Speech On Children Day 2021 for Student & Children in Simple Words

Speech on Children's Day

A speech on children’s day is an item of words which is needed by most of the students and children, as it is a topic of full awareness and interest, so here,  is an essay in very simple and applicable language on children’s day, written especially for students and children, this speech contains all the aspect of children’s day.


Good morning to the august gathering, respected principal, teachers and my dear fellow mates( or other respective bodies), today it is a very promising event of children’s day, which is celebrated among all of us.

As we all agree children are the bright sunshine of the society, the seed of a plant that will give us sweet fruits and the future, and they are the reason an organization sees families grow, hold on to each other and stay with the positive, innocent truth of growing with morals.

We can say, children are the glitter of this society, a child is like some good music in life, they keep everyone gross with their innocent questions about life, happy the atmosphere with their cute and adorable activities and without then a very dull and upset life may occur, as there smile and eyes are always with the hope of something good coming in future.

Children’s day is celebrated all over the world to cherish and adore the innocence of a child, to make them feel special for their role in the world and show them the positives of being a child. It is celebrated on various dates all over the world. The date depends on various reasons, like in India it is celebrated on 14th November.

However, the 1st of June is celebrated as the international children’s day whereas the 20th of November as universal children’s day.

14th November is the birth anniversary of great Indian freedom fighters and our first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. His birth anniversary is celebrated as children’s day all over the country because of his immense love and affection for children. He was a change maker, not only in the freedom fight but also in social change.

He was a high concern for the future of the nation. It is said, that he uses to stay a lot with children he uses to play with them, talk to them and use to spend his free time with children.

He was also called Chacha Nehru, as he was very sweet and involved with children and use to make them very comfortable in his company.  It is said that he was very fond of roses and children all his life.

He was a concern for the growth of children as he believed they are the future of the country. He requested all the parents to take proper care of their children, nurture them properly, care and love them.

The out first prime minister was a man of high ideals; he believed that there is no difference between a girl child and a boy child, in the century of so many social evil he was a man who believed in equality of both gender and strived towards making both the gender equally strong.

He found the strength of a country is the children of the country. This great ideology and love for children are a reason that we celebrate children’s day on his birth anniversary, to pay him a tribute.

Children’s day is just not to celebrate the work of our first prime minister, but also to make the little light lamps of the country make special and loved. The aim of commemorating children day each year is to make,  everyone aware of the importance of the young seeds of our culture, it is to acknowledge the role of children and to spread awareness in the adults to take proper care of children.

Proper care just does not mean loving and responsibility but also include keeping them away from the evils of society and feeding them with morals of the humanistic approach.

Children’s day is to ensure that adults must provide a happy and pure childhood to all the children of society.

As we all know today no one is safe enough in this century of rapidly growing crime. Children are the most vulnerable as they can be hindered very easily, social evils like drugs, child abuse, alcohol, child labour, violence, sex, etc. are some blackbirds always flying in the sky above us.

They are miss used by sinful adults for earning a penny amount of money; they are often the orphan children who are pushed into begging business or pity crimes of stealing and looting, these children stay deprived of the childhood they disserve, stay away from love and care.

On the 19th of November, not only a happy day is cherished but a day of child awareness is acclaimed.

Children’s day is celebrated with immense pleasure all over the country, various activities are performed like dancing singing competitions, storytelling, and poetry competition, painting, and essay writing and other cultural activities, along with it many donations are made for children who need resources, the government also put-up camps and program to facilitate growth work for children. Indoor-outdoor games are played with children in school, colleges. A day named to make the change in the life of our future.

I would like to end my speech by adding one quote to it.

“if you seek mango tree for shade and fruit, first plant a seed of mango tree and then water it at the right time, similarly if you want a country that growth in a positive and successful manner then give education and morals to its children who create the nation tomorrow.”

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