AIIMS Nursing 2020 Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for AIIMS Nursing

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AIIMS ResultAIIMS Nursing 2020 preparation tips will help students better prepare for entrance exams. The AIIMS Nursing Exam is a national entrance test.

It is organized to offer basic courses in the field of nursing. Applicants must qualify the entrance test to be admitted to various AIIMS institutions. In this article, we have provided all the details regarding AIIMS Nursing 2020 preparation tips.

AIIMS Nursing 2020 Preparation Tips

In order to better prepare the AIIMS Nursing 2020 exams, we have provided below some preparation tips for candidates:

Understanding Concepts: Preparing without understanding concepts is wasting everything. For the candidates, the understanding of the concepts must be the first thing to follow at the beginning of the preparation. Copy the hard-to-understand concepts.
Review the program: Before starting exam preparation, candidates must review all subjects and subjects included in the program. It should be noted that subjects must be prepared according to the program prescribed by the authority.
Understanding the Examination Model: Understanding the exam pattern is also necessary for candidates. Without knowing the model, candidates will not be aware of the scoring model, the number of questions, the duration and other details of the entrance exam.
Make an Effective Routine: Planning a routine to begin preparing for the exam is very important. Applicants must develop an effective plan for preparation and then begin to implement it. Candidates must also follow the routine in a rigorous and disciplined way, without ignoring anything.
Prepare notes: Candidates should clearly write down all important points in a nutshell. Preparing notes for the exam is an important part of the preparation. Candidates will be able to review these notes before taking the exam.
Practice good study material: Candidates should study and practice from good sources of material. They can study from highly recommended books and watch online study tutorials. Candidates can also browse the sample or the question papers from the previous year.
The practice of simulation tests: Students can try different simulation tests online or offline to improve their preparation. Attempting simulation tests will help candidates know how to deal with different types of questions. Candidates also learn how to handle the limited duration of the document resolution.

AIIMS Nursing 2020 Syllabus

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There is not any fixed syllabus for the entrance test of AIIMS Nursing 2020. The questions in the exam will be set from the 10+2 level for B.SC and graduate level for the M.Sc programme. Some of the topics for nursing programmes are provided below:

For B.Sc Nursing (Hons):


Atoms and cores, magnetic effect of current and magnetism, communication systems, optics, electronic devices, alternating current, double nature, electric current, electromagnetic induction, electrostatic, electromagnetic waves, etc.


Classification Binomial and Nominal Nomenclature, Structural Cell Organization, Cell Theory, Classifications of the Five Kingdoms, Role of Plants in Human Well-being, Mendel’s Law of Inheritance, Elements, and Function, Essential Mineral Nutrition, Difference between Prokaryotes & Eukaryota, etc.


Chemistry in everyday life, semiconductors, biomolecules, general principles and process of element isolation, solutions, D & Flocking elements, surface chemistry, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, polymers, P blocking elements, organic compounds containing Nitrogen, Coordination compounds, keystones and carboxylic acids, alcohols, phenol, and Esther, etc.
GK: Questions related to the test of general knowledge in science, geography, history, general policy, and scientific research, culture, news, etc.

For M.Sc Nursing:

Some of the topics for M.Sc Nursing course is given below:

  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy
  • Sociology
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Management of Nursing Services and Education
  • Community and Health Nursing I and II
  • Biochemistry
  • Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
  • Nursing Research and Statics
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing I and II
  • Pathology and Genetics
  • Child Health Nursing

AIIMS Nursing 2020 preparation tips will help candidates prepare in a less stressful and intelligent way. Students must follow the tips to qualify for the entrance test.

If you have any query regarding AIIMS Nursing 2020 Preparation Tips, you can ask your query in the comments section below.


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