Juhi Jalota, UPSC Topper 2018, Rank 122 Interview, Biography, Marks

Juhi Jalota, a 27-year-old engineer based in Ludhiana, bagged the 122nd rank in the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) examinations.Juhi Jalota

Juhi Jalota, a 27-year-old engineer from Ludhiana, was ranked 122 on the examinations of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Originally from Gwalior, she is married to a businessman who lives on Model Gram.

It was his third attempt to decipher the UPSC. Now that he has succeeded, he wants to join the Indian police service.

Although HT was unable to contact Juhi because he was in Solan at the time of reporting, his sister-in-law, Geetanjali, said that she was inspired by her official grandfather from Madhya Pradesh. After his marriage, he stopped working with an MNC in Delhi and began the full preparations for the UPSC exams.

Her mother-in-law is the director of the geography department of the Government College for Girls in Ludhiana. “We are delighted, and Juhi’s hard work paid off,” said Geetanjali.

Uhi is from Gwalior and was motivated by his maternal grandfather, who was also an official. He married a Ludhiana businessman, who makes knitwear for non-civilians called Jai Bharat.

Now, Juhi lives on Model Gram. And it is after marriage that the dream of the journey began or vice versa. “It was, in addition to my parents, my in-laws, my husband and my sister-in-law, who supported me totally in my efforts, without them it would have been just a dream.” Juhi Jalota: particularly thanked his mother-in-law, university professor at SCD.

She was the only one who motivated me in the difficult moments and reiterated a verse in Urdu that coincidentally translated into English means “slow and steady wins the race”. Juhi started to prepare and knocked on UPSC’s door. 2016 when the interview appeared after deciphering Prelims and Hands. But she had bad luck. In 2017, he could not cross the Hands.

But this time, Juhi almost burst in and got the 122nd place. He worked with Sony Ericsson for a year before plunging into the civil service area. His theme for the Hands was philosophy. His mother is in Gwalior while his father is in Dubai.

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