Meet the Team: A Collective Force of Talent and Innovation

Welcome to the heart of, where a dynamic and talented team collaborates to shape the future of education. Our collective force is driven by passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to empower students and education enthusiasts worldwide.


Sunil Kushwaha

Content Manager

Sunil Kushwaha, a BSc graduate with a focus on Biology, is a valuable asset at iaspaper. Engaged in updating test exam pages, Sunil’s expertise ensures accurate and timely information for users. With a passion for his field, he contributes to the seamless flow of reliable content, enhancing the educational experience for those seeking essential exam details.

Shweta jaiswal

Shweta Jaiswal

Associate Content Editor

Shweta Jaiswal, an MA student, adeptly balances academics and work as an entrance exam updater. Her dynamic approach to studies is reflected in her role, seamlessly merging academic insights with real-world applications. With an innovative mindset and commitment to excellence, It is a valuable asset, ensuring up-to-date information in the competitive exams.


Priyanka Mishra

Content Editor

Priyanka Mishra, an MS degree holder in Arts, is your go-to for cutting-edge education news, specializing in board exams and Nursing entrance exams. Beyond her dedication to keeping you informed, she immerses herself in books and movies, broadening her knowledge. With expertise and commitment, Priyanka ensures you receive the most precise and current education updates.


Kajal Vishwakarma

Content Editor

Kajal Vishwakarma, a Commerce postgraduate, thrives as an attentive Content Editor at Her dedication lies in meticulously sourcing and updating university data. With a passion for learning, she ensures students access to accurate information. Diligent and proactive, Kajal’s commitment to quality content serves educational seekers, making her an invaluable asset in the realm of information curation.


Manisha Das

Content Editor

Currently pursuing a D.Pharm, Manisha Das is fueled by a passion for creativity and continuous learning. Actively involved in updating teaching sections and ITI polytechnic details, she brings vibrancy to her role. Beyond academics, Manisha finds joy in singing, dancing, and exploring diverse interests. Her enthusiasm for creating and learning makes her a valuable contributor to educational updates.


Akansha Yadav

Associate Content Writer

Akansha Yadav, a vibrant commerce student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree, stands out as the writing maestro at Infusing creativity into mundane content, she effortlessly transforms dull topics into engaging narratives. With a passion for exploring the world on her terms, Akansha epitomizes the essence of a cool and creative mind in the realm of academia and beyond.


Harshikesh Maurya


Harshikesh Maurya, a dedicated second-year B.M.S student, showcases a profound commitment to excellence. Contributing fervently to, They leverage their solid Commerce background to elevate educational experiences. Passionate about imparting knowledge and believing in the transformative power of education, Harshikesh Maurya is a valuable asset in driving positive impact.


Samir Khan

Graphic Designer

Samir Khan, a graphic designer in the competitive exam realm, adds a visual edge to information. His skilful designs not only enhance comprehension but also transform complex data into accessible visuals. Samir’s commitment to excellence in graphic design elevates the educational experience, offering candidates a unique and effective way to prepare for the IAS paper.




Introducing Parvez Shaikh, a dynamic 24-year-old graduate with a passion for innovation. Armed with a robust skill set, he thrives as a developer on, where his prowess transforms ideas into digital reality. With a penchant for excellence, Parvez navigates the digital realm with unparalleled creativity and technical finesse, setting new standards in the world of web development.


Vivek Vishwakarma

Graphic Designer

Renowned graphic designer, Vivek Vishwakarma, holds a BA in Mass Media and leverages a wealth of experience at Their dedication to education is evident as they passionately apply Mass Media expertise to enhance learning. With a stellar track record, Vivek Vishwakarma believes in the transformative power of education and is thrilled to contribute to’s mission of making a positive impact through its graphic design prowess.


Ashish Rajbhar

Graphic Designer

Ashish Rajbhar, a BFM graduate, shines in the realm of finance. With a completed degree, his expertise extends to the financial landscape, and his noteworthy achievements include contributions to In the dynamic world of finance, he stands out as a true professional, offering insights and expertise that make a lasting impact.


Ishwar Sirvi

Content Editor

Ishwar Sirvi, a dynamic content moderator, possesses extraordinary prowess in the realm of digital oversight. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and Communication, his capabilities transcend expectations, consistently delivering stellar performance. Ishwar is a virtuoso, transforming challenges into triumphs with an unparalleled zeal that sets him apart in his field, making him a beacon of excellence in content moderation.

1. Leadership:

Sandeep Kumar (Co-Founder):

Sandeep, a visionary leader, laid the foundation of in 2013. His foresight and dedication set the tone for a platform focused on educational excellence.

Sharoz Dawa (Co-Founder):

Sharoz, co-founder until May 2022, played a pivotal role in shaping His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen were instrumental in our early growth.

2. The New Guard:

Our New Leadership Team:

Post-May 2022, a new leadership team has taken the reins, infusing fresh perspectives and driving towards new heights.

3. Content Creators:

Subject Matter Experts:

Our team includes seasoned educators and subject matter experts who curate and create content that forms the backbone of’s educational offerings.

4. Technology and Development:

Tech Innovators:

Behind the scenes, our tech innovators and developers work tirelessly to enhance the platform’s functionality, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

5. Design and User Experience:

Creative Minds:

A team of creative minds is dedicated to crafting an engaging and user-friendly interface, making educational exploration on an enjoyable journey.

6. Editorial Team:


The editorial team ensures the accuracy and relevance of our content. Their commitment to quality makes a trusted source of information.

7. Customer Support:

Your Guides:

Our customer support team is here to assist you, providing timely responses and solutions to make your experience with as smooth as possible.

8. Collaborators and Contributors:

External Experts:

We collaborate with external experts, industry professionals, and educators to bring diverse perspectives and enriched content to our platform.

9. The Family:

Dedicated Contributors:

Our extended family includes contributors, enthusiasts, and educators who share our passion for education, contributing valuable insights to our platform.

At, our team is more than a group of individuals; we are a family united by a common purpose – to empower through education. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to providing a trusted and innovative educational experience for all.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning, exploration, and empowerment. Thank you for being a part of the community.