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CMC Vellore refers to Christian Medical College, it was introduced in the year 1900., it is a Christian minority.

Which is headed in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, which provides admission to Medical Postgraduate Degree/Diploma /Fellowship Courses.

On the basis of the entrance exam,

Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore is popularly known as CMC Vellore.  It is one of the biggest medical centers in the country.

CMC Vellore has introduced by Ida S. Scudder, is situated in the city of Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. Christian Medical College is owned and managed by the Christian Medical College Vellore. (CMC Vellore) which is associated in Society registered under the Societies Registration Act of India.

Christian Medical College and Hospital have well experienced and dedicated doctors are entered.

List of Doctors at CMC Vellore

Here is a list of doctors who are servicing at CMC Vellore namely

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1.       Dr. S R Nandakumar
2.       General Physician
3.       Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
4.       Dr. S Sivakumar
5.       General Physician
6.       Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632009.
7.       Dr. S Soundarajan
8.       General Physician
9.       Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
10.   Dr. Sabitha Loganathan
11.   General Physician
12.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632009.
13.   Dr. Ramarathinam K
14.   General Physician
15.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632003.
16.   Dr. Sujatha Balachandran
17.   General Physician
18.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632009.
19.   Dr. V Lakshman
20.   General Physician
21.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
22.   Dr. V Neelakanthan
23.   General Physician
24.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632004.
25.   Dr. Ashok Nattanil
26.   Ophthalmologist
27.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
28.   Dr. C Dhaya Shankar
29.   General Physician
30.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632009.
31.   Dr. E Sivakumar
32.   ENT Specialist
33.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
34.   Dr. E Sureshbabu
35.   General Physician
36.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632005.
37.   Dr. Go Bharani
38.   Diabetologist
39.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632009.
40.   Dr. K C Appu
41.   Cardiologist
42.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632009.
43.   Dr. K O Mohamed Ammen
44.   General Physician
45.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632004.
46.   Dr. K Thirumal Babu
47.   Cardiologist
48.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
49.   Dr. N Thyagarajan
50.   Psychiatrist
51.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632004.
52.   Dr. Neelakantan
53.   General Physician
54.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632004.
55.   Dr. T Sadagopan
56.   General Physician
57.   Vellore, Tamilnadu, 632001.
58.   Dr. S. Santhakumari
59.   General Physician
60.   Vellore, Tamilnadu,
61.   Dr. Raja
62.   Cardiologist
63.   Vellore, Tamilnadu,
64.   Dr. Uday V. Doctor (MD)
65.   Anesthesiologist
66.   Houston, Texas, 08901
67.   Dr. Mammen Chandy

CMC Vellore hospital is specialized in Haematology,

Contact Details

For any query candidate can contact the experts, contact details are as under:

Contact Details

Christian Medical College

Thorapadi P.O.

Vellore – 632002

Tamil Nadu

Tel: 0416-2282010, 3072010

Fax: 0416-2232054

E-mail: [email protected]


Hospitals in Vellore

·           ♦ Christian Medical College Hospital,Vellore.

♦ Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Center,Ariyur,Vellore.

♦ Anand Cardiac Center & Multi Speciality Centre, Sathuvachari,Vellore.

♦ Manisundaram Medical Mission, Vallalar,Vellore.

♦ Dhinesh Hospitals,Vellore.

♦ Dhinesh Nursing Home,Bagayam ,Vellore.

♦ Nalam Medical Centre Hospital,Sathuvachari,Vellore.

♦ Sri Saai Ideal Dental Care, Gandhi Nagar Katpadi,Vellore.

♦ Sivakumar Multispeciality Hospital,Sathuvachari, Vellore.

♦ Fathima Dermandent Hospital, Saidapet, Vellore.

♦ Raj Nursing Home, Sainathapuram, Vellore.

♦ Abitha Fertility Clinic, Sathuvachari, Vellore.

♦ Aarogya Clinic, Tolgate,vellore.

♦ Indira Nursing Home,Saidapet, Vellore.

♦ Premji Neuro Hospital,Bagayam Vellore.

♦ Sandhya Hospital, Sathuvachari, Vellore.

List of faculties

list of faculties in CMC Vellore

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Doctor Name Department Designation
Dr. Mary Verghese Anaesthesia Professor
Dr. Baljinder Kaur Anaesthesia  Professor
Dr. Lalita Afzal Anaesthesia Professor
Dr. Valsa Abraham Anaesthesia Professor
Dr. John Abraham Anaesthesia Professor
Dr. Narjeet Kaur Anaesthesia Professor
Dr. Dootika Liddle Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Melchisedec Anaesthesia Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Ashu Mathai Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Sajan George Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Gaurav Bhatia Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Baljinder Singh Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Arti Raj Kumar Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Sangita Samuel Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Gurvinder Kaur Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Anju Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Madhurita Singh Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Anaesthesia Lecturer
Dr. Deepa Theodore Anatomy Professor
Dr. Molly Paul Anatomy Professor
Dr. Neelam Thakur Anatomy Professor
Dr. Madhumita Mukerjee Anatomy Lecturer
Dr. Parminder Kaur Anatomy Lecturer
Dr. Anjali Jain Anatomy Lecturer
Dr. Mukesh Singla Anatomy Lecturer
Dr. Bharti Uppal Biochemistry Professor
Dr. Uma Arora Biochemistry Professor
Dr. Rajinder Chawla Biochemistry Reader (Study Leave)
Dr. Rinchu Loomba Biochemistry Lecturer
Dr. Shalini Gupta Biochemistry Lecturer
Dr. Anita Sada Biochemistry Lecturer
Dr. Maria Thomas Biochemistry Lecturer
Dr. T.M. Jaison Cardiology Professor (Sabatical Leave)
Dr. Rajneesh Calton Cardiology Professor (Study Leave)
Dr. R.K. Agarwal Cardiology Professor
Dr. Ram Gopal Singh Shahi Cardiology  Reader
Dr. Charles T. Itty Cardiology Reader (Study Leave)
Dr. Sandeep Chopra Cardiology Lecturer
Dr. Mohan Verghese Cardiothoracic Surgery Professor
Dr. Allen Joseph Cardiothoracic Surgery  Lecturer
Dr. Krishnanand Choudhary Clinical Psychology Professor
Dr. Emmy Alexander Dermatology Reader
Dr. Anuradha Bhatia Dermatology Lecturer
Dr. Ajit Singh Khurana ENT Professor
Dr. Ashish Verghese ENT Reader
Dr. Navneet Kumar ENT Lecturer
Dr. George Ani Mathew ENT Lecturer
Dr. Jag Jiv Sharma Forensic Medicine Professor
Dr. Anju Gupta Forensic Medicine Reader
Dr. Deepak Walia Forensic Medicine Reader
Dr. Vijay Arora Forensic Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Puneet Khurana Forensic Medicine Lecturer
Dr. S.C. Gupta Health Education Professor
Dr. Jasbir Dhanoa Medicine Professor
Dr. P.K. Dandona Medicine Professor
Dr. Mary John Medicine Professor
Dr. M.M. Singh Medicine Professor
Dr. K.C. Das Medicine Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Navjot Singh Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Gurpreet Singh Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Chanchal Gera Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Amarjit Vig Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Akash Deep Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Thomas Jacob Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Wesley Jose Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Divya Masih Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Jasmine Das Medicine Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Pratish George Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Amit Batra Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Jubin Jacob Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Abhiram Verma Medicine Lecturer
Dr. Gurpreet Singh TB/Chest Lecturer
Dr. Basant Pawar Nephrology Professor
Dr. Gitanjali Pawar Gastroenterology Professor
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Gastroenterology Lecturer
Dr. Aruna Agarwal Microbiology  Professor
Dr. Madan Lal Microbiology Professor & Vice Principal IAHS CMC Ludhiana
Dr. Vandana Verma Microbiology Reader
Dr. Aroma Oberoi Microbiology Reader
Dr. Sherin Rachel Varghese Microbiology Lecturer
Dr. Yashpal Singh Neurology Professor
Dr. Jeyaraj Pandian Neurology Professor
Dr. Yashbir Dewan Neurosurgery Professor
Dr. Sarvpreet Singh Grewal Neurosurgery Professor
Dr. Pradipta Tripati Neurosurgery Reader
Dr. Naveen Chitkara Neurosurgery Reader
Dr. Jacob E Mathew Neurosurgery Lecturer
Dr. H.B. Mishra Neurosurgery Lecturer
Dr. Gulzar Gupta Neurosurgery Lecturer
Dr. Mary Abraham Ob-Gynae Professor
Dr. Kavita Bhatti Ob-Gynae Reader
Dr. Tapasya Masih Ob-Gynae Reader
Dr. Rajni Singh Ob-Gynae Lecturer
Dr. Seema Grover Ob-Gynae Lecturer
Dr. Dilpreet Kaur Ob-Gynae Lecturer
Dr. Shiny Sherin Verghese Ob-Gynae Lecturer
Dr. Aparajita D’Souza Ob-Gynae Lecturer
Dr. Anisha kellogg Ob-Gynae Lecturer
Dr. S.M. Bhatti Ophthalmology Professor
Dr. Sally Jaison Ophthalmology Professor (Sabatical Leave)
Dr. Harpreet Kapoor Ophthalmology Professor
Dr. Nitin Batra Ophthalmology Reader
Dr. Satish Thomas Ophthalmology Reader
Dr. Rupali Chopra Ophthalmology Lecturer
Dr. Sandeep S. Anand Ophthalmology Lecture
Dr. Bobby John Orthopedics Professor
Dr. M.K. Mam Orthopedics Professor
Dr. Rajesh Paul  Orthopedics Professor
Dr. Atul Saran MS Orthopedics  Professor
Dr. Jeewan Prakash Orthopedics Professor
Dr. Amitabh Dwyer Orthopedics Reader (Study Leave)
Dr. Jaideep Rawat Orthopedics Reader
Dr. Shalinder Sadiq Orthopedics Reader
Dr. Shiraj Bhatti  Orthopedics Lecturer
Dr. Anupam Mahajan Orthopedics Lecturer
Dr. Vishal Agarwal Orthopedics Lecturer
Dr. William Bhatti Paediatric Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Dhruv Ghosh Paediatric Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Tejinder Singh Paediatrics Professor
Dr. Jugesh Chhatwal Paediatrics Professor
Dr. P.V. Varughese Paediatrics Professor
Dr. Inderpreet Sohi Paediatrics Professor
Dr. Blessy Cherian Paediatrics Reader
Dr. Monika Sharma Paediatrics Lecturer
Dr. Atul Goyal Paediatrics Lecturer
Dr. Roma Isaac Pathology Professor
Dr. Sheila Das Pathology Professor
Dr. Nalini Calton Pathology Professor
Dr. Kanwal Masih Pathology Professor
Dr. Sunitha Mammen Pathology Professor
Dr. Naveen Kakkar Pathology Reader
Dr. Rupinder Kaur Pathology Lecturer
Dr. Deeba Huti Mahapatra Pathology Lecturer
Dr. Pramita Rawat Pathology Lecturer
Dr. Dinesh Badyal Pharmacology Reader
Dr. Gagandeep kaur Pharmacology Reader
Dr. Ashish Masih Pharmacology Lecturer
Dr. Jasleen Narula Pharmacology Lecturer
Dr. Suman Bala Pharmacology Lecturer
Dr. John Pramod Physiology Professor
Dr. Sheena Singh Physiology Professor
Dr. Joydeep Singh Physiology Reader
Dr. Subhasis Das Physiology Lecturer
Dr. Jaideep Rayapudi Physiology Lecturer
Dr. Neeraj Physiology Lecturer
Dr. Vijay Obed Plastic Surgery Professor
Dr. Deepak Bhatti Plastic Surgery Professor
Dr. Jayanthi Plastic Surgery Lecturer
Dr. R.S. Deswal Psychiatry Professor
Dr. Arun Sood Psychiatry Professor
Dr. Arvind Sharma Psychiatry Lecturer
Dr. J.N. Toppo Radiodiagnosis Professor
Dr. Rajesh Chakravarti Radiodiagnosis Reader
Dr. S.S.Bhakshi Radiodiagnosis Reader
Dr. Gaurav Choudhary Radiodiagnosis  Lecturer
Dr. Uttam George Radiodiagnosis Lecturer
Dr. Nitala Promod Radiodiagnosis Lecturer
Dr. Raja Paramjit Singh Radiodiagnosis Lecturer
Dr. Subhash Chander Singla Radiodiagnosis Lecturer
Dr. M.K. Mahajan Radiotherapy Professor
Dr. Jaineet Sachdeva Radiotherapy Professor
Dr. Pamela Jayaraj Radiotherapy Reader
Dr. A.I. Benjamin SPM Professor
Dr. Shavinder Singh SPM Professor
Dr. Rajesh Isaac SPM Lecturer
Dr. Paramita Sen Gupta SPM Lecturer
Dr. Avneet Singh SPM Lecturer
Dr. Rajeev Kapoor Surgery Professor
Dr. Sunil Singh Surgery Professor
Dr. Miachel Deodhar Surgery Professor
Dr. Robin Thambudorai Surgery Reader
Dr. Ashwani Kumar Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Shekhaar Upadhyay Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Navdeep Saini Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Pankaj Sircar Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Anil Luther Surgery Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Cecil Johny Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Parvez Haque Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Munish Aggarwal Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Vinay Gaikwad Surgery Lecturer
Dr. Francis Sridhar Surgery Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Manish Ahuja Surgery Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Kim Mammen Urology Professor
Dr. Suresh Jariwala Urology Reader

If you any query regarding CMC Vellore Doctor List 2021, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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