Tips for Choosing Best Coaching Classes for IAS IPS UPSC

Enquire about both old as well as new academics. This can be done by asking the students to enroll there.
The best way to choose a good academy is to find out whether the owner himself is coaching as it gives an edge over people who are simply hired to teach you.

Check up the benefits of the teachers, handling different subjects. There are some teachers in an institute who are brilliant in their subjects, but it is not necessary that this same thing can be said for all other-other faculties over there. So do check for the credibilities of teachers. Don’t forget to look for the infrastructure of the academy. The quality of study materials provided by that institution or any other such details.

Check up the statistics of the past results of the academy through an authentic source before enrolling in that institute. Check the reports of the last few years of the academy, don’t just go by its fame. Do make a comparison of the fee structure before enrolling in any academy. Try to find out which institute has better staff to deal with the revised General studies papers as according to the 2013 pattern more importance has been shifted from optional subjects to the general subjects.

Do not forget that any academy is there only to guide you, in the end, you are the fighter who has to fight your battle with the IAS exam using the props provided by the coaching center. So trust yourself and keep your confidence level high, take help of the IAS academies only in the areas you need them. Use your own skill and talent to enhance your answers because it is the only thing that will make you unique from another student.

Indian Administrative exam not only requires great aptitude but also demands strategic preparation. Indian Administrative exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.
Your preparations for this prestigious exam will start only after you select the right coaching classes. But there are innumerable coaching institutions in the market, it is very difficult to decide which is the right and best? There are some tips to help you choose the right coaching classes.

Course pattern:

The IAS entrance exam involves a whole deal of preparation, so gaining maximum knowledge and regular practice sessions should be your focus. There is a whole sea of matter to digest. You need proper time and properly scheduled classes to be able to assimilate everything properly. Choose that institutions that offer regular courses rather than crash or correspondence courses.

Have acquaintance with your subjects:

There are compulsory subjects along with one optional subject. Check for the availability and proficiency of the institute in your chosen subjects. There are certain institutes which specialize in only those subjects which have given better result in the past performance.

Study material:

If you have good study materials then it will be very profitable for you in your preparation and give you an edge over the others. Check whether the good quality of synopsis and notes is being provided by those institutions as it not only provides rich information but also saves your time.

Teaching faculty:

Inquire for the teaching faculty. Experienced and updated teaching faculty can provide a great deal of information and use their expertise to your advantage.

Institution facilities:

Infrastructure and physical conditions of the place make for a good learning environment.


Check for reviews from your seniors and other colleagues. Don’t blindly follow the crowd this little feedback can help you to make an informed choice.

Fee structure:

Have proper look over the fee structure and compare it with the offerings of the institution.

Taking into account these details as the finer details you should choose the best fit.

The institutions that are most discussed are not necessarily the best look for those with years of experience and quality teaching standards and the environment.

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