2014 UPSC Question Papers free Download



2014 UPSC Question Papers free Download

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Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam, 2014 



Combined Defence Services (I) Exam, 2014 





National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (I), 2014  





Indian Economic Service/Indian Statistical Service Exam, 2014  

Indian Economic ServiceIndian Statistical Service
General Economics-IStatistics-I
General Economics-IIStatistics-II
General Economics-IIIStatistics-III
Indian EconomicsStatistics-IV





National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (II), 2014  





Combined Defence Services (II) Exam, 2014 





CCivil Services (Main) Examination, 2014

General Studies

Paper I
Paper II
Paper III
Paper IV

Indian Languages (Compulsory)

Sindhi (Devanagari)Sindhi (Arabic)

Optional Subjects for Main Examination

Agriculture Paper IAgriculture Paper II
Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Science Paper IAnimal Husbandary & Veterinary Science Paper II
Anthropology Paper IAnthropology Paper II
Botony Paper IBotony Paper II
Chemistry Paper IChemistry Paper II
Civil Engineering Paper ICivil Engineering Paper II
Commerce & Accountancy Paper ICommerce & Accountancy Paper II
Economics Paper IEconomics Paper II
Electrical Engineering Paper IElectrical Engineering Paper II
Geography Paper IGeography Paper II
Geology Paper IGeology Paper II
History Paper IHistory Paper II
Law Paper ILaw Paper II
Management Paper IManagement Paper II
Mathematics Paper IMathematics Paper II
Mechanical Engineering Paper IMechanical Engineering Paper II
Medical Science Paper IMedical Science Paper II
Philosphy Paper IPhilosphy Paper II
Physics Paper IPhysics Paper II
Political Science & Internation Relations Paper IPolitical Science & Internation Relations Paper II
Psychology Paper IPsychology Paper II
Public Administration Paper IPublic Administration Paper II
Sociology Paper ISociology Paper II
Statistics Paper IStatistics Paper II
Zoology Paper IZoology Paper II

Literature Subjects for Main Examination

Assamese Paper IAssamese Paper II
Bengali Paper IBengali Paper II
English Paper IEnglish Paper II
Gujarati Paper IGujarati Paper II
Hindi Paper IHindi Paper II
Kannada Paper IKannada Paper II
Manipuri Paper IManipuri Paper II
Maithili Paper IMaithili Paper II
Malayalam Paper IMalayalam Paper II
Marathi Paper IMarathi Paper II
Oriya Paper IOriya Paper II
Punjabi Paper IPunjabi Paper II
Sanskrit Paper ISanskrit Paper II
Santali Paper ISantali Paper II
Sindhi (Arabic) Paper ISindhi (Arabic) paper II
Sindhi (Devanagari) Paper ISindhi (Devanagari) Paper II
Tamil Paper ITamil Paper II
Telugu Paper ITelugu Paper II
Urdu Paper IUrdu Paper II





Combined Medical Services Examination, 2014 

To download the Question Papers Right click on Question Paper you want to Download then click ‘Save link as…’


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  1. John Lakra says

    I am a fresh graduate from assam, in need of sum help for higher studies

  2. mir umaq says


  3. Abha says

    Hi, sir,
    I have a doubt.
    Please let me know the main exam syllabus if my optional is management.
    How many papers do i have, including compulsory papers.
    I heard this will be 9 but i am still confused about it!
    which is the remaining one?
    Is that English paper for Essay?
    If then,
    I have seen 10 papers
    OPT. MANG.-2
    Literature-2(my native language)
    Again one more paper is there in my Native language, which mentioned as- compulsory.
    This made me confused. Hoping for the positive reply from seniors.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. Hafees says

    i have small doubt, i think you can clear that
    can we take any degree to upsc civil service exam
    and which degree is very useful to upsc exam

    am waiting for favorable reply
    your’s faithfully
    Thank you

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