Welcome Speech for Fresher’s Party by Seniors in Simple Words

Welcome Speech for Fresher's Party

Welcome Speech for SeminarHELLO! Very Good morning to our respected chairman, principal, dean, loving teachers, and all the fresh “new faces”,

Yes! New faces, we don’t know you all, but we will surely love to know. So, cheers guys!

I would now like to welcome you all warmly as we now heading further to celebrate and enjoy the party organized specially for all of you which is rightly termed as the fresher’s Party. This is a special party for you, as you guys are starting a journey that we have just completed. It’s the day of happiness, warmth, laughs, and emotions.

Life is a long journey with many ups and downs in it. But I can tell you all that after completing the graduation from this institute you will surely going to remember the value of the institute as a memorable journey of your life. Also, you will miss the time you spent with your friends, faculties and also group assignments, your preparations, your exam time, your bunks, events like today and everything which you all will do in your whole course.

Well…today…it is the day where the excitement has reached its peak, where we all are glad to welcome you and see your excitement too for the same. And not only we, but the teachers are also eager to meet you all, not forgiving lectures but to stand by your side and join you in the celebration.

This day is about celebrations and no lectures. It’s the time to make the networks, interact with each other, making good memories and about being strangers, no more. I am very much glad to see that many of you are able to join us today and I am sure that those who are absent today are truly going to miss this.

Dear juniors, you are nowhere as two years earlier, we were. You have so many seniors for you to guide you about the techniques and skills required to reach your goals along with of course your hard work. Also, there are best faculty of the city here who have expertise in their subjects of not less than 15 years. So, let’s make a promise today that we will maintain a good and harmonious relationship with each other and make the institution proud by being punctual, disciplined coupled with our hard work.

It is a great honor for me to be here and address all of you. So, here I ———-student of the——-department, wholeheartedly welcome all of you today. From now, you all are a part of the——–college family. Also, I would like to thank our dean who has provided us with such an exceptional platform to learn & explore.

So, all you guys out there, the real journey of your future career begins from here. I wish you all the best of luck for your coming life and for the future.

Hope you all enjoy this party.

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