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AEEEAn important component of the AEEE entrance exam is the FAQs on AEEE 2021 preparation. The intention of the FAQs on AEEE preparation is to answer the queries related to important topics from which the questions will be asked.

When the contenders would start their preparation intended for the AEEE entrance exam.

The other AEEE 2021 preparation FAQS also answers the questions concerning the strategy that needs to be approved while preparing for the AEEE entrance exam in the last few months or together with the JEE Main exam.

AEEE Preparation FAQs 2021

When should I start my AEEE preparation?

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Ans. Starting your preparation early for AEEE 2021 is a sure method of success. So, if you should ideally start your preparation when you start your class 12 sessions.

This way you can ensure that you are well prepared and have ample time for revision as well as practice.

How much of class XI and XII syllabus comes in AEEE? Can you give me important topics from each?

Ans. You can check the AEEE syllabus 2021 to know which topics to study. Match them with your class 11 & 12 syllabi.

You will know the common topics. You can check the sample papers and past year question papers to understand which topics are given more weightage.

Is there a difference between JEE Main & AEEE Preparation?

Ans. There is not much difference in the preparation of JEE Main and AEEE. The focus should be to try to complete the syllabus, have conceptual clarity, and practice as many questions as possible. If you are preparing for JEE Main then it is enough as the syllabus is the same.

I am unable to prepare for AEEE separately? Should I prepare for only JEE Main & Class 12?

Ans.  Your first priority should be class 12 because if you don’t score well there, your admission chances will be affected. However, while preparing for Class 12th, also try and prepare for JEE Main.

Once a topic is done, check the questions and sample papers to practice and move to the next topic. If you are preparing for JEE Main then that should be enough for AEEE 2021 preparation too.

What are the best books to prepare for AEEE?

Ans. There are no prescribed books for AEEE 2021. However, JEE Main preparation books should suffice for the AEEE preparation too. There is no need to pick up separate books since the syllabus is that of 10+2.

How to Prepare for AEEE?

Ans. You can prepare for the AEEE exam along with your class XII board exams.

The AEEE entrance exam paves way for the candidates to take admission in the various undergraduate engineering programs which are offered at the three campuses of AEEE.

Hence it is imperative that the candidates adopt the right strategy as they prepare for the AEEE 2021 entrance exam. Candidates can follow the tips for preparation which are given below.

Be thorough with the syllabus of AEEE- It is important that you go through the syllabus thoroughly. This will help you to know how much time you require while preparing for each topic in each subject.

Draw a Time Table – Once you know how much time you will need for each subject and each topic that is mentioned in the syllabus, then you must draw a realistic timetable focussing on the short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

Your short-term goals should be the topics that you should complete in a day, then weekly targets followed by monthly goals. Ensure that every stage you revise thoroughly.

Prepare Flash Cards – While preparing for AEEE 2021, you must simultaneously prepare flashcards as it will prove very useful during the last stage of the preparation of the AEEE exam.

In the last few days before the exam, it is difficult for the candidates to go through the complete books, it is then that these flash notes prove to be very useful.

Solve past years’ question papers and sample papers – You must solve question papers of the past years as it will give you an idea of which topics carry more weightage.

It will also help you identify your weak and strong areas. You will also learn how to manage your time while answering the questions on the day of the AEEE entrance exam day.

Which are the important topics for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry for AEEE?

Ans. There is no such thing as an important topic. Questions may be asked about any topic from the given syllabus. There it is important not to ignore any topic which is mentioned in the syllabus of AEEE for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Reference to the past years’ question papers will also prove fruitful as you will get some idea about the topics which carry more weightage in each subject.

Can I crack AEEE if I prepare in 3 months?

Ans. The last three months are very crucial for the preparation for any entrance exam. Since the syllabus for class XII boards and AEEE is almost the same, if you have thoroughly prepared for your board exams, then in the last three months, you must revise whatever you have studied during the course of your preparation. Take a mock exam of AEEE.

Are Class 12 books enough for AEEE or should you refer to other books?

Ans. Relying completely on the class XII books for the AEEE entrance exam is not a very great idea. You must also solve questions from other competitive exam books related to JEE which have objective type questions. Solve the questions from all three Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

This will help you hone your time management skills, allow you to be familiar with the exam, and enhance your preparation attempts.

How to prepare for AEEE in the last months?

Ans.  In the last few months before the entrance exam, the focus should be on the revision of whatever you have studied. While you are preparing to make short notes or flashcards for the AEEE entrance exam. Just a few days before the entrance exam, you can refer to these short notes as it will help you save a lot of time. During the last stage of the preparation, it is difficult to study from the books completely.

Is it good to take coaching for AEEE or should I study at home?

Ans. It depends on student to student. If you feel the need for support in addition to your efforts then it is better to go for coaching.

If you feel that you can manage the preparation and come out in shining colors, there is no need to go for any coaching.

What kind of problems will be asked in AEEE? How to practice for them?

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Ans. The problems that may be asked in the AEEE exam will be of the Class 12 level and can be easily worked out during the exam.

Check the sample papers, JEE Main question papers, and practice for the problems from them.

If you any queries regarding AEEE 2021 Preparation FAQs, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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