36+ List of NMMS Exam 2019: Registration, Admission, Selection

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Here is List of NMMS Exam in 2019

  1. NMMS Andhra Pradesh
  2. NMMS Arunachal Pradesh
  3. NMMS Assam
  4. NMMS Bihar
  5. NMMS Chhattisgarh
  6. NMMS Goa
  7. NMMS Gujarat
  8. NMMS Haryana
  9. NMMS Himachal Pradesh
  10. NMMS Jammu and Kashmir
  11. NMMS Jharkhand
  12. NMMS Karnataka
  13. NMMS Kerala
  14. NMMS Madhya Pradesh
  15. NMMS Maharashtra
  16. NMMS Manipur
  17. NMMS Meghalaya
  18. NMMS Mizoram
  19. NMMS Nagaland
  20. NMMS Odisha
  21. NMMS Punjab
  22. NMMS Rajasthan
  23. NMMS Sikkim
  24. NMMS Tamil Nadu
  25. NMMS Telangana
  26. NMMS Tripura
  27. NMMS Uttar Pradesh
  28. NMMS Uttarakhand
  29. NMMS West Bengal
  30. NMMS Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  31. NMMS Dadar and Nagar Haveli
  32. NMMS Chandigarh
  33. NMMS Daman and Diu
  34. NMMS Delhi
  35. NMMS Puducherry
  36. NMMS Lakshadweep
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