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The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is an entrance exam for taking admission in the MBBS and BDS courses respectively. This entrance exam is only for India, for the students who want to study any Graduate or Post Graduate Medical Course. Clearing this exam gives a clear entry to take admission in the Government or private colleges. But there are some disputes against the NEET Entrance Examination in some states. Tamil Nadu is one of the State in which there is a big dispute for the NEET Examination. This article will give detailed information regarding the NEET Tamil Nadu dispute.

The idea of being implementing NEET against the wishes of the State is a bad policy. Implementing NEET to the state in the name of standardizing entrance criterion across the whole country is not just an assault on the rights of the state.

Reservation System in Tamil Nadu

The reservation system in Tamil Nadu is much more highly Contrast than rest of India. The history is the fact for the reservation system in Tamil Nadu. When the first protest for a reservation was hit in New Delhi on May 2006, a quiet serenity was also noticed in the state of Chennai.

Doctors in Chennai and the Doctor’s Association for Social Equality (DASE) were in the forefront expressing their support for reservation in institutions. As the anti-reservation lobby of people gained invisibility in Delhi, the State of Chennai also some of the street protests demanding reservation.

Present Situation

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At present, reservation works out to somewhere less than 69%, again depending on how many non-reserved category students are admitted in the supernumerary seats.

If 100 seats are available then first 2 merit list is given out without considering the reserved category candidates or quota. One for 31 seats and second for 50 seats. It corresponds to 69% reservation and 50% reservation respectively.

Students of non-reserved category placing n the 50 seat list and not in 31 seats are given the seat under the supernumerary quota i.e. seats are added to the 100 for these students.

The 31 seats are non-reserved category candidates and the rest is for the reserved category. Not only the young people in Tamil Nadu more likely go to school but they are also more likely to stay in school. Tamil Nadu holds or enrolls 44.3% of those who finish high school into higher educational institutes.

In other words, at least half of the population in Tamil Nadu will be literate and more than half of the population will have had a college education in Tamil Nadu, if this trend continues for a few more years.

The Idea

The idea of NEET Examination being implemented against the views or the wishes of the State in the name of standardizing entrance criterion across the country is not just an assault on the rights of the states but is also a bad policy for the state too.

The BJP politicians who are protesting against NEET is being politically motivated to tarnish the image of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi seemed to not understand what politics exist for. No one in Tamil Nadu cares for either or both of them whether it’s our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi or Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Politics exist in society on the principles agreed in an implicit social contract.

Standardized Test

In India, the idea of standardizing test means that all the candidates or the students are equal. This is a measure of merit, but however, is assumed to be axiomatic. But more than merit, the Entrance exams have now become a symbol of pride for everyone.

It’s the perversion of the education system that Tamil Nadu seeks to avoid by using only class 12 Grades as its criterion for admission in NEET. It is not that this education form of system is perfect but each has its own set of problems with them.

But a society selects a governing body to take some decisions regarding any problems related to health and education. Anitha, a girl who scored 1176 out of 1200 marks in her class XII State Board Examinations was unable to join MBBS course due to her poor score in the NEET Examination.

Anitha, the daughter of a daily- wage laborer hailing from Kuzhumur village near Sendurai in Tamil Nadu, had impaled herself in one of the respondents in a supreme court case challenging the NEET Examination.

But however, the court has directed the authorities to not to exempt the NEET Examination from the State of Tamil Nadu. Anitha’s death has triggered strong reactions from political parties and social activists who had been seeking an exemption for the State from NEET.

The court further directed the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu that “shall see to it that anyone involved in any kind of ‘bandh’ or activity that disrupts the normal life and detrimentally affects law and order in the State of Tamil Nadu, shall be booked under the appropriate law”.

“As an interim measure, it is directed that it shall be the obligation of the Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Home, Government of Tamil Nadu, to ensure that law and order is maintained throughout the State in the wake of the present situation in respect of the NEET Examination,” a Bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra had directed in its order.

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