The Effects Industrial Revolution in Britain

by Sharoz Dawa | Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

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Industrial Revolution

What is an industrial revolution? When did it begin? And what the positive impacts and negative impacts of the revolution? And what are the effects of the Industrial revolution?

Let us know more about this topic.

Beginning of Industrial revolution:

England had potentials for the scope industrial revolution so the revolution took place first in England. English businessmen had already reached far in the Asian continent. England has defeated France in the competition of expansion of the empire. There was no danger to the east India company  of England  in the French competition.

The British rule had become the rule in India in the political field. The British east India company’s rule had sent the finance to their homeland in the same  way from America , the British rules obtained unlimited Money and goods. England had quizzed property and money. England had used in the development of  the Industrial world. Many historians have asserted that due to great capital quizzing from India, England started Industrial revolution in Britain.

Progress in science had already started in England . Many inventions were brought into being  by every enthusiastic, Brave, innovative scientists. New Machines were made e.g. steam engine by James watt.

The Rich and administrators in England supported such inventions and their inventors. Such inventors and innovative persons changed the economic lifestyle of England. Due to religion harassment , many Europeans migrated to England. Among them, there were artists , craftsman , nd intellectuals. For industrialization in England, the labourers  were available on large scale  very easily.

So England could achieve industrial progress. England established colonies in many countries. They received raw material in cheap rates and markets were ready to purchase their produced goods. England was the main navigational country in Europe. Napoleon  couldn’t blockade  England due to  its navigational  power and strength. England benefited when Napoleon boycotted buying Finished goods from England.

The political , economic stability, able- government , government business and favourable  policies of the government . helped to develop corporate sectors . Individual  freedom to the citizens , selected sectors of their choices  and their development were responsible for favouring   Industrial revolution In England.

Nature of favours:

For industrialization in England, the nature was favouring it. Minerals coal to erect machines and industries were ample in England. Emgland was successful in utilizing them scientifically. Textile industry and trade were the chief occupation in England. This industry was boosted right from the 16th century onwards  . climate of England was favourable to this industry . Long staple fibre was used to supply from the british colonies of America.

Expansion of Inustrial revolution:

This revolution was started in England , very soon reached in other countries of Europe i.e. In france and Germany , France were already Renowed in the development of steel , iron and chemical business sectors . industrialization began to develop speedily in Holland , Belgium , spain etc. In America too the industrial  revolution took place. In Russia , the revolution expanded late.

IN asia japan developed in  the sectors of steels , machines chemicals etc. very surprisingly within a shot span of time. Today this revolution is prevailing all over the world.

Effects of industrial revolution:

Positive effects:

Due to industrial revolution there was the rise of industrialization

  1. In minimum span, less expenses it was possible too produce more goods of quality. Due to the rise in production , people started getting goods and commodities In least prices.

People could  standardize their lifestyle.

  1. Economic condition of the countries where in industrialization took place were developed. Mainly England and other European countries became rich and they helped to develop their countries and other countries too.
  2. Trade and commerce developed on the international level, it seems that the world has become only one big market and so things became easily available at any corner of the world.

Feeling of corporation was also increased. The whole world became one home for all citizens of the world.

  1. In the industrilised countries , labor movements began to resist injustice and tyrannical acts. Labour organization was established. Industrialists became rivals but in order to abolish this parity , seats of socialism were sown. Labour moevemnts , chartists movments. Women right to equality started taking place in the European countries.

So in Europe the concept of constitutional and well fare state rooted deeply.

  1. Cities developed, population of educated people increased, their become aware of their rights and so in England and france, democratic concept , powerfully prevailed.
  2. Due to industrial revolution new cities were set up. They became the centers of commerce , business and industries. The rural vision people rushed to urban sectors as a result population of urban areas increased tremendously.
  3. Common mans life improved arts and cultural sectors of life dominated common man. Short story and noval became very popular and literature became very rich.  Painting and drawing depicted the realities of common. In the 20th century, film industry was also developed. and this due to a great advancement in  technical programme.
  4. Transportation and communication was developed due to industrial revolution. Communication improved drastically.
  5. In the agricultural sector new technology was used so labours could be saved and production of grain rose tremendously.

This aritle is all about the industrialization and its positive effects that the world faced in that era. And how it benefited the people at that time. Industrial revolution was one of the biggest change in the history.

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