Chanchal Rana UPSC Topper 2013 CSE Rank 7, From IPS to IAS

Chanchal Rana IAS Topper 2013 CSE Rank 7, From IPS to IAS

Chanchal Rana IAS is the topper of Civil service Examination Year 2013. He was an IPS Officer before and Again he has given the exam to become an IAS. In UPSC CSE 2013, Chanchal Rana has topped in the exam and achieved 7th rank.

Educational background Chanchal Rana:

Chanchal is an engineer by profession.

Marks obtained by Chanchal Rana

Essay 125
General studies I 86
General Studies II 73
General Studies III 122
General Studies IV 81
Optional I 88
Optional II 130
Mains marks 705
Interview 206
Total marks 911

Preparation strategy by Chanchal Rana for the optional paper:-

Chanchal Rana has chosen geography as his optional paper.

Geomorphology: he went through the notes both of Alok Ranjan, and Neetu Singh, PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY by Ravindra Singh NCERT textbooks along with the diagrams there. APPLIED GEOMORPHOLOGY is a very important part, so trying searching the internet for various applications like in dam construction, oil exploration & surveying. Etc

Imp: Read the various other names of the same theories as in the name of the authors or any other peculiar names.

Climatology-he read the coaching notes RAVINDRA SINGH NCERT Book Prepare well on applied climatology & urban climatology from the internet. World climatic maps on the Atlases.

Oceanography: NCERT coaching notes RAVINDRA SINGH (see the diagrams especially) especially the local variations in salinity along with the theories of tide & coral formation. for marine resources & pollution refer to the internet, any coaching notes & GS knowledge.

Biogeography: NCERT—-RUPA made simple for soil geography SAVINDRA Singh for factors deciding plant & animal distribution internet for some topics like gene pool centers, deforestation KURUKSHETRA magazine for social & agroforestry as they come up with interesting examples & classification.

Environmental geography: RAVINDRA SINGH for basic concepts of ecology & cycle. Use your GS knowledge extensively in your answers.
Perspectives in Human Geography: He referred to Vajiram Notes, DIRECTION IAS notes but cross-checked & improvised & cross-checked them from the internet along with a lot of relevant examples. Please remember a timeline of the various developments in this topic. This is the most important topic in the entire optional.

Laws, Models & Theories in Geography- Coaching notes- Majid Hussain book on models in geography diagrams very important along with the shortcomings of each model.

Regional Planning- Little bit of coaching institute notes but more of the internet. Population & settlement Geography: NCERT—-coaching notes——-A few topic from Majid Hussain on Human Geography——understand the subtle difference along with diagrams between satellite towns, Rural-urban fringe, suburban towns, metropolitan city, leapfrog & ribbon settlements—–UN departments websites on population & use internet, spatial map on population distribution, composition very important.

Economic geography- Read Whittaker’s classification & the industrial location models try to figure out their current application or the reasons for non-application UN websites for famine, hunger (like referring to the Rio+20 document or FAO website) internet for mineral resources & forest resources human resources from UNDP HDI website.

The optional paper strategy of Chanchal Rana:

The importance of optional although is in a decline has still been one of the major deciding factors for being recommended by UPSC at the end of years of patience. He would suggest it as optional because it is scientific in nature unlike other Arts optional. Hence, logical and rational.

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  1. Radhashyam Muduli says:

    Your efforts to provide prestige to an Engineer who was working as a daily labourer in Bolangir district is praise worthy.
    Thanks and regards Radhashyam Muduli Bhubaneswar Orissa India.

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