UPTET Syllabus 2022, Section & Subject Wise Syllabus – Check Here

UPTETThe Pareeksha Niyamak Pradhikari, Uttar Pradesh has popularly managed the Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test (UPTET) for the recruitment of teachers in Primary and Upper Primary schools all across Uttar Pradesh.

It is a state-level exam in which lakhs of candidates appear. Across the Uttar Pradesh State, there are many of the schools affiliated to provide teacher jobs to the candidates based on their marks scored in the UPTET Examination.

Every year this UPTET Examination is conducted for the aspiring candidates. From this content, applicants will get detailed information on Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test (UPTET) in which includes the UPTET Syllabus.

UPTET 2022 Syllabus

The applicants should have to prefer the prescribed syllabus through authority for the better preparation of the UPTET Examination.

The UPTET syllabus will have all the topics such as Child Development and Pedagogy, Mathematics, Language – 1 & 2, Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies, Science & Mathematics, Social Science.

The candidates must prefer the syllabus to score qualified marks in the UPTET Examination. The syllabus for paper I and paper II has mentioned below.

UPTET Syllabus – Paper 1

Syllabus for Paper 1 for the recruitment of lower primary school teachers is given below:

UPTET Syllabus for Child Development and Pedagogy

Given below are the most important topics in this section:

Family and Friends Relationships Work and Play
Animals Plants Food
Shelter Water Travel
Significance of EVS Concept and scope of EVS Integrated EVS

UPTET Syllabus for English

Passages Synonyms and Antonyms Spelling and Word formation
One word Substitution Part of Speech, Tenses, Determiners Framing Questions
Principles of Teaching Development of Language Skills Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation

UPTET Syllabus for Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit

Units Syllabus Listening role & speaking
 Reading unseen passages Verbal ability Principles of language teaching
Grammar Inference acquisition and learning A critical aspect of grammar

UPTET Syllabus for Mathematics

Geometry Volume Shapes & Spatial Understanding
Solids Numbers Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication Division Measurement
Weight Time Data Handling
Patterns Money (-)

UPTET Syllabus – Paper 2

Syllabus for Paper 2 which recruits upper primary school teachers are:

UPTET Syllabus for Child Development and Pedagogy

Child Development and Pedagogy
Unit1 Child Development (Elementary School Child)
Unit 2 The concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs
Unit 3 Learning and Pedagogy

UPTET Syllabus for Language 1

Language 1
Unit 1 Language Comprehension
Unit 2 Pedagogy of Language Development

UPTET Syllabus for Language 2

Language 2
Unit 1 Comprehension Pedagogy of Language Development

UPTET Syllabus for Mathematics

Unit 1 Pedagogical issues
Unit 2 Number System
Unit 3 Algebra
Unit 4 Geometry
Unit 5 Mensuration
Unit 6 Data Handling

UPTET Syllabus for Science

Unit 1 Micro-Organism Living Being Human Body and Health Animal Reproduction and Adolescence
Unit 2 Force and Motion Heat Light and Sound
Unit 3 Science and Technology Solar System
Unit 4 Structure of Matter Chemical Substance
Unit 5 Nature & Structure of Science Natural Science Understanding the Science Method of Science Teaching
Unit 6 Innovation Text Material/Aids Evaluation Problems Remedial Teaching

UPTET Syllabus for Social Studies/ Social Science

Social Studies/Social Science
Unit 1 History: When, Where & How, The Earliest Societies, The First Farmers & Herders, The First Cities, Early States, New Ideas, The First Empire, Contacts with Distant lands,

Political Developments, Culture and Science, New Kings and Kingdoms, Sultans of Delhi, Architecture, Creation of an Empire,

Social Change, Regional Cultures, The Establishment of Company Power, Rural Life and Society, Colonialism and Tribal Societies,

The Revolt of 1857 – 58, Women and reform, Challenging the Caste System, The Nationalist Movement, India After Independence.

Unit 2 Geography: Geography as a social study & as a science, Planet: Earth in the solar system, Globe,

Environment in its totality: natural & human environment. Air, Water, Human Environment: settlement, transport, and communication,

Resources: Types- Natural and Human, Agriculture.

Unit 3 Social & Political Science: Diversity, Government, Local Government, Making a Living, Democracy, State Government,

Understanding Media, Unpacking Gender, The Constitution, Parliamentary Government, Social Justice & the Marginalized

Unit 4 Pedagogical issues: Concept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies,

Class Room Processes, activities, and discourse,

Developing Critical thinking, Enquiry/Empirical Evidence,

Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies, Sources – Primary & secondary, Projects Work

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