Installing Weather-stripping on Your Brampton Windows And Doors

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How to Install Weatherstripping on Your Brampton Windows And Doors.

Everything needs careful planning, and that includes installing weatherstripping on your Brampton windows and doors. For instance, you need to choose the right time to install the weatherstripping. The best time to do this is during shinny day since at this time your home is opened up well and you can see any gaps in your doors or windows.

As such, the best time to weatherstrip your Brampton windows and doors is during the spring. This also allows homeowners to make their homes ready for the winter by enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes; something you will need during winter and summer as well.

1. How to Weather-Strip the Doors.

You can get kits for weatherstripping your Brampton windows and doors at your local tools store. This kit comes with the things you need for weatherstripping. Weather-striping is an everyday home improvement activity, so you might get multiple styles in the store, like vinyl wood and metal.

2. Measure the Weather Stripping.

Your kit comes with three pieces. The shorter one is for the top jamb, and the two longer ones are for the side jambs. To start, you need to take the measurements of the jamb first.

Maintain the measurements as accurate as possible for best weatherproofing. Next, cut the weatherstripping material according to the measurements you took of the jamb.

3. Apply the Weather-stripping.

Apply the weatherstripping and hold it into place using nails. This is done to collect the foam that strays and accumulates it to create a strong seal against the door. Hammer your nails into the weatherstrip, but don’t drive them entirely yet.

4. Ascertain That Everything Fits Well.

You are completing the process. Test whether your weatherstripping is in the right position by closing and opening the door. Lock and latch it to make sure it is functioning smoothly. If the door doesn’t open smoothly, adjust your weatherstripping. When you are convinced that everything is right, drive the nails ultimately to hold the weatherstrip in position.

5. How to Weather-strip the Windows.

To apply a weather strip on your windows, you need to know the styles of your windows Brampton. V-channel weatherstripping is best if installed in sliding or double-hung windows.

6. Wash Your Windows.

Start by washing your windows with water and soap and wait for some time until they dry. Measure your windows Brampton and then cut the weatherstrips according to those measurements.

7. Apply Weather-stripping to The Windows.

Weatherstripping pieces for windows come accompanied with adhesives, so you will need to peel off the backing and then apply the piece against the bottom of the window sash.

Now, cut the two portions of the pieces and trim them to make them 1 inch longer than the height of the sash. Then apply the pieces between the window jamb and the sash stiles. Press it gently to make sure it is firm. Hammer nails on your weatherstripping and to the jamb. Test the sash operation and make sure it is not coming in to conduct with the nails.

Finally, lift the sash about 3-4 inches, and then using a v-channel that pairs with the width of the sash, drive it into the back of the sash, so it matches with the top. The weatherstripping should be open when you apply it so that when you close the window, it provides a tight seal.

And if you are weatherstripping casement windows, here you will only require foam tape to apply the weatherstripping. Just like you did in double-hung windows, you should start by washing your windows, and then allowing them to dry. Then cut the foam tape to be able to fit well the sides, bottom and the top of your windows stops. Now, apply the weatherstripping by pressing the adhesive against stops and outside.

8. Brampton Windows And Doors Replacements.

One reason why you are paying higher bills that you used to pay before is because your Brampton windows and doors are allowing weather elements into your home. With old doors and windows, your home is likely to have mould and unbearable to live. To eliminate these problems and make your home more energy-efficient, you should consider replacing your doors and windows, and make them they are perfectly weatherstripped.

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