Govardhan Pooja 2021 Festival (Annakut) Celebration, Images in Hindi & English


Diwali is a festival of five days. The Govardhan Pooja is held on the 4th day of Diwali. In the month of Kartik, the day is celebrated by Hindus. Another for Govardhan Pooja is Bali Pratipada or Annakut Pooja.

People celebrate Govardhan Pooja by making food of cereals such as wheat, rice, curry of gram flour and leafy vegetables in order to offer to the Hindu Lord Krishna.

Goverdhan Pooja 2021

This year Govardhan Pooja would be celebrated in India on Thursday, 8 November

Why This Festival Is Celebrated

Govardhan Pooja is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna defeated God Indra. Bali pratipada is celebrated in regards to the victory of Lord Vamana (Lord Vishnu) over demon king Bali. It is said that lord Bali was boomed by the lord Vamana to be very powerful.

In some parts of India, this day is celebrated as the new year day by Gujarati in the Shukla Paksha pratipada of the month of Kartik. In Maharashtra, it is celebrated as the Bali pratipada or Bali pada.

How To Celebrate Govardhan Pooja 

In Gokul and Mathura people celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. There is a ritual of parikrama of the Govardhan hill and offer Pooja. Which starts from the bath in the Manasi Ganga and Pooja of Manasi Devi, Harideva and Brahma Kunda. There are eleven Silas on the way of Govardhan parikrama.

People also offer” Annakoot”, at Govardhan Pooja, 56 types of dishes are offered to Lord Krishna. This offering is also known as ‘bug’. The blog is offered in the form of a mountain of special food items, which is a symbol of Govardhan mountain.

People make a form of Govardhan Dhari Ji with the heap of cow dung, the mountain of food and adorn it with the flowers and worship. Idols of Lord Krishna are bathed in milk and clothed with new clothes as well as jewelry. Then the devotee worships the god with traditional prayers, blog, and aarti. It is celebrated by decorating the temples of Lord Krishna and organizing a lot of events. After Pooja people distribute foods among the people. People get blessings of Lord Krishna by having Prasad and touching their heads to the feet of god.

Significance Of Govardhan Pooja

Govardhan PujaPeople Worship of Govardhan Parbat by preparing annakoot (mountain of foods) and sing devotional songs, bhajans, mantras, aartis. The Govardhan Parbat is considered as the real god of them as he provides the way to live life, provides shelter in severe conditions and save their life. There are various customs and traditions to celebrate this day. The day is special to worship Lord Krishna to commemorate the victory of good over the evil power.

In Bhagwat Gita, there is a story of Lord Krishna. In that one story is also there about Govardhan Parbat, one day, Lord Indra got angry with people because they were worshipping Lord Krishna instead of him. So Indra dev gave them punishment, there was heavy rainfall, a lot of wind and people were in trouble. Then Lord Krishna came and he saved all the people by lifting the huge Govardhan Parbat in his little finger. The people were safe and they were happy, from that day this festival began to be celebrated in the worship of Lord Krishna as Govardhan Pooja.

On this day the cow is also worshipped by people. They offer a bath to their cows and bulls in the morning and decorate with garlands and flowers. They make cow dung heap and worship by offering garland, sweets, and 56 types of blog. Govardhan also means the blessings given to a human by the cow because in Hindi culture cow is called “GO”, “VAR” means blessings and “DHAN” means prosperity in life.

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