comment box.

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  1. Pavan says:

    I got 60 marks in ts emcet 2019 my ipe weitage is 23.999 and I was st category what is my rank

  2. SAICHARAN says:

    I got 60 marks how much tank do l get and I got 910 in inter

  3. Lalitha says:

    I belong to general category and I got 45 marks in ts eamcet 2019 and 836 Marks in ipe

  4. Vamshi Krishna says:

    I belong to general category.. And I secured 66 marks in ts eamcet and 578 marks in optional.. Pls predict my rank

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