JET Agriculture 2021 Syllabus, Section & Subject Wise Syllabus (Available)- Check Here

JET AgricultureIt is also known as Rajasthan JET. Admissions will be offered in B.Sc (Hons.) (Agriculture / Horticulture / Forestry) and B.Tech (Milky Technology / Food Technology).

Through the Joint Entrance Test (JET), applicants can obtain admission to various governmental and private agricultural institutions in the state of Rajasthan.

Get all the information about the JET Agriculture 2021 program in this article.

JET Agriculture 2021 Syllabus

The JET agriculture program is included in the curriculum of all courses offered at the university. It contains the syllabus by subject. It is recommended that candidates follow the full official program prescribed by the university.

It covers all subjects of the program. Then, the candidates can consult the program of specific subjects for all the courses.

JET Agriculture Admit Card 2021 will be released in the 3rd week of May 2021. It will be issued by the authority through online mode only. Carry the admit card on the day of the exam in the examination hall.

Agriculture Unit 1:


  • Unit 1: General proficiency and general knowledge in Agriculture
  • Unit – 2: Importance of fruits and vegetable production.
  • Unit – 3: Importance of livestock in agriculture

Biology Section –

  • Botany Section A: Unity of Life, Plant Physiology, Cell division, Plant water relation, Continuity of Life, Mutations
  • Unit – B: Environmental Biology, Environmental factors climatic, Ecosystem concept, Food chain and food web, Environmental Pollution-air, Noise pollution-sources and effects, Causes for the extinction of wildlife.
  • Unit – C: Botany and Human Welfare, Fruits, Cereals, Medicinal plants, Millets, Sugar, Pulses. Oilseeds, fibers, Medicinal plants.

Section – II: Zoology

  • Invertebrates: Description of animals and their economic importance with special reference to Agriculture. Protozoa, Platy helminths, Annelids, Mollusca, Chemical control, Physical and mechanical control.
  • Vertebrates: Nutrition in animals, Respiration in animals, Circulation in animals, Asexual & sexual reproduction in animals, Reproduction & development, Gametogenesis, Reproductive system, Mechanism of fertilization.



Unit – A: Structure of Atom, Periodic Table and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding, and Molecular Structure, Redox reaction, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Ionic Equilibria, Acids and Bases, Energetics.

Unit – B: the Colloidal State of Matter, Crystalloid and colloids, Properties, Metals, ‘s’- Block elements, d-Block elements, Metals, Nature of metallic state, Emulsion, Preparation of colloids, General chemistry of their compounds, Extraction of metals, Different oxidation states, Lyophilic, and lyophobic colloids.

Note: Numerical problems on principles involved in topics included in the syllabus and on the volumetric exercises would be set.

Unit – C:  Valency of carbon and Hybridisation, Structure and Reactivity, Pyrolysis, (Grignard reagents) Oregano Metallic compounds, Unsaturated Hydrocarbons, Organic Chemistry based on functional groups a, Organic Chemistry based on functional groups b, Aliphatic amines, Synthetic and Natural Polymers, Chemistry in Action.


Mathematics: Algebra of complex numbers, Relations, and Functions, Matrices, Co-ordinate geometric-coordinate geometry, Application of definite integrals in finding the area of a region bounded, Definite Integral, Integration of functions, Methods of Integration, Vector.

Methods of Integration, Successive differentiation, Parabola, Application of derivatives, Differentiability, Derivatives, Limit and Continuity, Three Dimensional Geometry, Function,  Probability


Unit A: Dynamics of a particle, Examples of circular motion, Rotational motion, the general motion of a rigid body, nature of rotational motion, the rotational motion of a single particle in a plane torque, Motion of a particle under different types of forces or potentials.

Unit – B: Heat & Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics, Thermal expansion, Heat & Temperature, Calculation of M.I, Radiation, pendulum, or particle swinging in a vertical plane, Diffraction: diffraction phenomena,  Zeroth law of thermodynamics.

Unit – C: Waves, Wave Optics, Wave motion, longitudinal and transverse waves, Electrostatics, Electric field vector, Interference phenomenon, Capacitors, Gauss’s theorem, Capacity, Kirchoff’s Laws, Magnetic effects of current, Electromagnetic Induction, Potentiometer, Fresnel’s Bi-Prism Alternating currents, Electromagnetic waves, Semiconducting Electronic Devices, semi-conductors.

(i) Pure resistance
(ii) resistance and inductance,
(iii) resistance and a capacitor

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