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CEED 2024 Cut Off (Out) – Check Category Wise Cut-off Mark Here

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CEED 2024 Cut Off has been released on 8th February 2024 by IIT Bombay through online mode. CEED is a Common Entrance Design Test in which admissions will be offered to candidates with passing grades. These scores are presented in terms of mean and standard deviations. The mean and standard deviation for Part A in CEED 2024 is 41.90 and 16.72, respectively. For the previous year’s edition (CEED 2023), the mean and standard deviation were 22.59 and 11.82. The Part A cut-off denotes the minimum score required to qualify for further evaluation. It’s important to note that only candidates who meet this cut-off will have their Part B answer sheets assessed.

M. Des’s entry in IIT, IISC, Bangalore, and many other design institutions will be offered by the CEED cutting marks. In this article, candidates can obtain the details of CEED Cut Off 2024 with the cut marks of the previous year. The CEED 2024 Result will be declared on 11th March 2024. The result can be checked through online mode.

It’s essential to clarify that the Part A cut-off is distinct from the admission cut-off for CEED 2024. The Part A cut-off represents the minimum score required to proceed to the evaluation of Part B and does not guarantee admission. The admission cut-off for CEED 2024 will be established by individual participating institutes. This cut-off typically signifies the minimum mark or rank needed for admission into their M.Des programs. The results of CEED 2024 are scheduled to be announced on March 6, 2024.

CEED 2024 Cut-Off

The CEED 2024 Cut-Off was officially released on February 8, 2024, through online channels. The announcement was made by IIT Bombay via their official website. CEED, which stands for Common Entrance Test for Design, serves as a gateway for candidates seeking admission to various design institutions. Admission to the M.Des course at prestigious institutions such as IITs, IISC Bangalore, and other renowned design schools is determined by the CEED cut-off marks. This article aims to provide candidates with comprehensive details regarding the CEED cut-off for the year 2024, including comparisons with the previous year’s cut-off marks.

CEED 2024 Previous Year Examination Cut-off

CategoryQualifying Marks in Part AQualifying CEED score

CEED 2024 Cut-off – Admission Cut-off Vs Part A Cut-off

For CEED 2024, there will be two distinct cut-offs:

  • Part A cut-off: This represents the minimum score required in Part A to qualify for further evaluation. It’s important to note that the Part B answer booklet will only be assessed if the candidate meets this Part A cut-off. The Part A cut-off will be made available on February 8, 2024.
  • Admission cut-off: Participating institutes will determine this cut-off based on various factors such as the number of applications received, merit ranks of applicants, available seat intake, and the candidate’s category. The admission cut-off will be disclosed during the seat allotment process.

Furthermore, the merit rank utilized for admission purposes will be calculated by assigning 25% weightage to Part A and 75% weightage to Part B. This weighted calculation aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s performance in both parts of the CEED examination.

CEED 2024 Part A Cut-off Marks

IIT Bombay is scheduled to unveil the cut-off marks for Part A of CEED 2024 on February 8, 2024. These cut-offs will be provided for all categories of candidates and will be presented in terms of mean and standard deviations.

It’s important to note that only the Part B answer booklets of candidates who meet the Part A cut-off criteria will be evaluated.

For reference, here are the cut-off marks for Part A in the previous edition of the CEED exam:

Type of DeviationDeviation Value
Mean Deviation22.59
Standard Deviation11.82

CEED 2022 – Category-wise Part A Cut-off Marks

CategoryPart A Cut-off Marks

CEED 2024 Shortlisting Criteria

Based on the provided formula for determining the CEED shortlisting criteria, where µ represents the average marks and σ represents the standard deviation of the distribution of marks obtained by all candidates in Part-A of CEED 2024, the shortlisting criteria can be calculated as follows:

To calculate the relaxed cut-off marks for each category based on the given formula, we’ll use the values provided:

  • For OBC-NCL and EWS categories: Relaxation factor = 0.9
  • For SC/ST and PwD categories: Relaxation factor = 0.5

Let’s denote the original cut-off calculated using the formula (µ + σ^2) as δ_orig. Then, the relaxed cut-off for each category (δ_relaxed) can be calculated as follows:

  1. For OBC-NCL and EWS categories: δ_relaxed = δ_orig + (Relaxation factor * σ)
  2. For SC/ST and PwD categories: δ_relaxed = δ_orig + (Relaxation factor * σ)

Using the given relaxation factors and considering the values of µ and σ, we can calculate the relaxed cut-off marks for each category. If you provide the specific values of µ and σ, I can perform the calculations for you.

Factors affecting the Cut Off:

  • Cut-off trends of past years’ papers: Previous years’ cut-off marks provide insights into the typical performance levels required for admission. Admissions committees may consider these trends when setting the current year’s cutoff.
  • Difficulty level of the CEED question paper: The complexity and difficulty of the CEED question paper play a significant role in determining the cut-off. If the exam is particularly challenging, the cut-off might be adjusted accordingly.
  • Candidate’s performance in the exam: The performance of candidates in the CEED exam directly impacts the cut-off. Higher scores achieved by candidates may lead to a higher cut-off, while lower scores may result in a lower cut-off.
  • Total number of aspirants who take the CEED exam: The number of candidates appearing for the CEED exam can influence the competition level. A larger pool of candidates may result in a higher cut-off due to increased competition.
  • Total number of seats sanctioned for each course: The availability of seats in M.Des programs offered through CEED also affects the cut-off. If there are a limited number of seats available, the cut-off may be higher to select the most qualified candidates.

How to Calculate CEED Cutoff 2024?

To calculate the CEED cutoff for 2024, different formulas are applied based on the candidate’s category. Below is the formula for each category:

CategoryFormula for CEED Cutoff Calculation
OpenCEED Cutoff = µ + (σ/2) = δ
OBC-NCLCEED Cutoff = 0.9 * δ
SC/ST/PwDCEED Cutoff = 0.5 * δ


  • δ represents the cutoff marks for shortlisted candidates in the General Category.
  • µ is the average mark rounded off to the nearest integer.
  • σ is the standard deviation rounded off to the nearest integer.

How to Calculate CEED 2024 Final Score?

Understood. To calculate the final CEED score, the following weighted method is used:

  • 25% weightage is given to the candidate’s score in Part A.
  • 75% weightage is given to the candidate’s CEED Part B score.

Mathematically, the final CEED score (FS) can be expressed as:

FS = (0.25 * Part A score) + (0.75 * Part B score)


This weighted calculation ensures that both Part A and Part B scores contribute to the final CEED score, with Part B having a higher influence due to its higher weightage.

Previous Years Cut Off

The threshold may vary annually for IIIT and IIT in IISC Bangalore. It can also vary from program to program. The authority will only provide the minimum qualification scores for the different categories listed below in the table. Candidates must mark the minimum or highest qualifications in Part A to be on the shortlist.

CategoryMinimum percentage of marks required in Part A for shortlisting

CEED Cutoff 2021: Minimum Qualifying Marks

CategoryCEED Minimum Qualifying MarksMinimum Percentage Required in Part A for Shortlisting

CEED 2020 Qualifying Marks in Part A and CEED Score

CategoryCEED 2020 Part A Qualifying MarksCEED Qualifying Score 2020

CEED 2024 Score Card

The CEED 2024 Score Card will be available from March 2024. Only candidates can download the scorecard from those who are qualified for the entrance test.

The scorecard will be valid for one year from the date of publication of the result. The paper copy of the CEED scorecard will not be sent to the candidates. In the scorecard, the candidate’s photo and signature will be printed. Candidates are encouraged to maintain the impression of the scorecard until the admission procedure.

CEED 2024 Cut Off FAQs

What is CEED cutoff?

CEED cutoff is the minimum score or percentage required to qualify for admission to M.Des programs offered by various participating institutes.

How is CEED cutoff determined?

CEED cutoff is determined based on factors such as the difficulty level of the exam, the number of candidates appearing, and the availability of seats in M.Des programs.

When is the CEED cutoff usually released?

CEED cutoff is typically released along with the CEED result, which is usually announced a few weeks after the exam.

What are the different components of CEED cutoff?

CEED cutoff consists of both Part A and Part B cutoff marks, which may vary depending on the candidate’s category.

Is CEED cutoff the same for all categories?

No, CEED cutoff varies for different categories such as Open, OBC-NCL, SC/ST, and PwD.

What happens if a candidate meets the CEED Part A cutoff but fails to meet the overall cutoff?

Candidates must meet both Part A and overall cutoff criteria to qualify for admission. Meeting only the Part A cutoff does not guarantee admission.

Are there any relaxation criteria in CEED cutoff for reserved categories?

Yes, there are relaxation criteria in CEED cutoff for reserved categories, such as OBC-NCL, SC/ST, and PwD.

Can CEED cutoff change from year to year?

Yes, CEED cutoff can vary from year to year depending on factors such as exam difficulty, number of applicants, and institute-specific requirements.

What if a candidate scores above the CEED cutoff but doesn’t get admission?

Scoring above the CEED cutoff does not guarantee admission. Admission also depends on factors such as the candidate’s portfolio, interview performance, and availability of seats.

Where can candidates find the CEED cutoff marks?

CEED cutoff marks are usually available on the official website of the conducting authority, as well as on various educational portals and forums.

If you have any other Questions related to CEED 2024 Cut Off, you may ask your Queries by commenting below.