World Forestry Day 2022: 21st March, Theme, Celebration, Save Forest Campaign

World Forestry Day


There are lots of Forests situated in almost many countries, and they are used to provide many types of Goods for the Welfare of the people.

World Forestry Day was celebrated in the year 1971 as it was established at the 23rd Assembly of General for the Confederation European for Agriculture.

World Forestry Day was decided to celebrate the annual event on 21st March by the United Nations for Agriculture and Food Organization. It was observed to make the people aware of the forests Importance.

Forests are used to provide the people of many countries with lots of Goods and Services to them for fulfilling their requirements.

Forests are used to develop the Infrastructure of the People for their Welfare. Forests are used to grow that type of thing which is required by the people for their needs.

Forests make people become better things for them to make every kind of material for them to manage the stuff.


World Forestry Day established by the States Member of Conference of the Agriculture and Food organization with the help of the voting for creating it.

Conservation of Forest and Wild Life | Essay | ResourceThere are many types of Forests that provide many kinds of different goods like Wood, Fruits, Vegetables, Coconut, and many more things for their survival.

It is used to make the people carry out many types of tasks by which they can earn their profit from the Forests.

Today, there are many Forests which are being cut by the people in many countries for their needs. Forests are likely to be created by God to get the people every right they required.

People are usually used to know the variety of products to make their requirements to be fulfilled by lots of goods to be purchased by them.

It is very easy for people to get those things from the environment by which they can be able to consume and live a better life.

Forests are likely to be made to handle and manage the life of the people to provide everything for the welfare of the citizens.

Importance of Afforestation in IndiaPeople nowadays are used to cutting many trees which are used to provide food for the Country and are used to gather many things to develop their activities.

Forests are likely to capture mainly all the things which are very necessary for people to get all the things which they require.

Forests are used to develop an excellent infrastructure for the people by the people to get every kind of activity with possible ideas and plans to carry out many tasks.

Like many Branches of Agriculture, Forest is very necessary and essential for the people who require the attention of many different people as well as the Government.

Every people should understand the value of the Forests in everyone’s life and they should act according to the laws of the Government.

It is used to provide the people with various types of Source of the Raw Materials, Source of the Local Employment with the Source of the National Income.

For Releasing and Gathering the Water of the Earth and maintaining the Fauna and Flora Balance of the Habitat.

It is used to make people know the perfect things in the Country. People are reluctant to capture all the words by which they get every profit from it.

They are a vital part of every country. That is used to provide everything to the people by fulfilling their dreams of providing them Food, Water, Shelter, Shadow, Refreshment including Water and Clean Air.

Due to the growth in the population of the people, there are lots of people who require the Forests to fulfill their dreams by which there is an increasing demand for the Forests. It results in Deforestation and Degradation of the Forest.

Forest is made up of lots of trees which are in a huge quantity and has much of the qualitative trees which enable the people to get every kind of requirements to be fulfilled by them.

Forest is used to making the people get every Shelter for their Living. They are also used to get the Shelter to those animals which require everything to save their life from dangerous animals.

In the Forests, many Livings are being which resides to get them shelter to live without any problem with the wild animals.

There are many types of Bacteria and Fungi available in the Forests which are used to balance the cycle of the Nutrients in the Forests and Soil.

World Forest day is used to celebrate for providing a better opportunity for many people to learn more about the welfare of the citizens.

People are used to sharing their views and ideas and plans to work together to make the change the Climate Strategies. With a proper checking of the Forests, it noted that the people lose about 13 Million Hectares or 32 Million Acres of Forests.

When there is a loss of the Forests, there is much of the failure of the Inhabitants Animal Species in the Forest.

Due to Deforestation, there are imbalances in the balance of the Climate of nature by which it results in Global Warming increasing Carbon Dioxide and also decreasing the percentage of Oxygen all over the World.

There is almost 30 percent of the Total Land of the World which occupied by the Forests which consists of Fuel, Food, Oils, Latex, Gums, Fiber, Medicines, Water, Woods, etc. for providing all these things to the people for their requirements.

There are more than 1.6 Billion needy individuals who are used to get all the goods for their survival.

There are lots of people who require lots of resources for their company or business to grow in a better way.

So it is essential for the people to carry out every task with all the things to be handled with reasonable ideas to develop anything with the proper cultivation of the approaches to building a well-developed infrastructure for the people.

People make many plans to build their needs to fulfilled for the welfare of the citizens. Forests are mostly producing to get the people every type of Fruits, Food, the variety of Species and much more to get their needs to fulfill.

World Forestry Day Thermes

  • The theme for World Forestry Day 2016 was “Forests and water.”
  • The theme for World Forestry Day 2017 is “Forests & Energy.”
  • The theme for World Forestry Day 2018 is “ Forests and Sustainable Cities.”

A Celebration of the World Forestry Day

Slogan on DeforestationForests are used to provide every type of various things like Food, Fruits, Variety of Species of the Birds and Animals.

World Forestry Day is celebrated with lots of people to make the people aware of the Forest activities, and they should get every idea to develop it properly.

Forestry management nowadays has grown worldwide to perform every action to fulfill the people’s requirements and to manage the operations of the forests like survival activities which makes people get their things continuously.

World Forestry Day is used to control every business to get all the things to manage in an accurate way for the people.

Forests are used to make many things to cultivate for the betterment of the citizens. People are reluctant to create that kind of stuff by which everyone should get every kind of basic needs for their survival.

Forests are prepared to provide the necessary requirements for their needs and to get them every kind of benefit to developing the Country in a better way.

International Forest Day first started for the people in 2012 in November and is celebrated on this day. Every Year on 21st March, there is a unit of the two International Commemorations.

Forestry today is a very important topic for the people to remove the problems of the resources and to get every issue to solved in a better way.

One has to develop the art to manage the things in the right way for the people to create a better job. Forest management has to become more stable to protect it from the harmful effects of the individual who wants to cut it for their benefit.

But the people are not aware of the fact that if they cut the trees of the Forests, then it will be very harmful to everyone to get every resource from the Trees.

It is possible for the people to make the right decision for the Forest to grow and maintain it with proper care. The government should provide the people with every knowledge about the forests to protect and support for developing it for the betterment of the citizens.

Nowadays there are many laws made by the Government to handle and tackle every Forest with lots of care and patient.

It is possible to maintain every activity with proper care and idea to provide lots of resources to the people to fulfill their requirements.

There are many rules which the Government used to lead down to the people to make the people know about the possible plans to survive and grow up the Forests system for its development.

Save Forest

Types of Forest EcosystemForests have a great part against global warming and constructing sustainable communities.  Like, the need to defend and cultivate them can certainly not be highlighted an adequate amount.

The forests that lay in Japan make it one remarkable example. In summary, this is the message of the management report concerning forests and woodland which are on the rampage past Tropical rainforests is the crux of the earth, unpredictable natural life-to support the oxygen levels into the atmosphere.

Key Messages:

  • Forests and trees store carbon, which helps mitigate the impacts of climate change in and around urban areas.
  • Trees also improve the local climate, helping to save energy used for heating by 20-50 percent.
  • Strategic placement of trees in urban areas can cool the air by up to 8 degrees Celsius, reducing air conditioning needs by 30 percent.
  • Urban trees are excellent air filters, removing harmful pollutants in the air and fine particulates.
  • Trees reduce noise pollution, as they shield homes from nearby roads and industrial areas.
  • Local populations use the fruits, nuts, leaves, and insects found in urban trees to produce food and medicines for use in the home, or as a source of income.
  • Wood fuel sourced from urban trees and planted forests on the outskirts of cities provides renewable energy for cooking and heating, which reduces pressures on natural forests and our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Forests in and around urban areas help to filter and regulate water, contributing to high-quality freshwater supplies for hundreds of millions of people. Forests also protect watersheds and prevent flooding as they store water in their branches and soil.
  • Well-managed forests and trees in and around cities provide habitats, food, and protection for many plants and animals, helping to maintain and increase biodiversity.
  • Forests in cities and surrounding areas generate tourism, create tens of thousands of jobs and encourage city beautification schemes, building dynamic, energetic and prosperous green economies.
  • Urban green spaces, including forests, encourage active and healthy lifestyles, improve mental health, prevent disease, and provide a place for people to socialize.

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    To say all this, we humble requesting support for Arrangement of International World Forest Day to be had on 21/3/2019 in MOLO to be colorfully than this year before. Please we can see to you our total budget.
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