SSB Preparation points to remember

SSB Preparation points to remember

Pointers for SSb Exam:

1. Reach before hand:
Equip in adavance for 5 day schedule of the SSB.
You should reach a day before for the first day. On this very first day you will be given summary on the details of the following 5-days.On how code of conduct should be maintained, etc.

2. Be convinced:
Have a mark of confidence and assurance, believe in your capabilities. Always be optimist in your thought.

3. On the day of commencement:
On the 1st day of the schedule your general and basic intelligance and also verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills will be evaluated.
You will be asked to look at some pictures for around 30 seconds and then you will be asked to describe it in a story form. After that, there will be  group discussions held to select the most suitable story. Group discussions will be held in batches.
In order to do well in this segment , refer to last few years question papers, you will get an idea through it . Try to solve papers of different
aptitude tests. Always be eager to get involve and take part in Group discussions and debate. This will not only boost your confidence but also improve  your vocabulary , which will future enhance your communication skills.

4.Written practice:
Make a daily practice of writing. You can write about anything you like or anyting you see or observe around you . For example; an out any delivery boy  you see or an old man sitting in a park and many more. Write small article on them . Keep a note that your story should have seven  points such as mood, sex, age, character, past, present and future situation of the character in your article. At the end do not forget to examine your  article/ story and test your timings.

Tips for GD session:
1.While you are narrating your story do not keep your eye on any officers and also not after you finish your story.
2.Maintain your physical personality i.e your body language.
3.Allow others to putforth their ideas and points, do not just go on arguing . Do not overlook the weaker ones.
4.Donot just go on speaking all the points you have, you should wait for a right time for that point. Right points at right time makes it more worthy.
5.Always be attentive and interactive in GD sessions, make sure that officers notice you .
5.Second day:
It is an important day.
This day inclueds Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT),
Word Association Test (WAT),
Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and
self description.All these are the partof peychological process.Give your extensive concentation and attention to these tests.

6.Self-description :
You should prepare your self before hand for this round.
your ability to self examination,
your aim in life and determination,
your thinking and out-look regarding your relatives, guardians, allies, neighbours,mentors and others.
Perception of how your family, friends,neighbours, teachers and others analyse you.These are the criteria on which you will be judge.

7.Formulation for next two days;
This Group Testing Officers (GTO) activities involve various indoor and outdoor group activities like group discussions, group planning and progressive
group tasks and group obstacle task.
It also includes individuals tasks like Individual Obstacles, Individual Lecturette and Command Tasks.
These tests are conducted to judge you as a team player in different situations nad also as an individual. It also judges your leadership qualities and
the way you caonvey yourself. Perform all the tasks in a polite, clam and composed manner.

8.Personal Interview:
You can be called out for Personal Intervew (PI) on any of the starting four days, so invariably be mentally prepared for it.

9.Fifth and the last day:

This day generally comprises of closingbythe boards’s Deputy President, conference and announcement of results,At last dispersal.

10.Personality Development:
For SSB, it in not necessay that you should ba an intelligent person instead you should be a strong, mature and should posses a well-developed personality.

your fitness is of utmost important so that you can do physical activities very easily.Your fitness will help you to get passing certificate in the medical tests.

Recommended Books:
SSB Interview: The complete Guide by Dr. (Cdr.) Natrajan, Arihant Publictions
SSB: What? How? and Why? by J.B. MALL
Modrn SSB Interviews by Col. Kuldip S. Dosanjh
SSB Interviews & Psycho Intelligence Tests by R.Gupta

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