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Highest Money Making Professions after 12th Arts in 2019

There is a Famous Quote by Jerzy Kosinski “The principles of true art are not to portray, but to evoke”. Which deals with arts and Humanities.

Arts is the basic and the most common field of the education we are listing it from childhood.

The real and the most crucial fact about arts is, it is the most critical education taken by most of the scholars in the politics and administration.

Someone has defined the arts in his definition which I will share with you,

A technique is a diverse range of one’s activities. It is a human expression influenced by the culture and driven by the human impulses. It can be described as visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, decorative art, and tangible arts.

Here we will list the most highly demanded courses which you can do if you want to go into arts field after your any course class 12th.

The most important Question now a day’s students are facing in their class 12th is what they should do after class 12th, and the most important question for students of art field is, do they have any great scope in any of the fields?

There are many courses after 12th for every background and Fields, but people think that only Commerce and Science students can perform well in career but not Arts.


 Difference between arts and Artist

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The art which we are using in our education and profession is a “contemporary form of arts”.

Art contains all features and practices regarding painting, drawing, sculpture, design, weaving, fabrics, pottery, photography, films, video, computer art, animation, novels, short stories, epics, poetry, music, opera, theater, dance and comic.


Division of arts

Arts is divided into two specific categories which are

  1. Fine arts
  2. Applied arts

Fine: In fine art, all literature and performing act and activities have been included. In applied art, the visual and decorative (architecture) practices are involved.

Applied Arts: The applied arts are the application of design and decoration to everyday objects to make them aesthetically pleasing. The term is applied in distinction to the fine arts which aims to produce objects which are beautiful or provide intellectual stimulation.


Confusion with the students regarding the Arts Career

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Many students are confusing about the career they should opt after the 12th arts because they are listening from childhood that students from science and commerce student have good career opportunity than an art guy.

I will tell you that It is a wrong myth about Arts, Arts is the only filed where you will get diverse career opportunity. Many teachers and principals did their education in arts and having a luxurious life and career.

You can go in any career and Government services through arts, most of the time, Government department do not need specific stream after twelve.

It is a vast area of education, learning and job mean the good field for the career. The scope of art after 12this very bright.

What to do after 12th arts, should I join computer courses or should I continue in art stream? It is one of the most asked questions by art students.

Do not worry. We are here to guide you about all above queries.

Arts, as an educational field has the following genre:

1. Visual art/decorative art 2. Literary arts3. Performing arts 4. Games & Gastronomy/culinary arts
Painting Poetry Music Designing
Drawing Novel Theatre Animation
Sculpture Short stories Martial art Computer programmer
Photography Epics Dance and Singing
Conceptual artswritingActingCatering

All above are the core courses in the expanded field of arts education. Beside these, there are a lot of educational courses.

Art education starts from the schooling up to Ph.D. degree. Commonly it has divided into four segments:


Art education

  1. Diploma courses
  2. UG Degree courses
  3. PG degree courses
  4. Doctoral degree courses



After 12th Arts study, you can also go for higher studies.Some of the most popular are listed below:
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws)
  • Computer Courses
  • Mass Communication


Here I will list the most trusted courses after 12th arts which can give you the most promising career


SR. Number

Course Name

Full Form


1B.ABachelor of Arts3 Years
2B.B.ABachelor of Business Administration3 Years
3B.M.SBachelor of Management Science3 Years
4B.F.ABachelor of Fine arts3 Years
5B.H.MBachelor of Hotel Management3 Years
6Integrated Law courseB.A.+L.L.B5 Years
7B.J.M.Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications2-3 Years
8B.F.DBachelor of Fashion Designing4 Years
9B.El.EdBachelor of Elementary Education4 Years
10B.P.EdBachelor of Physical Education1 Year
11B.E.MBachelor of Event Management3-4 Years
12D.El.EdDiploma in Elementary Education 3 Years
13B.SWBachelor of Social Work3 Years



14Animation and Multimedia course1-3 Years
15B.RMBachelor of Retail Management3 Years
16Aviation courses (Cabin Crew)1-3 Years
17B.B.SBachelor of Business Studies3 Years
18B.T.T.MBachelor of Travel and Tourism Management3-4 Years
19 B.Sc. Home Science (Pass) – 3 Years
20B.Sc. (Hons) Anthropology – 3 Years
21 B.A. (Hons) History 3 Years
22B.A. (Hons) Business Economics (BBE – 3 Years
23B.A. (Hons) Applied Psychology – 3 Years


  • The courses which we have listed are the most premium courses which are the most demanding courses in the industry and other fields.


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  1. mukul saini says:

    There are many top trending courses after 12th for students but It totally depends on your personal interest to choose the appropriate stream.I am providing you the list of some good courses are
    B.A. (Hons.) English
    B.A. (Hons.) Economics
    B.A. (Hons.) Psychology

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    I want good job and high salery give me some idea after passing out my 12 th hslc final exam

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