International Labour Day 2021: 1st May, Theme, Celebration, Poster, History

International Labour Day | Theme | Celebration | Poster | History | EssayInternational Labour Day is also called the International Day of Workers and also the Day of May. It is used to celebrate to encourage many Labours which are on the National as well as International Level. On the Festival of International Labour Day mainly 80 Nations of the World are given Holiday.

Canada and the United States are used to celebrate on the 1st September and are used to declare a holiday for many types of achievements of the Labours. It is a very Big celebration for the World and is celebrated on the 4th of May 1886. On that big event, many of the Labours were working for nearly 8 hours and many of the police were performing their duty to handle the people. At that time, someone threw a Bomb on the Crowd and then the police started firing on the Crowd and due to this four people were killed.

Police fired on the Crowd and there was a great sound of the Riffles and Pistols which came from the Middle of the Street. There was no report available for the newspaper of firing from the civilians. A Scene of the Telegraph pole where the bullet holes were filled and all bullets were coming from the police standing direction.

International Labour Day or May Day is celebrated to complete the Struggle and to make only 8 working hours of the Labour. It was more than 12 to 16 hours of the Work provided by the people to the Workers in unsafe Situations. Due to the major working Hours to the Workers, many Workers became Injured, ill and had any type of problems with them. So it was necessary for the Government to focus on the Working Hours of the Labours. Labors were tired by working more than 8 hours a day and they were provided with many types of ideas and plans to work quickly in a better way.

International Labour Day is used to celebrate every year by providing every person holiday for the accomplishments of the tasks by the Labour. International Labour Day is used to provide lots of relief to the Labour by which they can be able to live a better life in the World. International Labour Day maintains and cultivates the people to manage their tasks properly to make better improvements in their work. International Labour Day is used to make the Labour provide a lot of Facilities to them to give them relief from the burden and pressure of the Work.

Labour is used to carry out many tasks in a Day and is used to provide a lot of work pressure and tension by their Boss which makes the Labour fall ill to make the companies target fulfill in a better way. Labors are the people who are threatened by their Boss and they are given the timeline for the completion of their target. Every Labours are used to handle different types of Tasks and they are used to provide the tasks as per their mentality and behavior in the work surroundings.

Every Labour should carry out much of the task in order to maintain and focus on the tasks provided by the people. Every Company in today’s World requires lots of tasks to be complete in a Day and they are used to provide many of the tasks to focus on the work given by their Boss. Each and Every Labour are very curious to achieve their target and to make their tasks complete in a better way.

A celebration of the International Labour Day

For the Celebration of International Labours Day, People are used to spreading various messages and news to make the people aware of the Social activities of the Labour. On the International Labour Day, people are used to coloring their Flags and Banners such as the Day of Independence. There are various events launched by the International Labour Day to make the people know about the situations and conditions of the Labour in any Country.

It is quite good to make the people manage their tasks which is possible to perform by them in the working hours by which it provides the workers to manage their things properly without any mental pressure to them. There are lots of activities to be fulfilled by the people to target lots of goals to be achieved in daily life. Labors should get every possible way to handle and focus on things easily with lots of understanding to make the work complete easily and quickly.

There are many people who are used to provide many ideas and plans to create lots of possible ways to fulfill and complete the tasks properly and safely. There are many companies who made Labours to work only for 8 hours to 10 hours and not more than it. They provide fewer hours of work but are used to provide big targets to the Labours to make their work to complete for their own profit and benefit. So to make the Labour work accurately and quickly, there should be no stress given by the Boss of any company to make their target to complete in a better way.

Every Labour is used to provide lots of different tasks and they are used to fulfill in a limited time period to provide lots of benefits to the Boss for their own growth. It is very difficult for Labour to manage lots of tasks in a particular time period given many possible ideas and plans. So it is very tough for the Labour to focus on their goals and to achieve the goals for making their Boss of the Company happy and joy.

Labors are used to concentrate on many of the tasks for it’s the proper way to fulfill all the tasks in the right manner and in the right way. Labors are used to handle and manage every task with possible ideas and plans to get the task done accurately and properly with many difficulties as well as simple situations to handle daily. So Labours are given lots of tasks to be fulfilled and this encourages the Labours to get many different as well as complex tasks experience in order to achieve the target more accurately.

Themes of the International Labour Day

International Labour Day is used to celebrate to provide the Labours with their rights to work for only 8 hours a day. This provides Labour relief from the stress and pressure from lots of activities to be performed in a single day. There are lots of people who are able to create lots of targets in a possible way to fulfill their Boss goals for a better profit to them. There are many Themes provided by the Government to the people to focus on their Rights to be achieved in a better way and they are as follows:

  • International Workers‘ Memorial Day 2020 theme is the coronavirus.
  • The theme of the International Labour Day in the year 2019 is “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement”.
  • The theme of International Labour Day in the year 2016 was the “International Labour Movement Celebration”.
  • The theme for the International Labour Day in the year 2015 was “Build the Future in Solidarity, Peace and Decent work of Cameroon”.
  • The theme for the International Labour Day in the year 2014 was “Providing of the Job with helping of the Capital by giving value the work”.
  • A theme for the International Labours day in the year 2013 was “Employment promotion by helping Entrepreneurs Perspectives”.

There are many schemes made by the Government for the Labours to make them work properly for a limited and better time period of time to them. It is very usual for the Labours to make the tasks complete in a right and accurate way.  Today there are lots of Labours that perform many types of tasks like Repairing, Construct some Buildings, Lift Heavy Items and Goods and many other things to develop countries’ futures.

International Labour Day is celebrated in the World and celebrated by all the Unions of the Labours. There are many Rallies, Speeches of the Public, Parades and also Protests made for the processions which are launched for working with the group people for arranging safety to save from the violence. On the Celebration of the International Labour Day, people do many activities like Anagram Puzzle, Code Cracker, Word Scramble Puzzle, Phrase Matching Puzzle Game, Puzzle of the Crossword, etc and many other Puzzles.

There are lots of people who are used to create their identity for their better work in any company. They create a better Identity and are used to become a great worker in the sight of every people in the Company. Some people work properly in the Company and they are treated better in the Company. Some people don’t work properly in the company and they are not able to get any compliments from the people in the Company.

People should work properly without making any problem to the Company as they are used to get the Salary for their work. So it is important for every Labour to work Hard with dedication and Concentration to achieve their target and to make their Boss happy for their better work. International Labour Day is celebrated to focus on the Rights and Opportunities of every Labour which they should get for their own Welfare and Betterment.

If you any queries regarding International Labour Day 2020, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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