Dandi March Day 2022: 12th March, Salt Satyagrah, Indian History

Dandi March Day

Dandi March Day is used to celebrate on the 12th March in India with a great Happiness by the people to make a Salt Satyagraha by the Gandhiji for eliminating the Tax led down by the Britishers on the Salt. It was not a good rule of the Britishers who enforced the norm of Tax on the Salt which should be free of cost for the people in India. Dandi March was started by Gandhiji to provide the people to get relief by eliminating the Tax on the Salt. Gandhiji did act to eradicate the tyrannical rule of the Britishers for implanting Tax on the Salt.

Gandhiji was a great leader, and he used to teach the people to fight against the wrong things in India and provide every people with the rights and opportunities for their better future. Gandhiji gave every people freedom from the Britishers, and He made India a free country from the Britishers. Gandhiji made every Country to cultivate a better future for the welfare of the people. Gandhiji was a Leader who carried on many tasks for the well-being of the Country and to develop the Country in the right way.

There was a time when people were miserable with the nature, behavior, and rules of the Britishers. They made the people of India kneel down to their knees. They made the people of India their Slaves and made them work forcibly for their profit. It was very wrong, and Gandhiji and many of his followers tried to make India from the Britishers. So Gandhiji made the Indian people get Independence from the cruel rule of the Britishers.

People of India become more reluctant at the time when they used to work under the control of Britishers. People were infuriated on the cruel rules of the Britishers. There should be peace and equality to eradicate the wrong people from the Nation and to make the Nation to be developed in a better way. A Nation is used to establish in such a way that it should be allowed to make every task to get the people every Welfare and betterment.

One has to create an idea to cultivate a better work for the well-being of the citizens. Every people in the Country should be able to get courage and confidence within themselves to achieve their goals in a better way. Citizens in India made Salves, and they provided lots of burden from many activities to perform in a particular period. Farmers were provided with lots of Burden to carry out every task in a very little time, and they treated like the Slaves by making them work for more period.

Many National Leaders strive hard for the independence of the Indian Country like Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru and many others who fought for the Indian Country. These Leaders made the people and lots of their Followers to fight with the Britishers to get every right and opportunity for the betterment of the Indian people. Every people were used to develop their skills to focus on the welfare of the Country. So it is important for the people to act accordingly for the well-being of the citizens.

Celebration of the Dandi March Day

Dandi March Day also called Salt March which is used to celebrate for the people who strive hard for making the Salt March achieve their goal of removing the Tax from the Salt. Britishers made every try to keep their conditions on fulfilling their dreams of implementing the Tax on the Salt. It was an act led down by the Britishers to maintain the rule of Taxation on the Salt. So every Indian and the Followers of the National Leaders fought for removing the Tax from the Salt.

Britishers were controlling India, and they keep every track of the Indian people. So it was tough for the National Leaders to keep all the things secret for the welfare of the people and to eradicate the Britishers. National Leaders tried hard to keep every secret talk with them and tried not to tell the Britishers if they try to capture the mysterious things from the National Leaders.

The Britishers also beat many Leaders for not listening to the Britishers. They were used to carry lots of tasks for the people to make the Britishers remove from India. This Courage and confidence of the National Leaders made the people of India get Independence from the Britishers. It is vital for people to get a proper idea and plan to develop the Country in a better way for the better future of the people.

It is easy for the people to stay focused on the target and to get it cleared for success. It is vital to achieving every goal in a better way for the people to get every kind of relief and idea to reach their goal in a better way. Many Leaders strive hard to gather every information for the benefit of the Country and to become a part of the Country to fulfill very tasks in a better way. One has to focus on the tasks to make it better for the future welfare and for the people to get it achieved in a better way. So every people are used to carry every task correctly for maintaining it.

People used to get every possible idea for making every right to be developed for the welfare of the citizens. People in India were treated horribly by the Britishers. They were used to make people focus on the well-being of the citizens. People are more stable to maintain peace and discipline for a better cause. One has to get every idea for fulfilling their dreams and for making the country to be in their control.

Importance of the Dandi March

Dandi March was started by the Mahatma Gandhiji to support the people of India to eradicate the Taxation led down on the Salt for Britishers’ own profit. One has to use all the tactics and strategies to eliminate the ideas and plans of the Britishers. Many people are used to fighting against the Britishers for the proper cause by which people live with happiness and joy. People in India were unhappy for the Britisher’s act by which every people were made miserable by the brutal rule of the Britishers.

Many National Leaders were used to organize many programs for providing the people of India to get every knowledge of their rights and Opportunities they should get for their benefit. Citizens in India were very angry, and they used to start many March like the Dandi March. They used to make people handle every task properly without any problem.

National Leaders have to strive hard for getting every profit for the people to maintain peace and harmony in the Country.

People in Dandi March were made to take fast for many days for forcing the Britishers to remove the Taxation from the Salt. It is important for the Britishers to concentrate on the right side for creating a better country. It started in Gujarat in the Village which is of Coastal area situated in the city of Navsari. It was a movement by the Indian People for 24 days, and they walk for 390 km by preparing the Salt with not paying the Salt Tax to the Britishers. The Mahatma Gandhiji broke salt rules at 6.30 am on 5th April 1930.

Gandhiji with their 78 Satyagrahas with Sarojini Naidu included in it March towards the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat on 12th March 1930. Dandi March First Day ended in the Aslali village with 21 km. When the Dandi March started, many villages got included in the Dandi March, and they fought against the cruel acts of the Britishers. They were singing many songs like the Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram by walking on the roads.

People of India were started to make their Salt to make the Britishers remove the rule of the Salt Act. People used to carry out their tasks properly with lots of activities to be performed for the benefit of the Indian people. Mahatma Gandhiji made many March for the people to get proper Rights for their welfare. Gandhiji told every follower and individual on the seaside to make their Salt and sold the Salt to many people for Rs 1600. It made the Britishers angry, and they arrested many Gandhiji followers and other people who were making and Selling Salt.

Every Year in India, there is a celebration done by the people of India for the Mahatma Gandhiji Foundation which named the “International Justice and Freedom Walk”. Mahatma Gandhiji used to cultivate a better attitude in the people of India to raise their voice against the illegal acts of the Britishers.

It is important for the people to fight for the people who don’t respect and provide them Freedom for their Right activities. So Gandhiji taught the Indian people to make every decision for the individuals who require every basic need to fulfill their life for their livings.

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