BITSAT 2022 Preparation – How to Prepare for BITSAT Examination

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BITSATCandidates can consult the BITSAT 2022 preparation tips in this article. Effective preparation tips and exam levels help you get the entrance exam. The entrance test BITS (BITSAT) is organized by the Birla Institute.

It is considered a University, which leads the field of BITSAT entry online. Candidates can also get access to Pilan, Goa, and Hyderabad.

A college entrance exam will be awarded to the first-year program of BITS in Pilan. In this article, applicants will be able to verify the complete preparations for BITSAT 2022.

BITSAT 2022 Preparation Tips

Candidates can get acquainted with this article to get advice and BITSAT 2022 exam preparation strategy to interpret the exam. Applicants must follow these tips to help them get good grades for the BITSAT Exam.

Shorter But Trickier Questions:

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When you prepare for BITSAT 2022, do not waste your time to resolve longer-term questions, but look for questions that are more conceptual.

You must have all the formulas and equations (both algebraic and chemical) with your fingertips. I know that nearly seventy percent of the questionnaire is based on the formulas.

Few scoring questions can be as simple as calculating the electron wavelength jump from the shell n = 2 n = 3 or the air through at the free fall moment.

Plan Your Preparations

Applicants must make an appropriate study plan for their preparation. Applicants must gather the details of the test and its examination pattern.

Get all the information about a formally scheduled curriculum. Decide the areas you need to concentrate more on and which parts can help you get better scores

Robust Time Management

BTS’s most important tricks and advice are the most effective and Time Management is the most effective. Only those who can resolve the questions quickly and accurately are those who take over.

This is not the case with JEE because the questions are less than half of BITSAT’s questions. You have to leave the tax routine to use practical time management and improve accuracy.

In that case, you must first be able to play the trackback content of the songs when you ask the question in an instant. Secondly, submit yourself to the simulated test set in practice.

The more you use, the more you see the growing graph score. Efforts to reduce errors in calculations to avoid the scope of the examination during the exam.

Looking at 150 questions can be a waste of time when it is difficult, and you should, therefore, try to avoid mistakes for the first time to resolve the problem.

Manage your Time

“Time Management is the Key to Performing an Examination Examination” Once you have acquired information about the curriculum and the exam system, manage your time according to the daily routine.

Spend extra time on topics that seem like trouble. Prepare a schedule according to the curriculum. Prepare short courses to prepare for it. There are also short breaks and other time slots for updating the exams.

Exchange time for separate questions:

Experimenting for three hours will take up to half an hour for chemistry the same you can spend more time in other sections. Because mathematics is time-consuming, it can consume up to sixty-eight minutes; the rest is stored for physics, English, and logical reasoning. What you should keep in mind is that, unlike the JEE, all the questions have the same weight.

This will give you a very good advantage when you focus on solving shorter problems in a short time. The problems related to the English language and the logical question do not require calculations, only analysis. For this reason, these together should not be allowed for more than thirty or forty-five minutes.

Exam Simulation:

BITSAT 2022 is an online test, and applicants who are used to pencil paper bonds make a big difference when performing an online test. The inability to refer to any choice makes web testing a particularly challenging one. What I found funny was that the exam offers limited sheets of hard work.

Preparations for such last-minute changes must be made before the hands. Equip your product to the BITSAT simulated test series online to understand the difference between a written exam.

Good Study material

Applicants must read good books in preparing for their exams. Test preparation books are available on the market and students can prepare.

Candidates can also be prepared for online learning materials. Some drafting books can be so confusing and written in difficult languages, so try to choose student-friendly language books.

Negative Marking

The BITSAT test gives a negative score of 1/3 for each incorrect answer. Compared to the total negative sign of JEE’s false answers, this may seem small, but because there are a lot of questions, it can not be ignored. So do not react without confidence.

Good English

With 15 questions English has to be well controlled considering the throat competition BITSAT exam. You should be in touch with some light grammar rules already before the exam, preferably with the preparation. For verbal/logical parts try to train and prepare for books like Arihant / MTG.

See the Arihant package

If BITSAT has a complete collection, it is determined by Arihant. The book has questions that are exactly the same as the exam level. The book is well checked and contains most of the questions that are repeatedly asked for in the exam.

Simulated Test and Question Items from the Previous year

Candidates can practice simulated tests available on the Internet for best practices. Try to solve the simulated test within the set time. You can also use a simulated test to analyze your performance.

Survey surveys in the previous year are also good exam preparation. Candidates can solve the questionnaires of the previous year to help them get to know the exam set.

Stay healthy

Never ignore your health during the exam preparation. Too much physical or mental stress affects your studies. Sleep well at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Take a healthy and nutritious diet. Meditation or yoga can help you focus on your studies.

BITSAT 2022 Past Paper Analysis

Marks distribution for BITSAT According to last year’s paper analysis:

Subjects Difficult Moderate Easy
Physics 45 48 27
Chemistry 27 54 39
Mathematics 30 63 42
Total 102 165 108

Topic Wise Marks Allocation of Physics

Topic No of Question Total mark %weightage
Electricity and Magnetism 15 45 37.5%
Heat and Thermodynamics 4 12 10%
Mechanics 11 30 22.5%
Modern Physics  4 12 10%
Optics  4 12 10%
SHM & WAVES  4 12 10%
 Total 40 120 100%

Topic Wise Marks Allocation of Chemistry

Section No of question Max. marks % Weightage
Inorganic chem-1 2 6 5%
Inorganic chem-2 6 18 15%
Organic Chem-1 5 15 12.5%
Organic Chem-2 9 27 22.5%
Physical chem-1 10 30 25%
Physical chem-2 8 24 20%
Total 40 120 100%

Topic Wise Marks Allocation of English Proficiency

Topic No. of questions Marks Weightage
Synonyms & Antonyms 2 6 20%
Comprehension 4 12 40%
Collective Nouns 2 6 20%
Grammar 2 6 20%
Total 10 30 100%

Topic Wise Marks Allocation of Mathematics

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Topic No. of questions Marks %Weightage
Circles 4 12 9%
Straight Lines & Pair of Straight lines 2 6 4%
Continuity & Differentiability 2 6 4%
Theory of Equation 2 6 4%
Binomial Theorem 2 6 4%
Sets, Relations & Functions 2 6 4%
Properties of Triangles 1 3 2%
Trigonometric Ratios & Identities 2 6 4%
Trigonometric Equations 2 6 4%
Probability 2 6 4%
Matrices Determinants 3 9  7%
Application of Derivatives 7 21 16%
Permutations & Combinations 3 9 7%
Parabola 2 6 4%
Sequence & Series 4 12 13%
Inverse Trigonometry 1 3 2%
Limits & Differential Coefficient 2 6 4%
Statistics 1 3 2%
Complex Numbers 1 3 2%
Grand Total 45 135

If you have more questions about BITSAT 2022 Preparation, you can write your queries in the comments box below.

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