PTU 2022 Syllabus B.Tech (Available) – Check Here All Branches Syllabus

The Punjab Technical University also termed as PTU had first come into prominence under Punjab Technical University Act, 1996 having the main aim to provide good and effective technical education to the students who have to develop a liking for various Diploma and Engineering courses.

The Punjab Technical University along with the association of other 140 colleges are there to opt for the various courses including MCA, MBA, B.Tech, and much more.

Earlier there were 9 institutes for taking admission to the and other related courses.

PTU 2022 Syllabus B.Tech

The students can’t prepare for the B.Tech Exam in the unavailability of the syllabus.

They will not get to know about the exact pattern and topics included in the whole syllabus.

The syllabus is announced by the Punjab Technical University at the official site of PTU.

PTU 2022 B.Tech Syllabus can be known from the list provided below:-

PTU 2022 B.Tech Mechanical Syllabus:

BTME 301 Strength of Materials – I

Unit –I :

Simple, Compound Stresses and Strains: Stress and Strain and their types, Hook’s law, longitudinal and lateral strain, Poisson’s ratio, stress-strain diagram for ductile and brittle materials, an extension of a bar due to without and with self-weight, a bar of uniform strength, stress in a bar, elastic constants and their significance, relation between elastic constants, Young’s modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity and bulk modulus.

Temperature stress and strain calculation due to axial load and variation of temperature in single and compound bars.

Two-dimensional stress system, stress at a point on a plane, principal stresses and principal planes, Mohr’s circle of stress ellipse of stress and their applications. Generalized Hook’s law, principle stresses related to principal strains.

Unit –II :

Bending Moment (B.M) and Shear Force (S.F) Diagrams: S.F and B.M definitions; the relation between load, shear force, and bending moment.

B.M and S.F diagrams for cantilevers simply supported beams with or without overhangs, and calculation of maximum B.M and S.F and the point of contra flexure under the following loads-

a) Concentrated Loads

b) Uniformity distributed loads over the whole span or part of a span

c) Combination of concentrated and uniformly distributed load

d) Uniformly varying loads

e) Application of moments Punjab Technical University B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (ME) Batch 2011 Approved on June 27, 2012

Unit-III :

Bending Stresses In Beams: Assumptions in the simple bending theory; derivation of formula and its application to beams of rectangular, circular and channel, I and T- sections.

Combined direct and bending stresses in afore-mentioned sections, composite/flitched beams.

Unit –IV :

Torsion: Derivation of torsion equation and its assumptions and its application to the hollow and solid circular shafts.

Torsional rigidity, combined torsion, and bending of circular shafts; principal stress and maximum shear stress under combined loading of bending and torsion.

Unit –V :

Columns and struts: Introduction, failure of columns, Euler’s formula, Rankine-Gordon’s formula, Johnson’s empirical formula for axially loaded columns and their applications.

Unit –VI :

Slope and deflection: Relationship between moment, slope, and deflection; method of integration, Macaulay’s method, moment area method, and use of these methods to calculate the slope and deflection for the following:

  1. a) Cantilevers
  2. b) Simply supported beams with or without overhang
  3. c) Under concentrated loads, uniformly distributed loads or a combination of concentrated & uniformly distributed loads.

PTU 2022 Syllabus B.Tech

PTU 2022 Syllabus B Tech 1st Year – 1st semester

BTPH101  Engineering Physics
BTAM101 Engineering Mathematics
BTHU101 Communicative English
BTEE 101 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
HVPE101 Human Values and Professional Ethics
BTPH102 Engineering Physics Laboratory
BTHU102 Communicative English Laboratory
BTEE102 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory
BTMP101 Manufacturing Practice

B.Tech 2nd-Semester Syllabus

BTCH 101 Engineering Chemistry
BTAM102 Engineering Mathematics-II
BTME101 Elements of Mechanical Engineering
BTCS 101 Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT
EVSC 101 Environmental Science
BTCH102 Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
BTME102 Engineering Drawing 1 – 6 40 60 100 4
BTCS 1020 Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT Laboratory
BTME103 Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory

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